Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Resurrection Day

For those who understand the historical record of the life of Christ, he was executed at the cross on Friday (Good Friday) and on the third day following he rose from the dead.  That day was Monday, not Sunday.

As I like to say, Jesus never said nothin' bout no egg-layin' bunny rabbit.

So as today is the actual day in history in which Christ rose again, Happy Resurrection Day everyone.

Parts 11 and 12 of the Righteous Blood series have just been published:
Righteous Blood Part I
Righteous Blood Part II
Righteous Blood Part III
Righteous Blood Part IV
Righteous Blood Part V
Righteous Blood Part VI – (Attention Christians – SAY HELL-o To Khazar Ray Kurzweil)
Righteous Blood Part VII: The Seeds of Civil War Bloom into WORLD WARS!
Righteous Blood Part VIII – UNCLE SAMAEL WANTS YOU!!!!
Righteous Blood Part VIII – CONTINUED – the “Other Four” Of the “Top Six”
Righteous Blood Part IX – “Transcendent Mammon”
Righteous Blood Part X: Mordecai Vanunu – The “Little Big Man” Hero of Edomite “Israel”.
Righteous Blood Part XI – “Not so Fasce – In Your Mace”
Righteous Blood Part XII: The RED CHEKA TERROR Targets Christians

Barack Hussein Obama II is really Jewish [aka Edomite -ed] (mother was Jewish and named Jo Ann Newman and niece of a famous Communist) and the secret son of the late Malcolm X (Communist black extremists leader) and was really named Bair' M. Shabuzz ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ and this ~ link ~ When the 'shit hits the fan' on this one look for Obama to call Bibi and say "it's time to attack Iran" for a diversion (I have to admit that this last bit is not my original thinking but came from Dr. Bill Deagle). I suspect that Dr. Bill is right. I understand that a New Jersey sheriff is now working with 'Sheriff Bob' in Arizona. This story will not stay buried much longer!!! Trust me on this, you want to take the time to read all of the three linked stories above! Stirling

A Good Friday Meditation

Why are there permanent Chinese air bases in the US?

Nazi Engineers, Secret U.S. Military Bases, and Elevators To The Subterranean and Submarine Depths (Part 1)

Confirmed: Terrorist Organization Trained on US Soil by US Military

Large wildfire burning at Brookhaven National Lab, spreading east

Navy simulated Virginia Beach jet crash in December drill

Slick Barry Invests $5 Million In Bullshit Energy  

Big Brother Everywhere

False Flag Alert: The U.S. Military Is Officially Preparing For An “Alien Invasion”

Fukushima Has Potential to Destroy the World And Our Civilization

USS Enterprise super-carrier battle group joins USS Abraham Lincoln super-carrier battle group in Gulf 

Former Tory leader Michael Howard leads MPs' calls for full inquest into the death of weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly 

Silver is The Achilles’ Heel to the Entire Economic System

Freemasonry's Hidden Homosexual Agenda (Encore)

New study shows marijuana users are safer drivers than non-marijuana users

How Feds Plan to Take Over the Office Of The Sheriff

Radiation: Once Again Ballyhooed As Safe 

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