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AUDIO episode #34 of The LABVIRUS Show featuring Dr. Wil Spencer of morgellonsresearchgroup.com and bodyelectrician.com

45 minutes.

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2/1/2012 11:00 AM The LABVIRUS Show Episode #34

Morgellons Disease: NANOWORMS: The fetal stage of transhumanism- it is upon us.

Bullshit alert:  McKenna: A vaccine for MRSA?
Vietnam: 2012’s second H5N1 death confirmed
Satanist alert: Mitt Romney to Receive Secret Service Protection
Ask Mitt ANYTHING? You Betcha!!!
Righteous Blood Part VIII – CONTINUED – the “Other Four” Of the “Top Six”
'Syria on its knees - prelude to NATO invading Iran' - video 
Destination Persian Gulf - US nuclear submarine and guided-missile destroyer enter Red Sea 
47 Signs that China is absolutely destroying America on the global economic stage

Morgellons, Transhumanism, and the missing 3rd season of "V"

I submit the very reason the series "V" was cancelled prior to its third season is that they were going to divulge through predictive programming the Morgellons/chemtrail agenda, as dramatized at the end of the 2nd season in the visitors' release of the "Red Rain" program - where they made all the skies fill with red clouds that rained down on everyone on the planet, infesting them all with DNA-changing nanotech parasites... hybridizing the entire human race into something the Vs could inter-breed with.  The first two seasons of V, as I have written of before, have consistently divulged many agendas which parallel many of the things I have researched and commented on at this site from day one.  As I look up to the chemtrail-filled skies of San Fransisco today and see rows of freshly painted parallel cotton-candy lines in the sky falling and dissipating into purplish grey cloudlike groundhugging mist, as I hack out lungfuls of chemtrail lung cookies (CLCs), I think to myself this is exactly the parallel they were about to portray in season 3 of V which was abruptly cancelled without explanation, in spite of its incredibly high ratings for ABC.  For those who havent seen the first two seasons, they are not available for replay on the ABC site, despite the fact that all of their other shows are available.  You'll need to search for the torrent on thepiratebay.org and download the two seasons of episodes via BitTorrent.  Here are links for the torrents which I have successfully downloaded: Season 1   Season 2

With the discussions going on over at A. True Ott's show The Story Behind The Story regarding transhumanism, which I also refer to as transgenics, I see this cancellation of the 3rd series of V directly relating to this entire big picture as it relates to chemtrails and Morgellons.  I desperately wish to know the screenplays written for the unproduced and unpublished 3rd season episodes of the series V, for if we knew what these storylines were, it is my contention we would have much greater insight into the very real program of transhumanism as it is being implemented upon humanity by the Edomites today.

Dr Paul Offit for Profit: Responses to UBC vaccine paper a problem for free scientific inquiry and expression

Bill which would require drug testing welfare recipients pulled after amended to include legislators

H5N1 controversy: The ferret is already out of the bag

The H5N1 manuscript redaction controversy

The NSABB statement on H5N1 research

Joseph Smith’s First-born Son – “Very Much Deformed”.

Urgent Global Advisory from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

California To Run Out Of Cash In One Month, Controller Warns


Unidentified Bugs, Filaments and Rocks: The Morgellon Reality

Chemwebs – Fibers in Louisiana USA Nov 2011 and Jan 2012

Rosalind Peterson – Truth Denied with Roxy Lopez

Carnicom Interviewed by Coast to Coast Radio on topic of Aerosols and Chemtrails

1/31/2012 — Chicago, IL — Sonic Booms, Nuclear Event, and Earthquake = Fukushima Theory

1/31/2012 — Earthquake Northwest of Chicago — in ADDITION to the nuclear power plant issue

1/30/2012 — Nuclear plant vents RADIOACTIVE steam onto DOWNTOWN CHICAGO

1/30/2012 — 11 yrs old exposes “What is wrong with our Food System GMOs Monsanto?”

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AUDIO episode 33 of The LABVIRUS Show discussing MORGELLONS and TRANSHUMANISM

1/27/2012 11:00 AM PST The LABVIRUS Show Episode #33

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Here is today's 2-hour broadcast of The Story Behind The Story with A. True Ott PhD where I called in to discuss this very issue as it pertains to the latest topics he has discussed previously on his show:

I have steam coming out of my ears and am seeing red over today's TV "news" coverage on Morgellons and the CDCs assertion that it is not a legitimate physiological condition but a psychosomatic illness, invented by hypochondriacs which they label "delusional parisitosis" - not to mention the ridiculing and insulting "debunkers" on the SFGate and KTVU comment threads linked to the article.  I will focus the 45 minutes on addressing this bogus CDC allegation and the insults and psyop statements coming from these obviously intentionally placed "debunkers".

Morgellons disease probably a delusion, feds say

CDC study finds no infectious cause for mysterious Bay Area illness

US: The Center for Disease Control concludes a 4-year study of Morgellon's Disease (fibers sprouting from skin) and has no explanation of its cause except to say that it is not from the environment or an infection. Critics suspect a cover-up. 

Righteous Blood Part VII: The Seeds of Civil War Bloom into WORLD WARS!

Righteous Blood Part VIII – UNCLE SAMAEL WANTS YOU!!!! 

Righteous Blood Parts I-VI

Incredible day at Obama eligibility court case in Georgia


AMA Paper Proposes Law Forcing People into Experimental Vaccine Trials

Germany: Study shows that glyphosate herbicide (a chemical used in products like Monsanto's Roundup) was found in 100% of human urine samples -- and the levels were 5 to 20 times higher than what is considered safe for drinking water. This chemical is known to increase the risk of cancer and infertility

ACTA: the legislation that makes SOPA and PIPA look reasonable

India: Nine infants dead in last 48 hrs at West Bengal government hospital (updated)

TDR-TB and the NTDS

Weather Modification 101 — One Hundred Years of Cloud Seeding

Justice Dept. takes on itself in probe of 2001 anthrax attacks/WaPo

Biothrax for Kids is Back! Now for an Ethics Review! / DHHS

The emperor is marching around buck naked/BMJ

Effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccination in healthcare workers: a systematic review.

A Web of Financial Fraud and Criminality

The Fed Cannot Move Without a Crisis… And One is Coming

HOT Michigan Rain 12/30/11 Pt 1

1/26/2012 — USDA confirms WARM LATITUDES move north = New PLANTS will grow = Russia North Pole 


Hospital-Induced Mortality

ZOMBIES Rise and Vote for NEWT in the Palmetto State!

And a LITTLE CHILD Shall Lead Them!

More Messages from Little Ones!

Endgame Begins - UK "Foreign Office Sources Say Merkel Now Thinks Greece Will Default"

1/27/2012 — CONFIRMATION: North Carolina ‘HAARP ring’ Vortex 48hrs ago = Damaging winds now

TSA: Greatest Liars On Earth

Nanotechnology: Will it Kill Us All?

War on Iran: It's NOT a Matter of "If" 

War of Attrition with Iran brewing over Gulf Oil routes 

Washington's "War of Sanctions" against Iran

The Elephant in the Living Room

Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War: The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation

New World Order - BioWar - Big Pharma

More on the satanic Mormons and Transhumanism

While I've got the time I'll be continuing to post the TSBTS shows as I record them.

Monsanto’s Infertility-Linked Roundup Found in All Urine Samples Tested

Non-Consenting Drug Trial Adults

Oral vaccines cannot control Haiti cholera

Egypt: Anti-bird flu campaign planned

Indonesia: H5N1 deaths raise red flags

Bird flu mutation studies dangerous

Morgellons disease probably a delusion, feds say

Possible Tokyo Evacuation Was Kept Secret in Nuclear Crisis

Next Steps: Presenting The Definitive Greek End Game Flow Chart

Nullify the NDAA: Virginia House Bill 1660 

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The chemtrails over San Francisco continue at absurd levels

Well the chemtrails in San Francisco are once again relentlessly raining down upon our heads, submerging the entire bay area in a thick dry metallic mist that causes me to continually hack up white chalky chemtrail lung cookies (CLCs). Its just frickin ridiculous. I don't know what cocktail they are serving us today, but its a different mixture insomuch that Ive seen planes flying in groups of two, one right behind the other, the front plane spraying something that disappeared rather quickly while the second laid a thick cotton candy trail that thickened into the wispy "clouds" as it descended to ground level. The skies are filled with these greenish white wispy trail-clouds along with dark-purple chem-clouds formed from an obviously different mix. In my humble opinion, the throttle on this agenda has been turned WAY UP.

Today Dr. A. True Ott discussed Mitt Romney and the satanic origins and practices of the Mormon "church".

http://www.art2superpac.com/ Follow the Georgia case challenging Slick Barry's eligibility

H5N1 controversy: Caution urged for mutant flu work

Mexico: 298 TB cases in Juarez in 2011

H5N1 controversy: Studies must go on, says scientist

And The Winner Is...Gold

Yosemite HD Chemtrails

Microchipping the people without their consent

1/25/2012 — Tornadoes developing over Texas — Midwest USA be aware — MO, AR, OK, IL, IN, TN, KY, KS, LA, MS

1/25/2012 — State of the Union address = WHAT THE FRACK?!

Opening A New Theater of War In The North American Homeland

Are George Soros, The IMF And The World Bank Purposely Trying To Scare The Living Daylights Out Of Us?

Elites pushing Class Warfare is just another False Paradigm

United Kingdom gears up for Iran face-off

Warning signs that we should prepare for the worst

Israeli Assassinations and American Presidents

US Military refuses to drive Bilderberg Israeli Bus off cliff into World War III

Chinese supertankers hired for Iran oil

Mass Graves Outside of Chicago

This is no time for sabre-rattling. War with Iran could tip us into the bloodiest conflict since 1945

Israeli MK tells US: Prepare for Jordanian King Abdullah's Fall

The Disease Machine: Why Drug Makers Keep You Sick

The Vaccination Agenda: Implicit Transhumanism

Former Georgian President (and Soviet Foreign Minister) Shevardnadze: Saakashvili and Obama Plotting Attack on Iran

Davos 2012: From Capitalism to Fascism

Los Angeles: Joint police-military exercises

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is the real reason USrael wants to attack Iran because they have developed FREE ENERGY systems?

Today's broadcast of The Story Behind The Story with A. True Ott PhD was remarkable to say the least - par for the course with this groundbreaking researcher. As usual I've recorded the show and am uploading it to YouTube; as soon as it is posted I will provide the link below and I suggest that EVERYONE dig in and take a hard listen. You won't believe your ears.

Why is Edom (Modern-day Israel) so AFRAID of Iran?

The Story Behind The Story with A. True Ott PhD 24 Jan 2012
The Story Behind The Story with A. True Ott PhD 23 Jan 2012
The Story Behind The Story with A. True Ott PhD 19 Jan 2012
The Story Behind The Story with A. True Ott PhD 17 Jan 2012
The Story Behind The Story with A. True Ott PhD 16 Jan 2012

ICAACT International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies

Baby Dies After 9 Vaccines in One Day
 CIDRAP: Experts debate aspects of H5N1 transmission studies

FTC Owned By AntiSec

Russia rejects sanctions against Iran 

This Is Where The Gold Is(n't) - The New York Fed Guide To The Most Valuable Vault In The World

Instead of Protecting People, Governments Cover Up by Raising "Safe" Radiation Levels

Yet Another Reminder That Democracy Is An Illusion

1/24/2012 — MSM headline — Tokyo HIGH (large) QUAKE probability = 70-98% chance

BP Binds with White House to Cover-Up Actual Spill Numbers

Gulf Coast Children Experiencing Health Challenges (VIDEO)

White House Pressured Scientists to Underestimate BP Spill Size (VIDEO)


This just in from G. Edward Griffin:

2012 Jan 8
Mr. Griffin,
I received the following information from Don Fredrick: Hawaii Deputy Attorney General Jill T. Nagamine has already told Taitz that the state “will not comply with a subpoena from Georgia.” This could get interesting.

According to BirtherReport.com , “A new lawsuit against the Hawaii Department of Health has been filed by Hawaii Attorney Gerald Kurashima on behalf of Duncan Sunahara, Virginia Sunahara’s brother. The case has been assigned to Judge Nishimura.” Virginia Sunahara was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961, and died the next day. in March 2010 Sunahara’s name appeared in the 1960–1964 birth index of the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH). The HDOH has refused to release a copy of the infant’s birth certificate, and now claims, “We have no records responsive to your request.” There is speculation that Obama, needing to create a forged birth certificate to prove he was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961, had someone use Sunahara’s birth certificate as his template, changing fields on the form as necessary using Photoshop or another computer graphics program. Using the birth certificate of a person born on the same day allowed Obama to gain a document number that was within the proper range and, of course, a dead person never asks for a copy of her birth certificate. Sunahara’s
gender and hospital name did not match the information Obama needed, and those were among the data fields that appear to have been altered on his alleged birth certificate.

ThePostEmail.com has noted that William Ayers, Obama’s
domestic-terrorist pal, wrote in his book Fugitive Days of his methods for obtaining false identities as he hid from the FBI. (Ayers wrote, “I spent impious days over the next several months tramping through rural cemeteries in Iowa and Wisconsin, Illinois and North Dakota, searching for those sad little markers of people born between 1940 and
1950 who had died between 1945 and 1955. The numbers were surprising: two in one graveyard, a cluster of fourteen in another. Those poor souls had typically been issued birth certificates—available to us at any county courthouse for a couple of bucks and a simple form with information I could copy from the death announcement at the archive of the local paper…”)

Obama’s problem is that controlling access to his own records is easier than restricting those of complete strangers. The Hawaii Department of Health has no legal justification for preventing the brother of a dead infant from accessing her birth records, but BirtherSummit.org’s Dean Haskins reports that when he and Duncan Sunahara went to the Hawaii Department of Health to request his sister’s records, they were told they were not allowed access. Haskins states, “When we pointed out to Supervisor Jesse Koike that their ‘rules’ were illegal, according to Hawaiian statutes, he told us that Duncan would have to discuss that with Dr. Alvin Onaka. We spent four hours waiting to speak with Onaka, who eventually instructed the security guard to throw us out of the facility (which seems to be outrageous behavior from someone with nothing to hide). Duncan also made several phone calls trying to make an appointment to see Onaka, but could not get him even to return his calls.” (After also getting a runaround from the state’s Attorney General, Sunahara filed his lawsuit.)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Satan for president 2012

With all the hoopla on TV about the GOP candidates debating for the ticket, few realize the decision on who would ultimately be the nominee was made around 2 years ago by the Rothschilds, and that voting is completely compromised by way of the Voxie and Diebold systems.  With hundreds of dead people voting and precinct heads noticing their totals altered, it's no surprise that the end result will no doubt be as predicted, the choice reportedly made by the Edomite global banking cartel barons, the Rothschilds.  Every single one of these candidates has a luciferian connection, whether it be by way of secret societies such as the Rosicrucians (Ron Paul) or the Mormons (Romney); any way you slice it, comes up satan.

953 dead people voted in SC primary according to SC Attorney General

Polio Vaccines Now The #1 Cause of Polio Paralysis

Dr Iain Stephenson found guilty of vaccine research fraud

The Roche's Tamiflu scandal questions the entire process of systematic review

Children damaged by GSK Swine Flu vaccine demand compensation for permanent harm

UK Swine flu drug policy criticised by Birmingham doctors

Philosophical Exemption Under Attack in Vermont

Dissemination of NDM-1

More Edomite Atrocities

Is it Nothing to You? Another Hero Falls Ricky Lavallie: 1960-2012

Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane covers up sex abuse yet becomes Queen’s rep/Governor-general!

The Art Of Extortion: Now At The IMF

Epidemic fears see bird flu doctors halt research

How the Media Manipulates the World into War

World War III Is The Final War On The Nation State

Human trafficking a growing crime in America 

US and NATO are on the march worldwide - Part IV 

India Fingerprinting and Iris Scanning over one billion people - with video 

The Never Ending Peace Negotiation ... Peace is Not on the Israeli Agenda

An Iran War is brewing from mutual ignorance and chronic miscalculation

The Secret Document That Transformed China

Saturday, January 21, 2012

San Francisco's sordid history of biological experimentation

Nevin v. USA / Bacteriological Warfare Experimentation
Nevin v. USA
Nevin & Absalom

1980 lawsuit against Department of The Army for 1950 bacteriological warfare experimentation in San Francisco. From offshore US Navy ships The Army sprayed the City with live bacteria, serratia marcescens. Edward J. Nevin, Mr. Nevin's grandfather, died of infection from that organism a few weeks thereafter. This action was brought on behalf of all of the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Edward Nevin. US District Court Judge, Samuel Conti, found in favor of the government on all issues, but the public benefit was that the National press was seated in the jury box, because juries are not allowed for suit against the United States Government. The press carried daily stories and thus the historical facts were made known across the nation by both newspapers and television and radio. The Story was also told by Dan Rather on 60 Minutes.

Clouds of Secrecy
By Leonard A. Cole

Posted by:

Gerry Duffett
3358-A McCowan Rd
Scarborough Ontario
Canada M1V 5P5




H5N1 controversy: The NIH responds

28,000 die of HIV/AIDS in China 2011

Baby dies of H1N1 flu in Athens

US deploys 12,000 troops in Libya

You Can't Fool Mother Nature For Long: Profiting from Sickcare

Vaccine Investigation: Nancy Banks on Vaccines

Massive Aerial Spraying ChemTrail campaign underway in the USA. Videos from Chicago, USA January 5th, 2012

LA Chemtrail Freeway Bannering- Activism

1-18-2012 Chemtrail Forecast for Florida, Pacific and USA

Nevada County’s Sustainable Food and Farm Conference 2012

Why PIPA/SOPA and the DNS are a Joke!

Monsanto Patents and Chemtrails

The Drugs I Need

Go Ahead And Die! (Pirates Of The Health Care-ibean)

Flu Season Off to Slow Start, So Far/ US News

Planetary Destroyer: Monsanto

Decentralization is the Only Plausible Economic Solution Left

Fluoride linked to #1 cause of death

1/21/2012 — Possible tornadoes detected in California and in Georgia = west coast to east coast severe

Working and Poor in the USA

US commando team is getting close to the Iran border

Who Wants War With Iran?

Moscow: Hands Off Iran and Syria - China and BRIC countries behind Russian Initiative

February 4th: National Day of Action - Stop the US War Against Iran

Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK: a national holiday to celebrate a corrupt communist Edomite STOOGE

Michael King (aka Martin Luther King) A RED EDOMITE STOOGE!!

The “Story Behind the Story” of Martin Luther King is a story of Edomite ("Jewish") Hegelian Dialectic in action. A CLASSIC TEXTBOOK case, actually.

It’s the story of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement today. Edomite agitators funding stooges to “protest” and cause “revolution” – while they, the BANKSTERS who cause the problems, remain aloof.

The mission and continuing deification of King is truly a covert attack on TRUE CHRISTIANS (Both Negro and Caucasian) – and has very little to do with “civil rights”. Remember, the “neo-Nazis” and “KKK” are also Edomite-controlled enterprises. In other words, BOTH SIDES OF THE “EXTREMISM” IS EDOMITE SPONSORED AND CON – TROLL – ED!

Consider the REASONS why King’s massive FBI file was sealed by court order back in 1977. WHY?

Consider the MLK Monument was designed by a Communist in China. (It figures.)


Consider the NAACP is 100% an EDOMITE ("Jewish") ORGANIZATION.

Consider this video:

Healthy 7 Year Old Girl Dies in Mother’s Arms After Flu Shot

WHO scandal: India announces polio vaccines are paralysing children

Polio Vaccine Proven To Cause Spreading Polio Epidemics - Many Children Paralysed

India: ‘New bird flu strain killed Jharkhand crows’

Polio Vaccine Causes Paralysis

Over 78% Of Pakistan Children Struck Down With Polio Had Been Vaccinated

The spectrum of ASIA induced by Adjuvants

Mechanisms of Aluminum Adjuvant Toxicity and Autoimmunity in Pediatric Populations

New Adjuvanted Vaccines in Pregnancy: What is Known About Their Safety?

Thousands struck down by widely prescribed swine flu drug Roche Tamiflu

14 Year-Old Boy Jumps From Apartment Window After Taking Tamiflu

Fatal Reactions And Injuries Occurring With Tamiflu 'Swine Flu' Drug

US reviews risks of Tamiflu after 12 children die

Satellite engineer loses use of legs four days after taking Tamiflu

Roche's Tamiflu drug is useless, states professor

98% resistance to Tamiflu found in U.S. samples

No magic bullet on the flu: pharmaceutical industry cons the public

New Study Shows Flu Vaccines Are Futile Rubbish

Persistence of Borrelia burgdorferi in Rhesus Macaques following Antibiotic Treatment of Disseminated Infection

Killer flu doctors: US censorship is a danger to science

Nature News Special: Mutant flu

Dr. Carroll in Pestel: “You can treat it easily, but you can die easily”

Hackers shut down Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, El Al websites

Kobe University lab creates 'novel' H5N1 in 'secret' lab

S&P Says Greek Default Imminent

More Chemtrails in Newburgh California

Operation Paperclip Nazi Scientist First Director of NASA

2 Million Oral Rabies Vaccines Dropped by Planes all over Texas

1/16/2012 — CFHT telescope (hawaii) captures LARGE FIREBALL

1/16/2012 — Russian satellite PHOBOS – GRUNT – crashes near south Chile (by EQ swarm)

Hugo Chavez: Another Victim of Castro’s High-Tech Political Assassinations?    

America's Last Chance   

War on Iran? [a comment]:

Ain't gonna' happen for various reasons:

1. Iran has an advanced "Star Wars shield", which works 100% of the time - not 1 out of 6 times like the US'. Anything breaking their air space will be pulverized in mere moments, besides their instruments being neutralized and they will be flying blind - missiles and "smart weapons" included. Hell, sink one of those aircraft carrier colossus and you'd close the Strait of Hormuz for many, many months in one fell swoop. Cut off oil company earnings ... just ponder that one alone.

2. Iran has shore batteries, virtually undetectable by satellite, among others in caves, with missiles capable of sinking any aircraft carrier with one shot - these monsters are sitting ducks.

3. It would be bad business for the MIC - once such a war is started, there'll be no reason for countries in the region to buy more, more, more weapons.

4. Iran has Defense Treaties with at least Russia, China and Venezuela. Quoting both Russia and China: An attack on Iran will be considered an attack on Russia/China. Besides both these countries have so much invested in Iran that they cannot afford to sacrifice it to USrael's war for dominance - heck no!

5. The Usrael's client states might sit on their hands if they attack Iran - the rest of the world will not. If Iran is attacked, they will never know, when they are next - they cannot afford not to take action.

6. China could and probably would dump all current US holdings/treasuries and FX holdings - they could destroy the dollar in a moment without warning and bankrupt the US.

Turn that around - keep up the endless lies, whip up the hysteria and phony fears - and the MIC and Israel's version of it and your merchants of death make endless billions on an ongoing basis. Too good a business to destroy!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Most people think our hitting Iran is no big deal and that Israel is justified

As we all sat glued to our televisions watching the 49ers win a nailbiter against the Saints, few were looking outside and up at the sky full of fresh chemtrails, and certainly fewer still were observing the rapidly accelerating military course to World War Three being taken by the Edomite-driven state of Israel against the sovereign and peaceful nation of Iran.  People in general whom I've talked to about this have their varying opinions, but in general they all mostly feel it's no big deal, that we will prevail against Iran and that will be that.  They have no idea of the alliances Iran has with Russia and China, or that they have explicitly stated previously that any attack on Iran will be met by MAD or Mutually Assured Destruction protocols in the forms of sleeper cells employing deadly dirty nuke and advanced biological weapons.  They have no idea that Israeli security for years has been implanting nukes inside the US Europe and elsewhere disguised as "security cameras" which can easily be remote-detonated to execute yet another false-flag to be blamed on - you guessed it - Iran.  Most people have no idea that in 2006 the chinese minister of defense spoke to its parliament that in five years time China would begin colonizing attacks against the United States, employing weather warfare and advanced biologicals.  I am amazed at the depth to which most people are afflicted with normalcy bias, a cognitive behavioral disorder, and the extremes to which it negatively affects their judgement.   The very fact that this aggression could lead to World War Three means that for most people, it will catch them very literally with their pants down; completely unaware and defenseless.  A huge number of people are gonna get hit with truth like a freight train, and then lights out.

The REAL and truthful background of Ron Paul the Rosicrucian

Beating the Drums of War: Provoking Iran into "Firing the First Shot"?  

War Plan Iran: The US Finally Admits Its Criminal Bankruptcy. 

How to Start a War: The American Use of War Pretext Incidents.

The Globalization of War: The "Military Roadmap" to World War III    

Scientists: UN Soldiers Brought Deadly Superbug to Americas

2 million Rabies Vaccines Dropped over Texas by Plane!

HAARP’s obvious manipulation of Europe’s weather

Chemtrails: 90 Minute Interview — Bill Gallagher — The Edge

Air Force Bugbots

chemtrails crazy wing spray 30.05.2010 marche des sans-papiers Paris-Nice

Press Rosario Marciano (National Committee Tanker Enemy)

The expanding Earth and the creation of matter

1/14/2012 — ‘Project Cloverleaf’ – Chemtrails and their Purpose

1/13/2012 — NBC — KSDK Newschannel 5 in St. Louis — FULLY covers the radioactive metal story

Howard Stein Reports: US Government Warns Scientists re: Biological Warfare Weapon in Swine Flu

Appeasement Arrives: Joint US-Israel Exercise Postponed For "Budget Reasons", US Will Not Enforce No Fly Zone Over Syria 

US troops quietly surge into Middle East

US stations 15,000 troops in Kuwait

AIPAC's 'War with Iran' 

Iran: We have proof US behind assassination

Iran Foreign Ministry Claims Nuclear Scientist Was Executed By CIA, As Nigeria Strike Talks Collapse

Tyler Durden and Paul Krugman agree! – The EU is toast!

US deploys 15,000 combat troops to Kuwait

Zionists are a Fifth Column in America

US will 'absolutely' continue drone war on Iran

Iran War: Next on Washington's agenda 

Pentagon fumes: Iran patrols Hormuz - with video

What's causing all the record dry weather and mild winter temperatures in America

Neocons, Zionists out to topple Assad

US sells $3.5 Billion THAAD Missile Defense System to the UAE

India introducing Mark of the Beast system for all 1.2 billion citizens - video

Recipe for Vote Fraud: Global internet voting firm buys US election results reporting firm

Friday, January 13, 2012

Zerohedge: Are The Middle East Wars Really About Forcing the World Into Dollars and Private Central Banking?

Are The Middle East Wars Really About Forcing the World Into Dollars and Private Central Banking?

The Middle Eastern and North African wars – planned 20 years ago – don’t necessarily have much to do with fighting terrorism. See this, this and this.

They are, in reality, about oil.

And protecting Israel (and read the section entitled “Securing the Realm” here).

But as AFP reports today, there is another major motivation for the expanding wars:

The latest round of American sanctions are aimed at shutting down Iran’s central bank, a senior US official said Thursday, spelling out that intention directly for the first time.

“We do need to close down the Central Bank of Iran (CBI),” the official told reporters on condition of anonymity, while adding that the United States is moving quickly to implement the sanctions, signed into law last month.

Foreign central banks that deal with the Iranian central bank on oil transactions could also face similar restrictions under the new law, which has sparked fears of damage to US ties with nations like Russia and China.

“If a correspondent bank of a US bank wants to do business with us and they’re doing business with CBI or other designated Iranian banks… then they’re going to get in trouble with us,” the US official said.

Why is the U.S. targeting Iran’s central bank?

Well, multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price told King World News:

What happened to Mr. Gaddafi, many speculate the real reason he was ousted was that he was planning an all-African currency for conducting trade. The same thing happened to him that happened to Saddam because the US doesn’t want any solid competing currency out there vs the dollar. You know Gaddafi was talking about a gold dinar.

As I noted in August:

Ellen Brown argues in the Asia Times that there were even deeper reasons for the war than gold, oil or middle eastern regime change.

Brown argues that Libya – like Iraq under Hussein – challenged the supremacy of the dollar and the Western banks:

Later, the same general said they planned to take out seven countries in five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

What do these seven countries have in common? In the context of banking, one that sticks out is that none of them is listed among the 56 member banks of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). That evidently puts them outside the long regulatory arm of the central bankers’ central bank in Switzerland.

The most renegade of the lot could be Libya and Iraq, the two that have actually been attacked. Kenneth Schortgen Jr, writing on Examiner.com, noted that “[s]ix months before the US moved into Iraq to take down Saddam Hussein, the oil nation had made the move to accept euros instead of dollars for oil, and this became a threat to the global dominance of the dollar as the reserve currency, and its dominion as the petrodollar.”

According to a Russian article titled “Bombing of Libya – Punishment for Ghaddafi for His Attempt to Refuse US Dollar”, Gaddafi made a similarly bold move: he initiated a movement to refuse the dollar and the euro, and called on Arab and African nations to use a new currency instead, the gold dinar. Gaddafi suggested establishing a united African continent, with its 200 million people using this single currency.

And that brings us back to the puzzle of the Libyan central bank. In an article posted on the Market Oracle, Eric Encina observed:

One seldom mentioned fact by western politicians and media pundits: the Central Bank of Libya is 100% State Owned … Currently, the Libyan government creates its own money, the Libyan Dinar, through the facilities of its own central bank. Few can argue that Libya is a sovereign nation with its own great resources, able to sustain its own economic destiny. One major problem for globalist banking cartels is that in order to do business with Libya, they must go through the Libyan Central Bank and its national currency, a place where they have absolutely zero dominion or power-broking ability. Hence, taking down the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) may not appear in the speeches of Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy but this is certainly at the top of the globalist agenda for absorbing Libya into its hive of compliant nations.

Alex Newman wrote in November:

According to more than a few observers, Gadhafi’s plan to quit selling Libyan oil in U.S. dollars — demanding payment instead in gold-backed “dinars” (a single African currency made from gold) — was the real cause [of the Libyan war and killing of Gadhafi]. The regime, sitting on massive amounts of gold, estimated at close to 150 tons, was also pushing other African and Middle Eastern governments to follow suit.

And it literally had the potential to bring down the dollar and the world monetary system by extension, according to analysts. French President Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly went so far as to call Libya a “threat” to the financial security of the world. The “Insiders” were apparently panicking over Gadhafi’s plan.

“Any move such as that would certainly not be welcomed by the power elite today, who are responsible for controlling the world’s central banks,” noted financial analyst Anthony Wile, editor of the free market-oriented Daily Bell, in an interview with RT. “So yes, that would certainly be something that would cause his immediate dismissal and the need for other reasons to be brought forward [for] removing him from power.”

According to Wile, Gadhafi’s plan would have strengthened the whole continent of Africa in the eyes of economists backing sound money — not to mention investors. But it would have been especially devastating for the U.S. economy, the American dollar, and particularly the elite in charge of the system.

“The central banking Ponzi scheme requires an ever-increasing base of demand and the immediate silencing of those who would threaten its existence,” Wile noted in a piece entitled “Gaddafi Planned Gold Dinar, Now Under Attack” earlier this year. “Perhaps that is what the hurry [was] in removing Gaddafi in particular and those who might have been sympathetic to his monetary idea.”

Investor newsletters and commentaries have been buzzing for months with speculation about the link between Gadhafi’s gold dinar and the NATO-backed overthrow of the Libyan regime. Conservative analysts pounced on the potential relationship, too.

“In 2009 — in his capacity as head of the African Union — Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi had proposed that the economically crippled continent adopt the ‘Gold Dinar,’” noted Ilana Mercer in an August opinion piece for WorldNetDaily. “I do not know if Col. Gadhafi continued to agitate for ditching the dollar and adopting the Gold Dinar — or if the Agitator from Chicago got wind of Gadhafi’s (uncharacteristic) sanity about things monetary.”

But if Arab and African nations had begun adopting a gold-backed currency, it would have had major repercussions for debt-laden Western governments that would be far more significant than the purported “democratic” uprisings sweeping the region this year. And it would have spelled big trouble for the elite who benefit from “freshly counterfeited funny-money,” Mercer pointed out.

“Had Gadhafi sparked a gold-driven monetary revolution, he would have done well for his own people, and for the world at large,” she concluded. “A Gadhafi-driven gold revolution would have, however, imperiled the positions of central bankers and their political and media power-brokers.”

Adding credence to the theory about why Gadhafi had to be overthrown, as The New American reported in March, was the rebels’ odd decision to create a central bank to replace Gadhafi’s state-owned monetary authority. The decision was broadcast to the world in the early weeks of the conflict.

In a statement describing a March 19 meeting, the rebel council announced, among other things, the creation of a new oil company. And more importantly: “Designation of the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent in monetary policies in Libya and appointment of a Governor to the Central Bank of Libya, with a temporary headquarters in Benghazi.”

The creation of a new central bank, even more so than the new national oil regime, left analysts scratching their heads. “I have never before heard of a central bank being created in just a matter of weeks out of a popular uprising,” noted Robert Wenzel in an analysis for the Economic Policy Journal. “This suggests we have a bit more than a rag tag bunch of rebels running around and that there are some pretty sophisticated influences,” he added. Wenzel also noted that the uprising looked like a “major oil and money play, with the true disaffected rebels being used as puppets and cover” while the transfer of control over money and oil supplies takes place.

Other analysts, even in the mainstream press, were equally shocked. “Is this the first time a revolutionary group has created a central bank while it is still in the midst of fighting the entrenched political power?” wondered CNBC senior editor John Carney. “It certainly seems to indicate how extraordinarily powerful central bankers have become in our era.”

Similar scenarios involving the global monetary system — based on the U.S. dollar as a global reserve currency, backed by the fact that oil is traded in American money — have also been associated with other targets of the U.S. government. Some analysts even say a pattern is developing.

Iran, for example, is one of the few nations left in the world with a state-owned central bank. And Iraqi despot Saddam Hussein, once armed by the U.S. government to make war on Iran, was threatening to start selling oil in currencies other than the dollar just prior to the Bush administration’s “regime change” mission. While most of the establishment press in America has been silent on the issue of Gadhafi’s gold dinar scheme, in Russia, China, and the global alternative media, the theory has exploded in popularity.

A reader comments:

No one is paying attention to the petro-dollars and the current desperation of European and US banks. Even Iran prices oil in $$s per the treaty after WWII, but no one wants $$s any more because it has been such a poor investment vehicle. Gold has been much better. Iraq did not want $$s, was invaded. Libya did not want $$s, was invaded (I believe they wanted gold). Iran does not want $$. The dollars are deposited in US and European banks. The dollars standing as the finacial reserve currency of the world was / is being threatened, and thus the Federal Reserve Banks ability to print unlimited dollars!


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