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Technically this page is a subset of Psyops/False Flags, but as it is in so many ways the granddaddy of them all, one which really started the ball rolling, I feel it deserves its own section.  Key to dismantling this entire agenda will be the public scrutiny of this Mossad-driven psyop.

New Loose Change edit due for release 5 Sept 2017; stay tuned

How Israel Was Behind 911 

911 Enemies: Foreign and Domestic

What is the FBI hiding in redacted 9/11 slide show documents?

Why was elevated tritium found at ground zero?


After over a decade of research which began that very day and the years of research prior, I have come to the understanding that 911 was a Mossad-CIA false-flag operation involving blackop teams of special forces, US Army Corps of Engineers, Controlled Demolition Corp, mayor Giuliani, Larry Silverstein, the city of London, and of course the Whitehouse.  I acknowledge that Philip Zelikow is most likely the architect of the plan, and Dov Zakheim funded it meanwhile looting the US of over 2.3 trillion, announced by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld only the day before.  Over 160 billion in gold was stolen from WTC6 that day, of which only a few hundred million was recovered.  Silverstein collected billions in insurance for demolishing two doomed towers that were laced with asbestos.  There were no hijackers, and all the "Betty Ong" and such on-plane celphone calls, including all those of Flight 93, were faked using voice synthesis technology demonstrated in Japan in 1991.  Flight 93 was shot down by a USAF fighter under orders from CENTCOM.  Two planes were swapped for remote drones which subsequently hit the towers - and these drones were not necessarily planes but advanced laser-tracking missiles employing advanced 4-D holographic technology.  Micronukes were used to vaporize the solid steel foundations of buildings 1, 2 and 7 which housed the command bunkers from which the entire operation was executed and monitored.  Advanced beam weaponry may have also been used.  The towers were laced with thermite and thermate, and the second "plane" was targeted toward a special floor that had been pre-loaded with high explosives including thermite and thermate. The pentagon was hit by a bunker-busting tomahawk cruise missile, and the ONI and DOD accounting offices were hit.  FBI's Robert Mueller was hired just prior to the event to orchestrate the cover-up.
This was all executed by design so bring forth the Patriot Act, which had been written years before and was ready within days for congressional approval.

This was produced as a live "snuff film" not dissimilar from the way the JFK assassination was filmed and repeatedly shown on television.

There will be more false-flag live "snuff" films.  The Japan quake and tsunami was such an event.

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