Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Vegas: a plan for a much larger psyop goes horribly wrong? Or was it something else.

Latest updates 29 Oct 18:51 PST

A new argument has surfaced that perhaps mexican drug cartels were involved in the norcal fires.  see the following 2 articles:

Officials Suspect Mexican Cartel Arsonists Behind Historic Fires as California Pot Farms Burn to the Ground

Are Mexican Cartels Behind California’s Wildfires?

California Gets Cooked | Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon
And James Fetzer has made a new post, telling an interesting story regarding Jeff Rense.

Fired by Jeff Rense for Disputing Las Vegas Fantasies

an interesting testimony, to say the least.

FBI has been asking witnesses to come to them, then we never hear from those witnesses again. Word is being sent out DO NOT GO TO THE FBI if anyone has witness testimony or video footage; instead post it anonymously to the Vegas thread linked above.

A list of witnesses gone missing:

Eyewitness B (missing, accounts scrubbed): Chad Nishimura

Moanike’ala Nabarro, a reporter for KITV4 and ABC affiliate wrote a story recently that has been wiped from the internet. The story was regarding the valet worker named Chad Nishimura who parked Paddock’s car and told Nabarro that he chatted with Paddock briefly before parking his vehicle.

That story has been completely scrubbed from the internet. Even more strange is the fact that social media accounts for Nishimura have been deleted as well.

According to the ABC affiliate’s report, Nishimura told the ABC Affiliate that Paddock “seemed normal”and that he “didn’t have any bags with him upon arrival.” People are tweeting about the deleted story… […]

When we searched to speak with Nishimura, we found that all social media accounts for him have also been deleted from the internet. Even his Linkedin profile has been deleted.

Look at the map. I've labelled a few things.

Shooter at Mandalay Bay
Attempt to detonate fuel tanks at airport
Report of VBIED at Luxor
Report of shooters at Bellagio
Report of shooters at MGM grand
Report of shooters at Excalibur
Report of shooters at NYNY
Report of shooters at Aria

The killbox and funnel is textbook.


Janet pt 1

Janet pt 2

Janet pt 3

Janet pt 4

Janet pt 5

Duke Robotics

Michael Chertoff

High Incident Project

This started everything

5 things that don't add up

Smith Mundt Act–Mundt_Act




The real paddock?!?

Lombardo final conference

Broadcastify Audio Oct 1


Machine Gun Helicopter

Drone flown from mgm

Vegas people thinking it aloud. Very informative video.

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