Saturday, April 20, 2013

More on the latest cluster of falseflag attacks starting with Boston.

Folks, this isnt fun to talk about, but here it is.

Our own government is at war with itself, as certain factions within the US government attempt to seize control by way of executing these most recent psyops, also known as "falseflag" black operations. Make no mistake about it folks, members of our own government, military, and lettered agencies are directly responsible for planning and executing the Boston bombings, the Texas fertilizer plant explosion, Sandy Hoax, 911,Monarch-programmed "shooters", and so many others. These are just the latest in a long string of falseflag psyops along a timelined agenda, and rest assured more will follow.

My posting these is in no way any endorsement of AJ or his websites, FYI.

Texas fertilizer plant was in the process of suing Monsanto