Saturday, May 16, 2015

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

CA SB277 leapfrogs past Appropriations right to the Senate floor.

Due to more political games, SB277 has been deemed to have no fiscal impact and will bypass any hearing or opposition in Appropriations and could be voted on in the full Senate as early as Thursday, May 14th.

Please, call, fax, and email your own Senator and demand they oppose SB277. You have very little time to do so. Better yet, hunt them down this weekend and have a face to face with them. Go to your District office now and see if you can catch them. Find out if they are having any Townhall or Mother's Day event in your area this weekend. Call them at home if need be, especially if they have refused to speak with you or meet with you. This is CRITICAL. For those in my district, Ted Gaines has STILL not taken a position on the bill. So he could use a ton of calls and faxes right now and on Monday/Tuesday. 916-651-4001 phone 916-651-4901 fax

Do not be fooled by the amendments. Just because there is a carve-out for homeschool now does not mean they will leave it alone. Sort of like when people didn't think AB2109 was a big deal and we tried to tell people it was the beginning of the end of exemptions and now here we are. Those who homeschool will be safe only for awhile. They will be back to take your rights away unless we stop them now.

SB277 needs to die. There is NO amendment that makes it palatable. The bill currently strips parents of their right to make the decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate their children. Even if parents want to opt out of just ONE vaccine. No school or homeschool, those are your options. No school means you are subject to truancy laws. This bill is discriminatory and forces segregation. If you think it won't pass the Senate floor, think again.

How will your Senator vote on Thursday? Do you know?

As if things weren't bad enough here in California, we now have yet another sick relationship within the state Senate. Senator Holly Mitchell has introduced SB402 which will require children to have their eyes examined not only in Kindergarten but at least every second year thereafter by a physician, optometrist, or ophthalmologist. That wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for Senator Hernandez' SB622 which allows optometrists to vaccinate children as young as age 3. Mitchell and Hernandez just happen to sit on the Senate Health committee together. They both voted AYE on SB277 and Mitchell publicly chastised those who called her to oppose the bill.

Yep, pharma has made it like Christmas for all legislators willing to legislate your rights away and create more and more opportunities to push their vaccines on California's children at every possible turn. And hey, why stop at kids? There's SB792 for daycare workers! Adults are the next target. First daycare workers and mark my words, teachers will be next.

How will your Senator vote on SB402, SB622 and SB792?

Welcome to the Nanny State one and all.