Saturday, December 21, 2013

Nearing critical mass, another show soon on the horizon.

I am pleased to report I have at long last achieved a goal Ive had for well over 20 years, and this morning gave final approval on audio and artwork, and made payment for the duplication run of the first batch of a thousand of my debut solo CD which I have entitled "One." Containing 19 original songs with a total run time of about 78 minutes, it was tough to pick which ones to include from a pile of well over 50 I had to choose from. Those that didnt make it will either be published later on in another collection, or made available some other way. For now at the very least most of those 50 songs can be listened to and/or purchased for download in 12kbit MP3 format, not exactly high-def for the discerning audiophile. As part of the release effort of this new CD, I have launched which is intended to focus solely on the music aspects of my life, including the solo album projects and creative musical scoring and sound design for hire. My vendor so far tells me I should have inventory in-hand somewhere the 2nd week of January, so I feel I have enough time to get that site together, since it is the one promoted on the back cover of the CD.

Since so many psyop trolls and disinfo shills use facebook [what I call crackface] to promote their propaganda, I have elected to experiment to see if I can find any honest awake and intelligent "truth" groups out there, by joining those I have so far felt interesting enough to join, then just doing my thing and seeing what happens. The results have been quite interesting, and for the most part not far from what I had hypothesized. While researching various groups Ive run across those promoting familiar names like Rima Laibow, Eileen Danneman and Sherri Tenpenny. This subject alone could take up an entire two-hour show if I so chose, so perhaps between now and broadcast time Ill sketch out some notes to myself and try to see if I cant whittle it down so as to include some other topics in the show.

Additionally Ive encountered a few who while doing solid research and doing well to get the message out, seem to be so caught up in ambition to be famous they are unwilling to participate in discussion panels or review others' research. Yet others Ive encountered think they are so much more intelligent and researched than anyone else in their mind its just not possible they could be introduced to any information they were not already aware of. Inconceivable. While I have approached others politely and with humility and respect, I have repeatedly been met with contempt disregard and often insults. You could be right about something all day long, but if you're an ego-driven narcissist, I dont want anything to do with ya. On this subject I think its more important to discuss the behavior than name names, for also I have no desire to give promotion to such people by mentioning any of their names, no matter what the context.

On the subject of Christianity and false prophets, false doctrine and such, I have collected a laundry list of new additions for discussion, with particular focus on those who pretend to be "Christian" yet fail to adhere to KJV scripture, with some so blatant as to be promoting their custom blend of Christianity mixed with Judaism, Islam, crystal-hugging new age hippie crap, you name it. Currently topping the list is edomite Sid Roth with his "It's Supernatural" charade, promoting "jewish ministry" of "Christian" doctrine, meanwhile referencing "bible" versions Ive never heard of, such as TLB and NET, in addition to NIV, an obvious blasphemy adopted by the edomite-dominated catholics. Knowing what I know about the Edomite bloodline and the synagogue of satan [Revelation 2:9 and 3:9], few things make me see red more than seeing an edomite knowingly bear false witness to trusting Christians, further to fellow "jews" allowing for the propagation of the Biggest Hoax Ever.

Since Im talking about the KJV, it continues to amaze me how unwilling people are to do homework to research something they either dont know about, or are afraid of for doing so could threaten the belief system they have held so near and dear to them. Everywhere I look, so-called "Christians" are less interested in discovering Truth than being comfortable in their operational paradigm, regardless of how false it could very well be. This is disturbing.

While discussion of chemtrails is gaining momentum, it is quickly being subverted by disinfo campaigns steering it into a camp of being only GEOengineering as opposed to also being BIOengineering with the whole Morgellons transhumanism aspect. Formula hegelian dialectic, to be expected.

Same kind of hegelian dialectic surrounding the NSA headlines regarding Ed Snowden and domestic spying, while no one is talking about Camp Williams, arguably a much bigger story with deeper ramifications for all of us.

True did posts recently on Mandela's memorial, and most recently about the fake sign interpreter. You all must read these, and in his stead I do hope to give at least a few minutes of airtime to this to help direct people to it.

If I wake up and can free myself of other obligations and feel up to it, perhaps Ill do this tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Lead story for me today is the "sign interpreter" at the Mandela memorial day before yesterday, who enraged a worldwide deaf audience by signing pure jibberish for five hours plus as dozens of world leaders took the stage to give their tribute, standing only a few feet away from the guy.  Word is the company that placed him into the gig has vanished without a trace, and the promoters of the event admit they went with the cheapest option provided, a decision they deeply regret.  Meanwhile dudeman has given an interview and now is saying he "saw angels" and "heard voices" in his head, losing his concentration while experiencing a schizophrenic episode.  REALLY?

This stinks to high heaven imho.  Either this guy is certifiably batcrap crazy, or something else is going on, a position Im tending to lean more toward as time progresses.  My gut says either he is MK/Monarch, a TI hearing voices via V2K stalking etc, or a bit of both.  Big red flag is the agency that placed him going "poof".  Second red flag is the interview he gave in the last 24 hours to explain himself.

This is taking up much screenspace in my false flag discussion groups and elsewhere, and Ive just posed a question to True to see if he has any take on this at all to share.  If I hear back, I will share.

Here in the bay area we today endured our record fifth "spare the air" day in a row.  True to form, looking up to the sky its as if the order were given to dump it all, now, double-stat, get every sprayer plane up in the sky like theres no tomorrow, and its been that way the past five days easy.  I am convinced the "spare the air" days and chemtrail dumps are closely connected, and am further suspicious that somehow woodburning stoves and fireplaces does something to lessen the effect of the aerosol chemtrail assaults.  Hack, cough, spit, repeat.  My personal Morgellons condition continues to annoy me, and in time over the holiday perhaps I'll address either in a post, a show or both.

Chatting with a few potential future guests for the show, stay tuned.

Interesting piece of statistical trivia, last few months Ive noticed a handful of monthly page views counted originating from China, something I have not seen since creating this blog until only recently.

Sign language interpreter at Mandela memorial: I was hallucinating, hearing voices

Neuro-Electro-magnetic Frequency Weapons