Thursday, March 29, 2012

AUDIO episode #36 of The LABVIRUS Show

Attempting to play catch-up since the last show.  Lot to cover.  44 minutes.

3/29/2012 8:00 PM The LABVIRUS Show Episode #36

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War with Iran averted for the time being - at least until AFTER the November elections

Analysis: US thwarting Israeli strike on Iran  "I will believe this when the US stands down from its position supporting the 'rebels' in Syria and removes most of its massive Air/Naval/Army forces in the Middle East aimed at Iran." - Stirling

Branswell: US biosecurity panel clears publication path for controversial bird flu studies

Why is Pig Virus still being given to children?

H5N1: Bungling dual-use governance

Vaccines and Autism: The Secret that you are NOT suppose to know

FDA [Fatal Drugs Allowed] Refuses to Ban BPA From Food Packaging Despite Overwhelming Health Concerns

The HollyWood Agenda – Truly EYE-OPENING In Many Ways

ITCCS: Not a fable

French ‘Al Qaeda’ Killer: Intelligence Asset With An Israeli Connection

Child witness to Afghan massacre says Robert Bales was NOT ALONE
Israel buys Azeri air field on Iran's northern border

Top US officials believe that Israel has secured access to several airbases in Azerbaijan

Bibi666: First we'll take Tehran, then we'll take Istanbul

China and Russia plan naval war games in April

Brainwashed Christians

This Time Is No Different - Reflections On 1929 Optimism

Japan: Plutonium ratio 200 times higher than government says

Marine Study Around Fukushima Daiichi Finds High Concentrations of Cesium in Fish and Shellfish

Jan 13, 2012 San Diego, CA Circles in the Sky – Sunset Chemtrails

Chemtrailsnews – Greece 30th March 2012

The Zionist cuckoos in Christianity's nest
What every American needs to know about the Federal Reserve System

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cloud cover used as camouflage for heavy chemtrail dumps

Still going strong in the skies above SF.  Hack, cough, spit, repeat.

As I'm watching tonight's news coverage of the LRAD (long range acoustical device) "nonlethal" crowd control microwave-dish-on-a-hummer "active denial" system I am reminded of what they aren't telling us about this story: that (1) the only thing that makes this thing nonlethal is the dial setting to "stun" instead of "fry" and (2) there are lots of custom settings this thing has that can blind you, shut down a particular organ's function, make you crap your pants, or incinerate you to a crisp.  This story does not discuss the MTHEL (mobile tactical high energy laser) [download the PDF] that can take out inbound missiles with a laser mounted atop a truck - the drive-around miniature version of the MIRACL satellite chemical laser (used to cause the initial explosions of the DeepSeaHorizon leading to the still ongoing gulf oil catastrophe).

My thoughts on the Jet Blue pilot Osbon who flipped out on a flight just after taking off from JFK headed to Vegas the other day: is it unreasonable to consider a personality switch to an "alter" under MK programming?   It certainly would not be the first time we had ever seen such a display (I think we are seeing quite a bit from "Mittens" Romney every day).  MMS sure is ignoring the multiple outcries of "Israel" the pilot made.  My mind recalls a recent news story of a flight attendant exhibiting very similar behavior prompting action from passengers to subdue her as well.

PDF: Directed Energy Weapons (DoD)

USA Using Dengue Virus as Biological Weapon Against Pakistan

Licorice Shown To Kill SARS And Other Lethal Viruses

Bulk licorice products from Frontier

Ginger destroys cancer more effectively than death linked cancer drugs

Report: Homeland Security to Build Bio Safety Level 4 Virus

Bioweapon Labs in Your Neighborhood: Special Report | WRC559

PDF: Next Generation Bioweapons

CHIMERAS: Different viruses, different replication mechanisms

CIDRAP: Flu news scan for March 28

The Secret of Oz Full Movie

Police State Out of Control. This Illinois Story Is Incredible!

Renewable Technologies And Our Energy Future - An Interview With Tom Murphy

Seismometer Station Rules Out Earthquakes As Cause of Clintonville Booms

Slick Barry: I have a 'Moral Obligation' To Neuter America

The CIA kills your brain when you watch TV

World Bank Nominee tied to Monsanto shareholder Bill Gates and Soros

Investigative Journal: Greg’s March 24 2012 Radio Show

Israel Army Cancels Passover Vacation While Korea Begins Fuelling Missile Test Rocket

Still critical: radiation levels at Fukushima can kill in minutes

H5N1: How to track a flu virus

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Has the CDCs "Zombie Apocalypse" chimera virus been released in Africa?

Just to preface: with all the evidence mounting that the polio vaccines are indeed spreading polio epidemics and causing paralysis along with links to causing cancer, the CDC continues to ramp up its polio vaccination campaign.

Last May the CDC (center for disease circulation and proliferation) warned us of the coming "zombie apocalypse" chimera virus, a combination of silverhaired bat rabies, smallpox and airborne influenza, in the following publication: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

It just so turns out that researchers have located patents owned by DynCorp and DARPA for strikingly similar airborne superviral bioweapons with a 98 percent case fatality rate, and the trail of development leading to US pathology labs, just like the resurrected 1918 "spanish flu" virus development into the H1N1 series of superviral bioweapons was traced to Ft Detrick and the works of Drs Jeffrey Taubenberger, Terence Tumpey and their pals.  Further research has suggested that as the rabies virus is developed from snake venom, a certain two percent of the population carrying hybridized nephilim dna (the Edomite bloodline) may well be naturally immune to such a bioweapon.

Thanks to a reader of this blog, I have been alerted to the following story:

Baffling Illness Strikes Africa, Turns Children Into Mindless "Zombies"

Do the math, folks.

Uganda’s Children are Dying! Are Pharmaceutical Trials to Blame?

This Is The World's Balance Sheet

WHO update on latest Indonesian H5N1 death

Michigan Declares War on Family Pig Farmers

More than 70 pct of war casualties civilian in 2011 - report

Dental Amalgams “Silver Fillings” Contain 50% Mercury Leeching into your Body!

3/27/2012 — Dozens of plumes erupt – 10 states at the same time -1815UTC / 215pm CDT on March 26 2012

AP: BP oil spill the culprit for slow death of deep-sea coral, scientists say

NYTimes: Gulf Dolphins Exposed to Oil Are Seriously Ill, Agency Says

Arpaio: ‘I Will Not Back Down From Investigating Slick Barry’s Forged Credentials’

The Massacre of the Afghan 17 and the Slick Barry Cover-Up

Storm Clouds Of Nuclear War Gathering On Horizon

Israel's Occupation: Who is most 'Out of Touch With Reality'?

Israel - The World's biggest terrorist organization


Crisis closes in on China's inner circle

Ten reasons why the reign of the US Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency is about to come to an end

Slick Barry's Administration expands illegal surveillance of Americans

Hacker group LulzSec reborn, exposes 171,000 military accounts

Splenda (Sucralose) Toxicity Exposed

Water level of Fukushima No. 2 reactor only 60 cm above bottom

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh, the horror, the horror... the horrorWITCH

Just when you think things can't get any crazier with the edomite bopsie twins, something new comes along to push the envelope a bit more and leave us all speechless.

After publishing a bogus "criminal complaint filed with the FBI " in which the deranged and incoherent Len Horowitz levies a rambling series of baseless allegations without any substance whatsoever against a number of highly credentialed and reputable truthful researchers - and myself, he has now become the Webster's Dictionary poster boy for the word psychopath by mailing a treatise of a document around to a list of some 20 or so people, calling them defendants in a case which as a pro-se litigant he has apparently filed with his district superior court.

Word is, this document, a veritable book, is a continued and heightened rambling incoherent mess of misdirected rage and baseless accusations which is directed at myself, A. True Ott PhD, Dr. Bill Deagle MD, Alex Jones, Anthony Hilder, Tim White, Ken Adachi, Don Nicoloff, Eric Phelps, RJ Hampton, his ex-wife Jacqueline, and a number of others included on a list too long i am unable to remember everyone on it from memory after it being read to me on the phone.

In this document, I am accused of being A. True Ott's "subordinate" and "employee" who handles all of True Ott's media publishing [uh, no... I'm a willing volunteer as a friend and a colleague, and receive no compensation for my efforts to assist Dr. Ott].  Additionally, this document goes on to list two ancient former addresses as possible locations where I might be found - evidence that Lenny boy probably paid an internet info digging service $45 to procure my public record address info.  Lenny boy has no idea where I reside, and hopefully he never will.

Of course, even if a judge is high on crack when they read this Dickens novel and somehow puts it on the court calendar for a preliminary hearing, it would have to be served to me in person here in san francisco [where the falsely alleged "illegal" activity allegedly took place - wait, there was no illegal activity, that's right... he's just trying to make it sound as if it were, making up his own laws as he goes along; truth hurts, especially for Lenny boy, as all I've ever done is expose the truth surrounding this fraudulent individual, and there's certainly nothing criminal in that] and Horowitz would need to have filed it in the san francisco court, and then he himself fly here to SF and attend the court proceedings here in my town - not the other way around.  I haven't set foot in Hawaii since I was a teenager.

I can only imagine that any judge receiving this document will reject it outright simply for the voluminous weight of the rambling treatise [the same thing that happened when "Jane Burgermeister" returned her rambling incoherent 200-page treatise of a "complaint" after being MIA and nonresponsive to a group of researchers who had supplied her with their research data back in 09].

As any educated litigator knows, the initial complaint that leads to any successful court proceeding is short and simple, and states clearly its elements to be considered by the judge in order to determine both jurisdiction and standing - neither of which are presented in this novelesque diary of a lunatic creackhead.  It is clear that although Len Horowitz has signed his name on this document and declared himself a "pro-se" litigant, he is not educated in the least bit as to how the superior court system works, and as such his efforts will be likely both ridiculed and rejected by the court in which he apparently filed this document.

Additionally, there are legal protections against those filing harassing and baseless charges in superior court, especially when the intent is to harm someone's public reputation, and the actionable recourse is supported by a long history of precedent.  "Burgermeister" lured a guy named Tim Vawter to do a similar action, who defrauded an elderly woman of her life savings and subsequently filed ineffective "complaints" with his superior courts, to which no action was ever taken as they were summarily rejected by the judge for being incoherent and lacking standing and jurisdiction.

I spend a lot of time exposing AJ for his edomite and stratfor connections, but in this one instance I do support him as he along with everyone else on this list is now a subject of unwarranted and harassing attacks from the cracked out narcissistic werewolf-shapeshifting edomite agent-provocateur dentist-who-calls-himself-a-doctor "Purple Gang" Len Horowitz.

All I can say is, wait until Bill Deagle and Alex Jones hear about this one, they're gonna hit the roof.

Seems to me this is a desperate act from a cornered individual who is just losing it, pulling a VT-like shooting spree in the act of filing false charges against a large group of others, and in doing so he may have just pissed off enough people for them to want to band together and take decisive action.  Kinda the way a suicidal shooter goes on a rampage then points the gun at the cops prompting them to take him out [aka "suicide by cop"], I think a strong analogy exists with Len's behavior here and a similar endgame scenario will likely present itself to this crazed and dangerous lunatic.

Stay tuned, this story will continue as I get more info.

Sold Out 

Google awarded patent for tailored advertising based on spying on sound and environment

Europe Is Heading For a Crisis in May-June

Strong Earthquake Strikes Central Australia

The Pentagon's Total War Against Iran Will Trigger the Emergence of a Planetary Security State

Is it an Israeli False Flag Again?

Scientific America calls for World Government
French President Sarkozy seizes opportunity for Internet censorship after terror attack

What are causing the Strange Noises in the Sky that are Being Heard All Over the World?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mysterious underground boom sounds in Wisconsin: more HAARP quakes along the New Madrid fault?

USGS: Micro-Quake Cause of Strange Noises in Clintonville

Canada: Manitoba's TB rate more than double national average

US: Dengue mosquito lays eggs on Oahu after 60-year hiatus

‘Confined’ field releases of Eucalyptus neither confined nor safe

Greek Activists Demand Government Order a Stop to Chemtrail Aerosol Pollution

Perils of Attacking Iran

America and Israel: Modern Day Spartas

US Donations To Fascism in Holland

13 reasons to suspect HAARP caused Haiti quake

Japan Tsunami Caused by HAARP?

HAARP Activity Off The Charts During Japan Earthquake

NSA Data Center Utah Images

Renderings and photos of the NSA Data Center, Camp Williams, UT

Solicitation Number: Notice Type:
W912DR-10-R-0015 Award

Contract Award Date:
September 24, 2010

Contract Award Number:

Contract Award Dollar Amount:

Contractor Awarded Name:

Contractor Awarded DUNS:

Contractor Awarded Address:
404 W 400 S SALT LAKE CITY, Utah 84101-1108 United States

Contracting Office Address:
US Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore, 10 South Howard Street, Baltimore, MD 21203

Place of Performance:
UTAH DATA CENTER Camp Williams, Utah United States

Primary Point of Contact.:
Carlen Capenos, Contract Specialist