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Vegas: a plan for a much larger psyop goes horribly wrong

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Current Vegas Thread on 8chan

FBI has been asking witnesses to come to them, then we never hear from those witnesses again. Word is being sent out DO NOT GO TO THE FBI if anyone has witness testimony or video footage; instead post it anonymously to the Vegas thread linked above.

A list of witnesses gone missing:

Eyewitness B (missing, accounts scrubbed): Chad Nishimura

Moanike’ala Nabarro, a reporter for KITV4 and ABC affiliate wrote a story recently that has been wiped from the internet. The story was regarding the valet worker named Chad Nishimura who parked Paddock’s car and told Nabarro that he chatted with Paddock briefly before parking his vehicle.

That story has been completely scrubbed from the internet. Even more strange is the fact that social media accounts for Nishimura have been deleted as well.

According to the ABC affiliate’s report, Nishimura told the ABC Affiliate that Paddock “seemed normal”and that he “didn’t have any bags with him upon arrival.” People are tweeting about the deleted story… […]

When we searched to speak with Nishimura, we found that all social media accounts for him have also been deleted from the internet. Even his Linkedin profile has been deleted.

Clearly there were multiple shooters, alphabet agency connections, crisis actors, and media complicity, in addition to Chertoff, Adelson, and Mossad.   The entire thing stinks to high heaven.

With so many questions left unanswered, those of you not following the Vegas thread in light of Pedowood gaining traction and now the Assange leaks may have missed this minor narrative shattering revelation. Pic Related.

On the right are links to evidence that indicates there was more shooting than just at Mandalay bay. The rumors that the attack was supposed to be way worse are potentially validated.

There is no actual footage of these firefights, but we can hear the hotel security of the Bellagio confirm that the news was not reporting the shots fired outside of the Bellagio honestly.

There is footage of people running into the Crystal Shopping Center which is just across the road from the Bellagio.

There is footage of an armed medivac escort (koopavip video) on the floor of the Tropicana resort, and we are fortunate to have received an account of shooting happening inside the Tropicana. These two video's, while not perfect evidence of exactly what happened indicate that there was at least shots fired inside the Tropicana and whoever was hit was important enough to warrant medivac.

The blue line that follows the roads outlines the terrorists plan to drive the entire crowd from the concert by setting the fuel tanks on fire (the method of doing this is not really known, some suspect the tannerite/ammo car, some claim tannerite wouldn't damage the fuel tank, others still claim that jetfuel doesn't burn) and driving the crowd up the vegas strip into a killing funnel.

I believe an armed intervention took place in the streets and hotel of the strip that night outside of the Mandalay Bay massacre that we are seeing on the news. We know the US military is not allowed to operate on US soil, it was too clean for the National Guard or SWAT, so that begs the question, who stopped another massacre on the Vegas Strip that night?

Last Friday night's show only touched on Vegas meanwhile focusing the rest of the time mainly on the norcal fires and the ongoing flat earth discussion.   One piece of breaking info was quoted by our studio engineer Mr Rho who chimed in during our broadcast, to say he has been up near the fire line and in speaking to witnesses heard several reports of "fire from the sky" and "lightning with no thunder" leading Mr Rho to conclude not only had the fires been set intentionally but were also being remotely managed by drones dropping white phosphoros that ignites once it hits the ground and stays burning, directing the fires toward populated areas meanwhile leaving natural vegetation alone.  More digging is being done on this - stay tuned.

It now appears the tannerite was planned to be used to ignite the fuel tanks when hit by bullets, but the failure of a particular rental car to get to its destination appears to indicate either the tannerite did not get placed properly and/or on time so that when the bullets flew (hence trajectory stats found on note) basically a noise was heard at the tanks, but they did not rupture or explode.  There clearly was a sound heard at the front of the crowd that everyone first pointed to in the northerly direction before then running south prior to the first volley of shots  arguably being intentionally corralled into the "gate 7" to be victimized by either a carbomb, the fuel tanks exploding, or both.  As things slid downhill and clearly things were going wrong, everyone started shooting at once thinking the op was going down, and when they realized it wasnt, the 12 "israeli diplomats" (mossad shooters) got down to the monorail, got out of there shooting their way out along the way, along with the shooters dressed as security seen firing from within the crowd.

The 11 "missing israeli diplomats" that surfaced safe and sound in LA were likely Mossad, and likely the actual shooters, who upon realizing their plan was going down in flames, shot their way out of there and got helo'd out to safety.  Meanwhile a VIP got escorted out of the Tropicana by paramilitary ops pointing their guns at civilians saying "hands up" on the way out through the lobby.  Lots of black vans, lots of sneaky stuff.  Its still being examined by thousands of forensic analysts on 8chan.

Additionally a crashed "FBI" plane seems to bear connections to the Franklin scandal and CIA "Finders".

there is no proof paddock pulled the trigger at mandalay.
next week the state will release the "video" of campos in the hallway.
there is a shooting at mandalay bay which we all know about, and most agree happened.
there was an armed escort equpped with a stretcher in the tropicana koopavip video
there is eyewitness testimony that says tropicana had shots fired INSIDE the casino.
there is eyewitness testimony that there was a dead body in the tropicana.
there is shooting outside/near bellagio, which could be heard from the petrossian bar, a block away civilians are fleeing into aria. the bellhop confirms the lvmpd are not being truthful about what is happening at the bellagio. (we should identify that guy and see if he dies)
campos literally does not matter, campos is a red herring, mandalay bay is just a tiny part of the big picture.

>be shooterbros campos and paddock
>get brought in by janet airlines with all your guns and equipment
>start the planned assault
>realize that your other shooter bros on the roofs and the house by the fuel tanks just got lit the fuck up over your custom sterile rechargeable spook radio
>pmc guys come down from saudi stairwell and ice paddock
>try to get away via the rigged stairwell that is marked with an upside down t for trump
>try to meet up with other shooters via monorail for extraction
>pmc guys wave hello from the helicopter
>get captured by your bosses who try to cover the whole thing up
>retrieve whatever was left behind at that house and at paddock's 2nd home
>get lobotomized and have family murdered by spooks
>get paraded around on tv because goyim are asking questions
>can't actually be shown on tv live
>go down as hero when you're really a pinko terrorist cleantonguefag
<bring out other shooters from private jail alive

Yet another possibility:

Paddock is an old asset from "fast and furious". Is sent to Vegas to set up something? Paddock is old school paranoid and keeps shit with him as much as possible. Recognizes Campos as another asset and knows he is going to be used to stage something. Shoots Campos and goes Whitman from the 32nd floor. Figures he will create an environment where he will be investigated thoroughly and also ruin whatever they are planning on false flagging. It's not like Paddock ever cared about human life anyway, but less die this way. Campos ends up taking out Paddock, staging end scene, and possibly firing a few clips right before police arrive.

This appears to be a blown op. Something like the above happened. Someone planning this carefully would have had maybe 6 guns tops for the attack with all the same ammo. Even then there would be no escape. The theory he was going to leave is just crap. What was left in the car was either able to be placed out of sight (trunk etc) OR he didnt have time to bring it all up. Look for the simple explanation. Maybe Campos was the shooter all along and actually burned Paddock before the shooting started.

Mandalay Bay REDRUM Room and bullets in blood discussion

Shooter on roof

Guy kills himself in the back of the head then his GF day after visit from FBI

There were casualties at Giles and Ali Baba
Aaron Rouse is FBI chief in charge of the Vegas narrative

The Special FBI Agent breathing down Sheriff's neck at press conference is Aaron Rouse. He was at FBI DC before going to Vegas. 

Paramilitary ops escorting VIP away from the Tropicana, pointing guns at civilians.

Tonights show 6 Oct 17 talking all about the Vegas psyop:

Helicopters were very likely utilized in the Vegas shooting incident, that's why no one could place where the shots were coming from. Those weren't police choppers in the back drop, the media isn't asking any questions about the helicopters. Where is the footage? Where is the explanation of what were they supposedly doing? Who owned them?

Las Vegas has, surprise surprise, a GUNSHIP HELICOPTER experience on the outskirts that allows anyone for a fee the ability to shoot a M-249 SAW from a helicopter - it is staffed with former ANIMAL CONTROL, SWAT, SPECIAL OPS personnel. It's run by presumably a Jewish guy since his son works there and his name is Solomon. Dig into this operation, and repost media.

Here is their website:

Here is a picture that I got from their gallery and added text to:   Original here:

See these videos:

Have a close look at these guys, those aren't police vehicles, yet they have police style lights on them and those do not look like official uniforms. So who are these people? And what are they doing loading up rifles ready to board a helicopter inexplicably on the ground in the middle of a mass shooting?

Have a fresh look at the Vegas TAXI video, look up in the sky ahead out of the window at the first LOUD volley that occurs in the very beginning. You see a FLASH in the sky (it is very subtle yet clearly discernible you can't use any version that blurs or that has additional artifacts) then see the helicopter cruising along (at an altitude of the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay) out of view, thereafter when the helicopter is in the distance you hear a distant volley and she remarks that it sounds like its farther away now [don't play it in Voat open it in a new window, hit pause, then maximize and observe - or better right click Save As local and view with high quality video player (VLC, etc), muzzle flash is at about the five second mark, next to the palm branch on the tree, up under the arched light pole]:
Download and Re-Upload on YouTube my Vegas Shooting Media Archive:

Map of location of Gunship Helicopters on Google Maps:

Check other Vegas Shooting videos out, notice how the helicopters in the backdrop all happen to fly at exactly the same level as the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay. Good for forensic resonance eh?

Another big clue that the shooting came from helicopters is the lack of a real Crime Scene Investigation, when something like a plane crashes they locate every little bit of it and reconstruct it. What did they do with the investigation into the biggest shooting event in US history? They left it open, cordoned off some streets (to keep people from taking pictures of the fact they weren't investigating – again setting up a perimeter for their coverup), where is the TRAJECTORY ROD analysis on all the bullet holes through the event furniture? No where to be found. The helicopters were circling at the same altitude as the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, the injuries on people that would wind up in the hospital would tell the tale of a shot fired down from roughly that angle. People move around so the fact that the shots hit from different locations wouldn't be detectable. That isn't the case for immobile event furniture - if they would really have investigated it would be obvious that the shots rained down from different locations as the helicopters circled around. Also note, they are putting it in everyone's face with the commercials and little hints on TV (The Running Man movie is on, commercials with helicopters symbology and references).

> Supposed to meet some guy to pick up weapons for ISIS squad mission
> Mafia notices Paddock moving shit tons of weapons and ammo from his vehicle.
> Mafia think that shit is about to go down so they spread the word to keep an eye on Paddock and anyone he meets.
> Get together with guys in our hotel room on 4th floor.
> Meet Paddock with squad on casino floor. Shake hands etc.
> Mafia observes this. Figures shit is about to go down. Keep distance but find out where the people Paddock are talking to are staying.
> Mafia find out that ISIS squad in staying in a room on the 4th floor.
> Mafia spread pictures of all squad members for easy identification and elimination should shit go down.
> Turn up to his hotel room
> Shit. Too many guns/ammo for us to carry
> Ahkmed1 keeps watch by standing at the door, keeping the door open.
> Gun seller tells of truck with explosive to blow up airport fuel storage
> Fuckyeah.jpg
> Seller points out where the tanks are.
> Use scope on AR to spot the tanks.
> Think to myself "I can hit that from here"
> Tell seller as much.
> Seller writes some shit on a piece of paper.
> Tells me "If you want to hit the tanks, you have to aim at another target due to altitude.
> I hear music and spot the festival crowd.
> Ask about where I would have to aim to hit crowd from here.
> Seller does some more calculations and tells me where
> Ahkmed1 still at open door
> Ask gun seller for the tape and shit we need for shooting out the window.
> He points to tape and hammer on table.
> Think to myself "Things are going according to plan."
> Campos walks down the hall on the 32nd floor.
> Ahkmed1 spots him and ducks inside the room, closing the door.
> Ahkmed1 tell me about guard approaching.
> I push gun seller to ground and sit on top of him.
> I ask him if we were being set up.
> He says "No. The guard is probably just walking the floor. The guard wouldn't be interested in this room."
> I tell Ahkmed2 to tape the window, just in case.
> Ahkmed1, mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker1, Ali and mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker2 grab an AR each with a high capacity mag.
> Hear knock on door.
> Voice behind door says he is security and is checking the room because of an open door alarm.
> Tell gun seller that he set us up and is a lying piece of shit.
> Tell Ahkmed1 and mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker2 to shoot at the guard through the door.
> I pull out my handgun and shoot gun seller in the chest at point blank range.
> Gun seller starts to drown in his own blood.
> Gun seller convulses and dies.
> I hoot him in the head postmortem to make sure.
> Tell the team that we don't have any time.
> I formulate a quick plan.
> Tell mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker2 to go to 4th floor room and open fire on the music festival after I do.
> Tell Mohamed1 to go to Bellagio as planned
> Tell Ahkmed1 to go to the MGM as planned
> Tell Ali to go to the Excalibur as planned
> Tell Ahkmed2 to go the NYNY as planned.
> Tell them I will go the the Aria after I shoot out the fuel tanks and empty a magazine into the crowd.
> I tell them to take the stairs and the back streets. Fewer cameras.
> I make several shots at the fuel tanks to blow them up.
> They didn't blow.
> FUCK.jpg
> Mafia hear gunshots. get some guys to check out the room on 4th floor.
> Go to other room for a better shot at the
> Unload rest of high capacity magazine into crowd.
> Mahommed2 hears me empty my magazine.
> mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker2 gets to the room on 4th floor, goes straight to the window and open fires into the festival.
> Mafia breaks down the door of the 4th floor room and shoots and kills Ahkmed2.
> Mafia spreads the word that there could be a terror attack in the works and to shoot ISIS squad members on sight. Also tell MB to quickly fix window on 4th floor
> I rush down the stairs. Notice all the escape doors are jammed. Fuck it. I'll go down to the car park level and get to the Aria that way.
> Get to the Aria
> Open fire.
> The mafia quickly takes me out
> Mohamed1 opens fire at the Bellagio as planned.
> The mafia quickly takes him out
> Ahkmed1 opens fire at the the MGM as planned
> The mafia quickly takes him out
> Ali opens fire at the Excalibur as planned.
> The mafia quickly takes him out
> Ahkmed2 opens fire at the NYNY as planned
> The mafia quickly takes him out
> All the casinos along the strip are told by the mafia that the situation has been dealt with.
> The mafia tells the casinos to misplace any footage that could show mafia activity.
> The casinos comply.
> The FBI and LVMPD ask for camera footage
> FBI/LVMPD get told that the cameras were   not on/recording
> FBI get told about mafia dealing with and vanishing the ISIS squad.
> FBI tell LVMPD to blame Paddock for shooting and to stop the investigation there.
> Mafia informs Trump through contacts what really happened.
> Trump makes "miracle" tweet.
=================================================>Vegas was a Mossad/CIAnigger/MIC planned false flag. They were going to pin it on ISIS as a pretext for increasing the USA police state (bodyscanners, backscatter machines, 4th amendment violations everywhere) and as a pretext for an invasion of Syria now that the CIAniggers/Mossad are losing their war and thus their shot at Greater Israel. They had everything planned, but the mob found out, told Trump, then Trump had Erik Prince clean house with his boys along with some help from mob enforcers.

>I think Paddock was a CIAnigger. The "hispanic" couple were two of the shitskin shooters who were bragging about their planned operation that night. Paddock's 'female accomplice' was probably another CIA nigger who was either black bagged by BW/Academi or the mob. The 23+ guns were for the shitskin shooters, but Paddock was caught with his dick out and either the shooters were black bagged and left in the desert before they could even get to Paddock's room or they bailed as soon as Paddock started shooting (likely well ahead of schedule). The Campos spic may or may not have been an accomplice who was either shot by Paddock when things turned pear-shaped or by the mob enforcers / bw. My guess is his survival now is entirely dependent on his co-operation with Trump's people, unless CIAniggers suicide him first. Their plan was to blow the airport fuel and funnel the crowd into a killing corridor to kill thousands.

>Democrats - bumpstock/AWB/gun control
>Saudis/Mossad/CIAniggers - syria invasion
>MIC - xray/backscatter machine sales, 4th amendment violations, bombs/guns/planes/tanks for the invasion of syria/greater israel plan
>dead whites

>9:20 p.m. "Hispanic" couple tell crowd "you're all going to die"
>9:59 p.m.: Hotel security guard is shot by Paddock on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.
>10:05 p.m.: First shots fired on music festival. This was seen on closed-circuit television from the concert venue.
>10:12 p.m.: First two officers arrive on the 31st floor and announce that the gunfire is coming from directly above them.
>10:15 p.m.: The last shots are fired by Paddock.
>10:17 p.m.: The first two officers arrive on the 32nd floor.
>10:18 p.m.: Security officer tells police he was shot and gives location of the gunman’s room.
>10:26-10:30 p.m.: Eight additional officers arrive on the 32nd floor and begin to move down the hallway, clearing every room and looking for any injured people. They no longer hear gunfire.
>10:55 p.m.: Eight officers arrive in the stairwell at the opposite end of the hallway nearest to Paddock’s room.
>11:20 p.m.: Officers enter the room. They see Paddock on the ground and a second door that could not be accessed from their position.
>11:27 p.m.: A second breach is set off, allowing officers to enter the second room. Officers quickly realize there is no one else in the rooms and announce over the radio that the suspect is down.
>The festival was scheduled to end at 11:55PM. My guess, based on that it was a sold out show, was that the hit was scheduled for 11pm or so, when the headliner was likely to be on and the crowd would be at maximum.

>Some anons were shitposting about certain casinos getting hit (10+ dead at a baccarat table?) and I believe it did happen, and I think Paddock may have only been one team leader for possibly multiple teams. I think the other team or two may have been moderately successful with their hits but were cucked immediately by either or mercenary friends (lotta loyalty for a hired gun) or mob enforcers.

>tl;dr I think the Vegas desert got a whole lot of fertilizer that night, and nobody's talking.

gio rio recap: they run immediately to back of RT91, hope fence, hit ground and run into tropicana first available doorway(apparently service corridor of some type because there is caterinc rolling tray rack which has some silverware and he gets armed with butter knife),,,funneling through corridor they encounter dead dude and then dude with polymer briefcase enters corridor from 'pool area',,,they have verbal exchange with suitcase dude because hes not in panic mode like everyone else,,,,during exchange wih suitcase dude, they hear '3 bursts full auto suppressed gunshots from tropicana casino area',,,,they go other way and into pool area and hide in cabana and then bushes for approx 30 minutes,,,,they decide to leave tropicana then….someone tries to advise them not to but Gio wants to get away from people and location altogether….heading westbound towards the strip and alongside reno ave they enocunter tropicana garage (2 story garage)….they then hear and SEE muzzle flash and suppressed bursts from shooter outside on street level at either excalibur or slightly to north nyny property (hes not sure becase hes not a vegas local)…they freak and hid in dumpster in tropicana garage/service little area for at least an hour….eventually they get out, encounter a cop and are herded into the tropicana holding room where we have the video with the LVPD strike team walk through(idk the name of that vid)….a little after 4am there are allowed to return to their room at luxor….gio calls fbi tip line and tells them all of this….the end

Look at the map. I've labelled a few things.

Shooter at Mandalay Bay
Attempt to detonate fuel tanks at airport
Report of VBIED at Luxor
Report of shooters at Bellagio
Report of shooters at MGM grand
Report of shooters at Excalibur
Report of shooters at NYNY
Report of shooters at Aria

The killbox and funnel is textbook.


Janet pt 1

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Duke Robotics

Michael Chertoff

High Incident Project

This started everything

5 things that don't add up

Smith Mundt Act–Mundt_Act




The real paddock?!?

Lombardo final conference

Broadcastify Audio Oct 1


Machine Gun Helicopter

Drone flown from mgm

Vegas people thinking it aloud. Very informative video.

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