Monday, March 18, 2013

Something not having to do with Cypress

Anyone following financial news will no doubt we aware of the actions the Eurozone took over the weekend of robbing depositors of an average of 10% of their assets, with worst cases reportedly at 15.6%, in a proclaimed effort to allegedly discourage illegal Russian money laundering. Yeah, right.

Still Im getting responses to my last post from folks who seem to think I am bashing the KJV... Im not folks, I have one right here, its the one I use and read, and while Im no expert scholar, I am using it as the basis for my studies. My opinions regarding Esther and Jasher as I very clearly stated are based on some cursory research of my own, and in no way are intended to attack the credibility of the KJV or suggest in any way it is a "hoax". In the case of Jasher, consider it like an addendum, a reference module supplement; for otherwise why would it have been mentioned three times in the KJV Old Testament? As far as Esther goes, do your own homework on the pagan celebration of fertility, and how the rabbit and egg got incorporated into the spring holiday. Its not exactly rocket science.

Also... just because I found clear examples long ago of others' research to show that some photos allegedly of some planet "balqui" that were once posted [they have since been removed] were clearly of some very earthly locations and were indeed apparently lifted from some pro stock photography sites, does not in any way imply that I suggested anyone was involved in any fraud [defined as soliciting funds under false pretense]. Far as this entire UGF thing goes, I like it, and very much want it to be shown truthful. I am looking very forward to that happening.

Ill post more later as I free up.