Thursday, January 14, 2016

The self-defeating cognitive dissonance of's Barbara Peterson

I have no reason to dislike this woman... her new organic cookbook was a go-to gift for several people this past Christmas, and I have been a fan of her anti-GMO website for years.  Last year she accepted me as a FB friend and I have often commented on her posts, and up til just a few minutes ago considered her as much a friend as any other.

But then this happened.

She posted an article by some "jew" suggesting have we learned anything from Aushvitz, promoting the holocaust lie.  I commented perhaps she should research this further, posting the link below along with the Eustace Mullins' Holocaust Explained document link you can read yourself here.  Her response was that Mullins was a jew-hating anti-semite and then she blocked me on FB.


She is anti-GMO remember.  Anyone following this blog immediately sees the disconnect.  Those new to this site allow me to explain simply:  "jews" control the GMO agenda, end of story.  The fact that Barbara Peterson not only has failed to research this obvious fact, but also reacts in such kneejerk fashion to anyone suggesting she might be wrong in supporting something she obviously has not researched fully, speaks volumes.

Barbara Peterson is telling the world she not only is unaware of who runs the GMO agenda because she hasn't put in her due diligence, but also that she supports those who control it having been sold the lies of the holocaust and who knows what else, hook line and sinker.

Shame.  I liked her.  Still do.  Why anyone would behave in such a selfdestructive manner is beyond me.