Monday, April 9, 2018

Ramping up happenings

SO much going on it's hard to know where to begin.  Clearly the "March For Our Lives" was funded by Soros who offered as much as $300 to each participant to show up, and Hogg and Gonzales are completely outed as paid acting shills.  Further, it also looks like Austin and even the YouTube event the other day were orchestrated distractions, as the heat turns up on pizzagate and more resignations keep piling up.   Meanwhile the Q drops keep coming, and it does seem clear at this point not only is Q legit he apparently sits right on the committee with Maddis and POTUS.   Of particular interest is a recent piece (posted below) regarding the purchase of the property at 666-5th ave in NY.

Turns out the FBI broke into Cohen's suite during the fire, then "raided" it days later to cover their tracks.

Regarding Syria: clearly Israel pulled off a flaseflag - blaming Assad yet again (cant mossad the assad) then performing airstrikes on remaining chemical supplies before the US could get to them - nearly setting off WWIII in the process.  Drumpf and the Q team know clearly what the truth of this all is and has been prepared - stay tuned.

Epstein island was raided by Army Corps engineers, tunnels destroyed, complex set ablaze.

Donald P. Zriny was just found hung in a murder-suicide along with his daughter. (green castle)

Major MSM deepstate distractions these days.  They are running scared.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I suspect the Austin bombings are part of the ongoing psyop

MSM has locked into the "one bomber" narrative awfully quickly, with no evidence at all suggesting such; rather, the reverse is clearly implied, that of organized group effort, by the level to which these explosive devices have been deployed.

Notice how few of us are talking about Parkland anymore, or Sandy Hoax, or...

This to me seems to be designed to perpetuate the surveillance state, getting us to spy on our neighbors.  Sneaky business.  

True to form, the MSM zeroed in on a "lone bomber" narrative right away before any arrest, and LEOs came in hero-style to save the day killing the "suspect" who actually self-terminated, so we are told, and boy aren't we all glad for the surveillance state that made it all happen.

I call BS and say no way did that kid pull all that off on his own, if he was involved at all.  To me it seems likely another expendable MK/Monarch patsy was omega-triggered into self-terminating so as to steer any suspicion away from it being a more organized group effort.

How do we know the kid is dead?  Did anyone see a body or an obituary?  We sure never saw any in Parkland or Vegas.   For all we know this kid's name is fake.  Reeks to high heaven of psyop.