Wednesday, May 2, 2012

AUDIO Episode 37 of The LABVIRUS Show

Sorry folks, something came up and I had to reschedule the broadcast for this afternoon.  Discussing California's AB2109 which just passed appropriations and is now headed for senate.  Watch the video of today's hearing.  Read Dawn Winkler's letter below, it's nauseating what's going on in Sacramento.

We need to stop this bill, or soon the vaccine police will be at YOUR door telling you to roll up your sleeve for a vaccination or else be dragged to jail.


I'll tell you this much, anyone showing up with a vaccine at my door attempting to force-vaccinate me will be met with my .45 and we will see which makes the bigger hole.

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- AB2109 violates California parental rights to exercise a philosophical exemption given under California law.

- This violates Californians constitutional rights because parents are being forced to get PERMISSION to opt out of a voluntary medical procedure.

- This bill forces parents to utilize an allopathic model of healthcare for their child in cases they may opt for a more natural approach, such as homeopathic, acupuncture, chiropractic, Chinese Medicine, etc.

- Pediatricians won't want to sign off on the exemption form because they won't meet their quotas for vaccinated children and bonuses.

- Pediatricians won't want to sign off on the form because they will get reduced reimbursement rates from the insurance companies due to vaccination requirements.

- Pediatricians won't want to sign off on the form because of the liability of it.

- Insurance companies will not pay for the office visits to sign off on these forms.

- California parents will have to pay out of pocket for this additional office visit.

- California parents will most likely have to shop around to several different pediatricians to get a signature, requiring more money and lots of counseling sessions or coercing that they shouldn't have to be subject to for exercising a right.

- It will be difficult for parents who don't have an established pediatrician already. They will have to a very lengthy discussion possibly over several visits to have them sign off on the form, costing even more money out of pocket.

- Many parents that utilize the philosophical exemption have done extensive research in this area and/or have a personal/religious belief against taking them and are acting in the best interest of their child.

- If parents can't get a signature on the form, their child won't be able to go to school without getting vaccinated.

- There is no way that all of the pros and cons of vaccines can be discussed in one short visit to a pediatrician.

- You don't need a doctor's signature to prove a patient has been educated.

- If this bill is passed, it will set precedence for many other states and could eventually end the philosophical exemption across the board.

- This bill could also set precedence in other areas of medical health decisions.

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Subject: AB2109 - passes Assembly Appropriations


It is in the utmost digust and frustration that I write this email to all of you tonight. Most of you probably already know the news, AB2109 passed out of the Assembly
Appropriations Committee today with all Republicans against and all Democrats in support.

Here is a link to the joke fiscal analysis written by Lisa Murawski who can be reached at 916-319-2081 or Be sure and let her know what you think about it.

Attached [below] is my fiscal analysis which was provided well in advance. A more detailed analysis was provided by NVIC as well. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for Ms. Murawski to have done such a woefully inadequate job of preparing this fiscal analysis other than that our legislative system here in California is corrupt and not one shred of truth is allowed to reach the surface. Had the true cost been reflected, the bill would have gone into the suspense file and likely died.

Once again, I was cut off in testimony, not that any of it would have mattered. No one was going to allow any truthful, thoughtful dialogue to take place today. I was not allowed to answer questions and in trying to do so, I was told by the chair and co-author Felipe Fuentes, that the question was not directed at me but rather at Dr. Pan. I cannot count the OUT AND OUT LIES that were told and repeated over and over again by those in support and the sponsor, Dr. Pan. It is infuriating.

We also provided a claim that has been submitted by Twin Pines School District over the TDaP booster mandate which has cost that school district alone $25,000 and it is estimated to have cost the state $6 million. AB2109 won't be any different but no one at the legisature cares.

Folks, I'm at a loss for what to say other than we are going to need every man, woman and child who can possibly show up to be there for the next hearing on the Senate side. We of course have no details as of yet. We need MORE MD'S in opposition. We need 50 times the amount of people we have had to contact their Senators. We need parents who have vaccine injured children to show up in their Senator's offices (even district offices if that's all you can do) with their stories and before and after pictures of their children. We have got to pull out ALL THE STOPS. This is WAR. And a war cannot be won by one person, a few people, a few dozen people, or a few hundred people.

If thousands of Californians do not stand up and DEMAND MEDICAL FREEDOM RIGHT NOW, this is over. And forget the vaccine issue. You'll need permission to opt out of whatever money making status quo procedure du jour the California Medical Association decides that you uneducated, inept people need to have. Looks like Anonymous has an interest. Please don't bash it. I'm open and up for anything. Doing things within the rules and playing nice is getting us absolutely nowhere fast.

Below is a link to the petition against AB2109 which currently has about 1800 signatures. We need 100 times that. If you haven't signed it, sign it. Get at least 10 others to do so.

If you have not joined the Facebook page, please do it now.

If you have not contacted anyone at the legislature, start with your Senator. This bill will be out of the Assembly any day and over to the Senate. is the best way to stay up to date and find your Senator's contact information. We need media. Radio, internet based, anything. Please use whatever contacts you have.

These people NEED TO HEAR the truth about vaccine injury. They all think they are saving the world with their warm and fuzzy do-gooder "we know better than you idiot parents" mentality. They do not believe vaccines cause harm so they have no problem taking your rights away.

Most importantly, when this is over, these tyrannical, arrogant, braindead legislators who vote for this stuff all day long need to be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE. I won't go into a political tirade about Democrats and Republicans here because I loathe both of them, but it is very apparent at this point which party is just fine with trampling your rights at least when it comes to this issue and it's not the Republicans.

All for now. Will get information out as soon as we have details about where we need to focus in the Senate, but it is safe to say that you need to contact your own Senator now and I wouldn't hesitate to start contacting Governor Brown at this point either. If nothing else, he needs to hear about what an incredible failure of a legislative system he presides over. What has taken place in both Assembly Health and Appropriations should make anyone involved at the Capitol hang their heads in utter shame. We pay these peoples salaries. What a disgrace.

In Utter Disgust,

Dawn Winkler
Executive Director
Health Advocacy in the Public Interest (HAPI)

AB2109 Fiscal Impact to the State of California
For consideration by the Assembly Appropriations Committee
May 2, 2012
Dawn Winkler
CA State Co-Director, National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)
Executive Director, Health Advocacy in the Public Interest (HAPI)
530-283-1018 or 970-209-3919 cell

AB2109 will have a fiscal impact to the state of California far in excess of $150,000 and should therefore be placed into the suspense file.

The two main costs to the state will be production and distribution of a new form and the cost of multiple visits to a healthcare practitioner to obtain a signature for a personal beliefs exemption on this new form. Current law allows for a personal beliefs exemption from vaccination and there is a place for the parent or guardian to sign on the back of the blue immunization form required by all schools. AB2109 requires a new signature on a new form and someone has to pay the healthcare practitioner to sign the form. There is no guarantee that a signature will be obtained simply because one pays for an appointment.

The assumption that obtaining a signature from a health care practitioner in ONE VISIT is FALSE.

There are published studies showing the percentage of pediatricians that would dismiss patients who refuse vaccines. - this one says 30% have dismissed families for vaccine refusal. Another,, indicates that 39% of pediatricians would dismiss a family for total vaccine refusal, and 28% would dismiss a family for partial refusal. This is without the pediatrician being asked to sign an exemption form stating they have educated the parent. The percentage of those who dismiss patients for refusing a vaccine will increase under AB2109 forcing parents into multiple visits to obtain a signature. In reality, some parents may not find anyone willing to sign the form.

According to there were over 11,000 personal beliefs exemptions amongst California Kindergarteners alone in the Fall of 2010. This means well over 100,000 personal beliefs exemptions in California from daycare age through high school. This does not mean all 100,000 plus have had no vaccines as many may have opted out of only one vaccine such as Hepatitis B or chickenpox. As the vaccination schedule has increased from 8 or less vaccinations in the 1950’s to more than 50 by Kindergarten today, it is no wonder parents decide to opt out of some vaccinations.

There are over 6 million children enrolled in public school in California. Given that number and the number of exemptions, the number of new forms that will have to be produced and distributed alone will cost the state over $150,000.

Reimbursement rates for a well-visit from MediCal and Healthy Families range from $12 - $60. Using the most conservative estimate of only 30% of pediatricians dismissing a family for opting out of a vaccine and the low end of the reimbursement rates at $12, the absolute best case scenario of only 30% of parents requiring only two visits to obtain the signature results in an additional cost of $360,000 to the state of California. (.30 x 100,000 x $12) Adding in the cost of producing and distributing the new form, AB2109 costs the state of California well over $500,000 at best. If indeed the number of pediatricians who dismiss families opting out of some or all vaccines increases because of the new requirement of a signature and we use the higher end of the spectrum, 39% and a more realistic cost for a second visit of even $40, the result is a more than $1.5 million cost to the state of California without even considering the cost of producing and distributing the new form. (.39 x 100,000 x $40) These costs are of course only the tip of the iceberg and don’t include the cost to schools for extra time that staff has to take to verify forms or parents who have to pay out of their own pocket or use private insurance to cover these extra visits. The true total cost of AB2109 will be in the millions.

Other questions to ask:

Who will be expected to produce and distribute the new form?

What happens to parents who have already been to their annual exam for their child? Will another visit even be paid for? If not, this severely discriminates against the poor as many will not have the means to pay out of pocket for another provider to sign the form. This could result in parents resorting to making “sick” appointments that will be paid for in an attempt to find someone to sign off adding even more cost to the state as “sick” visits have a higher reimbursement rate.

Ailments scientifically linked to vaccines:

1. Adverse Events including Deaths
2. Neurodevelopmental Disorders
3. Allergies & Related Respiratory Problems
4. Vaccine induced Thrombocytopenia
5. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
6. High Infant Mortality Rates
7. Autism Prevalence
8. Serious Neurological Disorders
9. Autoimmune Neurological Disorder called Transverse Myelitis
10. Hemolytic Anaemia
11. Acute Necrotizing Encephalopathy
12. Autoimmunity leading to Autism
13. Birth Defects in children born to vaccinated mothers
14. Multiple Sclerosis
15. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
16. Febrile Convulsions
17. Congenital Malformation in pregnant mothers given the rubella vaccine
18. Elevated CRP levels in vaccinated children
19. Increased morbidity and poor growth
20. Recurrent Seizures
21. Preeclempsia/ Premature Birth in vaccinated pregnant women
22. Evidence of increased mercury exposure
23. Autoimmune demyelinating complications
24. Hepatitis/Gastroint estinal disease/liver function test abnormalities
25. Increased risk of liver problems
26. Uveitis
27. Hepatitis C
28. Abortions in vaccinated pregnant women
29. Guillain Barre Syndrome
30. Herpes Zoster
31. Increased risk of cardiovascular events
32. Vasculitis
33. Various injection site reactions
34. Shedding of the injected virus putting unvaccinated population at risk
35. Ulcerative Colitis
36. Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura
37. Predisposition for encephalopathy
38. Hypotonic/Hyporespo nsive Episodes
39. Serious adverse respiratory and non respiratory events
40. Intestinal blockage/intussusce ption
41. Gastroenteritis
42. Iatrogenic vaccinia
43. Autoimmune neuropathies
44. Symptomatic Gulf War Syndrome
45. Pediatric parapneumonic empyema
46. Atopy
47. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
48. Erythema multiforme
49. Lupus erythematosus
50. Acute/Subacute post vaccination fiber neuropathy
51. Leukemia Cutis
52. Autoimmune haemolytic anaemia
53. Deep morphia
54. Delayed focal lipoatrophy
55. Fulminate Type 1 Diabetes with thrombocytopenia
56. Anaphylactic shock & death
57. Dermatomyositis
58. Immune mediated myelitis
59. Glyphosate induced Parkinsonism
60. Optic neuritis
61. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
62. Incontinentia pigmenti reactivation
63. Adjuvant induced arthritis
64. Chronic arthritis
65. Motor neuron death
66. Vaccine induced pyrexia
67. Altered expression of 144 genes in mouse liver, 7 of which
related to inflammation and metabolism
68. Cell death in liver cells
69. Excitotoxic brain injuries
70. Neurodevelopmental delays
71. OPV induced IgA nephropathy
72. Immunosuprression & autoimmune effects in mice
73. Adjuvant induced chronic inflammation
74. Chronic Fatigue & Prostrate Cancer
75. Hydranencephaly
78. Adverse changes of cerebellum in mice
79. Lasting neuropathological changes in rat brain
80. DNA vaccines and anti-fertility
81. Vaccine induced scrapie
82. B-cell activation and autoimmunity
83. Macrophagic Myofascitits
84. Urinary Tract Disease
85. Injection site associated sarcomas (cancers)
86. HIV-1/AIDS
87. Exposure to intended and unintended animal viruses
88. Transmissable spongiform encephalopathies
89. Atherogenesis (Heart Disease)
90. Autism like symptoms  Did Six Million Really Die - Zundel Richard E Harwood - Did Six Million Really Die, The Truth at Last (1974) Germar Rudolf's "Dissecting the Holocaust" FM 3-39.40 U.S. Army Internment and Resettlement Operations Manual

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