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CNN: Why the government is creating lethal viruses

The US government on Tuesday lifted a ban on making lethal viruses, saying the research is necessary to "develop strategies and effective countermeasures against rapidly evolving pathogens that pose a threat to public health."

Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, made the announcement, in which he outlined a new framework for the controversial research. The work with three viruses can now go forward, but only if a scientific review panel determines that the benefits outweigh the risks.
"We have a responsibility to ensure that research with infectious agents is conducted responsibly, and that we consider the potential biosafety and biosecurity risks associated with such research," Collins said in a statement.

The decision brings an end to a three-year moratorium on research involving the influenza virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome (known as SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (or MERS). Critics say the research could unleash a new germ that threatens millions if it is not properly stored or if it escapes from a lab.

The government paused the research in 2014 to review the practices in handling and storing infectious agents. At the time, Collins said that biosafety and biosecurity risks needed to be"understood better."

The pause came after several incidents involving the mishandling of potentially dangerous pathogens at government laboratories.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention accidentally exposed dozens of workers to anthrax in 2014, and a subsequent investigation detailed other instances in which lab workers did not follow protocol. Around that time, vials of the deadly smallpox virus were found in a cardboard box in an unsecured refrigerator at the National Institutes of Health's campus in Bethesda, Maryland.
In Tuesday's announcement, the institutes said that approved research would take place only if the researcher and institution where the research is being conducted demonstrate the "capacity and commitment to conduct it safely and securely, and have the ability to respond rapidly" should things go wrong.

It also said that the research must be "ethically justifiable" and that any pathogen created, transferred or used in the research "must be reasonably judged to be a credible source of a potential future human pandemic."

Dr. Tom Frieden, who was the director of the CDC from 2009 to 2017, applauded Tuesday's decision, saying such studies "help scientists better understand how dangerous organisms work, with the ultimate goal of learning how to stop them."

"There's benefit to be gained from this research, but only if lab safety is a top priority and limited to a small group of highly trained staff," said Frieden, who now serves as president and CEO of the initiative Resolve to Save Lives.

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2nd Interview with Dr. James Fetzer

We were unable to do a live broadcast due to Skype problems.

Here is the MP3 free download of the show.  Enjoy.

Also: enjoy this nearly six-hour well done documentary entitled "Synagogue Of Satan"

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Deadly airborne plague in Madagascar is now at 'crisis' point and the 'worst outbreak in 50 years' as cases rocket by almost 40% in just 5 DAYS and could hit a further 20,000 in weeks

The World Health Organization now states there are 1,801 suspected cases
This is significantly higher than the 1,309 the agency reported last Thursday
Professor Robin May, an infectious diseases expert at Birmingham University, told MailOnline that the outbreak is 'concerning definitely'
Analysis of figures by MailOnline show the epidemic could strike a further 20,000 people in just a matter of weeks, if current trends continue
The 'unprecedented' outbreak has prompted warnings in 9 nearby countries

The deadly airborne plague spreading rapidly across Madagascar is now at 'crisis' point as cases have rocketed by 37 per cent in just five days, official figures reveal.
The outbreak, the 'worst in 50 years', is being fueled by a strain more lethal than the one which usually strikes the country off the coast of Africa.
The World Health Organization (WHO) now states there are 1,801 suspected cases - significantly higher than the 1,309 it reported last Thursday.
Academics have revealed such a jump in cases over the period of five days is concerning and have predicted it could get worse. The most recent statistics show there have been 127 deaths.
Professor Robin May, an infectious diseases expert at Birmingham University, told MailOnline that 'whichever way you look' at the outbreak, it’s 'concerning definitely'.
Analysis of figures by MailOnline show the epidemic could strike a further 20,000 people in just a matter of weeks, if current trends continue. It could be made worse by crowds gathering for an annual celebration to honour the dead earlier this week.
The 'truly unprecedented' outbreak has prompted warnings in nine nearby countries - South Africa, Seychelles, La Reunion, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Comoros and Mauritius.
Two thirds of this year's cases have been caused by the airborne pneumonic plague and means it is spread through coughing, sneezing or spitting. It is different to the traditional bubonic form that strikes the country each year.
Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Professor Johnjoe McFadden, an expert in molecular genetics at the University of Surrey, said: 'It’s a crisis at the moment and we don’t know how bad it’s going to get.'

Professor Jimmy Whitworth, an international public health scientist at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, told MailOnline earlier today: 'This outbreak though is the worst for 50 years or more.'


and here is the broadcast from last night's show; enjoy

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‘Ebola’ outbreak DECLARED amid Black Death comeback – and this virus is UNTREATABLE

The outbreak of a deadly disease similar to Ebola – the fatal fever that struck west Africa – has been confirmed in the continent.

Marburg, which kills up to 88% of people it strikes, has killed two people in Uganda and is now feared to have spread to another three.

A team of experts have been scrambled to the Kween district to contain the virus amid fears it will become a serious epidemic.

The virus is from the same family as Ebola, and causes bleeding, fever, vomiting and diarrhoea.
It can be spread through bites from either fruit bats or monkeys, and can be passed from human-to-human through semen and blood.

However, it can also be passed through coming into contact with contaminated clothing and bedsheets, the World Health Organization warns.

There is currently no treatment of the disease.

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Vivian Lee: New York truck attack - a hoax for halloween

Vivian Lee: New York Truck Attack: A Hoax for Halloween

Vivian Lee, Ph.D.

Another day, another fake attack – this time a “vehicular” terror attack perpetrated by one Sayfullo Saipov, a native of Tashkent, Uzbekistan, who supposedly mowed down bicyclists and pedestrians in a rented Home Depot truck on a bike path in lower Manhattan on October 31, 2017. This “Halloween massacre” is billed as “the deadliest terror attack on New York City since September 11, 2001.”

Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov. Image: New York Daily News.
The crack team of investigators from the NYPD and FBI figured the whole thing out in a matter of hours, helped by evidence provided by Sayfullo himself: his alleged cries of “Allahu Akbar,” a note found on the ground with language associated with ISIS (“It will endure”), and the 90 videos and 3,800 images on his cell phone, which of course the FBI recovered. Or, uh, we seem to have TWO cell phones left at the scene by Saipov, according to some reports.

The rented Home Depot truck that Saipov allegedly used to mow down cyclists and pedestrians in New York, although there is no trace of blood anywhere on the vehicle. Image: NPR.

The cell-phone videos reportedly show ISIS fighters killing prisoners as well as instructions for making an “explosive device.” The images include shots of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the supposed leader of ISIS. Saipov is said to have been inspired by one video in which al-Baghdadi “questioned what Muslims in the United States and elsewhere were doing to respond to the killing of Muslims in Iraq.”

This from a criminal complaint filed just 24 hours after the (fake) attack occurred, drawing on an interview of Saipov allegedly conducted by the authorities in the hospital, where he was taken after being shot by NYPD officer Ryan Nash. Nash is said to have fired nine shots at Saipov, injuring him, uh, in the stomach, as was first reported, and then it was the leg, and, well, we’re not quite sure about his injuries.[1] Saipov supposedly wanted an ISIS flag displayed in his hospital room.

Sayfullo Saipov in court on November 1, 2017, artist’s sketch. Image: New York Daily News.
Although shot at close range in the stomach or leg or both, Saipov was able to appear in court the very next day, hunched in a wheelchair, dressed in a gray shirt and pants, with his hair sticking up slightly in the back, according to a colorful description reported by the New York Times. His hands and feet were shackled. Lest one think that he was being treated inhumanely, considering he had just been shot (up to nine times) by a police officer, we are told that his court-appointed lawyer, David E. Patton, asked that he receive a daily change of dressing on his wounds. Officer Nash has been declared a hero.[2]

Officer Ryan Nash, looking uncomfortable while speaking to the press. Image: New York Times.

Meanwhile, the photographic evidence of the attack itself consists of the bikes and bodies on the bike path, the Home Depot truck with its front end smashed (but no blood on the truck), and a school bus that Saipov reportedly rammed—although the damage to the bus was so high up that it could only have occurred if the truck had been airborne.[3] The debris on the bike path was also problematic, looking like props hauled in for the press. The bikes were suspiciously “mangled” (as described by the media) in a way that would not have occurred if hit by a truck.

Mangled bicycle after supposedly being hit by Saipov’s truck. Image: NBC News.
YouTube investigator Anaconda Malt Liquor has provided some footage of bicycles being crushed by a machine and run over by a tank, which look great compared to those on the bike trail mangled by Saipov.[4]

Bicycle being run over by a tank. Anaconda Malt Liquor 11.

Same bicycle after being run over. Anaconda Malt Liquor 11.

Then there’s the bent sign post on the bike path—but how did Saipov’s truck do this strange kind of damage?

Bent sign post. Image: NBC News.
As for the victims, the alleged dead bodies were covered with white sheets, with no blood in evidence—although it was claimed by “eye witnesses” (crisis actors) and reported in the press that there was blood everywhere, and even “visible tire marks on the bodies of at least two of the victims crushed by the truck.”[5] As Hannity would say, “Really?”

An officer stands near an allegedly dead body covered with a sheet, with no EMTs on the scene, and no trace of blood anywhere. Image: New York Daily News.

The injured were transported with great fanfare for the cameras, with a multitude of participants, suggestive of the old light-bulb jokes.

How many emergency workers does it take to move a stretcher? Image: CBS News.
Five of the dead were reportedly friends from Rosario, Argentina, who had made the trip to New York for their 30th high school reunion.[6] Of coursethey rented some bikes and hit the bike trail immediately once they were in the cultural capital of the western hemisphere—what else could they imagine doing? The group totaled eight men (three of whom survived), photographed in their LIBRE T-shirts—said to be a “joke” as they were traveling without their wives. Or perhaps I should say Photoshopped in their LIBRE T-shirts, since the image is a bizarre concoction of huge and small fellows, with odd-looking arms draped around each other in a way that could only be accomplished digitally.

Photoshopped composite of eight Argentine friends, five of whom supposedly died in the New York truck attack. Image: New York Times.

The other alleged dead included Ann-Laure Decadt, a tourist from Belgium; Darren Drake of New Milford, NJ; and Nicholas Cleves of Manhattan. So much easier to control the narrative when most of the dead are foreigners.

Meanwhile, ISIS has now claimed credit for the (fake) attack in its weekly Al-Naba newsletter, calling Saipov a “soldier of the Caliphate” who carried out the attack in response to their call to target “citizens of the Crusader countries involved in the alliance against the Islamic State.”[7] Saipov is said to have been planning the attack for the past year, in response to the al-Baghdadi video. According to the New York Times, Saipov had followed instructions in the November 2016 issue of the Islamic State magazine, Rumiyah, which called for truck attacks on “the enemies of Allah.”[8]

November 2016 edition of Rumiyah with instructions on vehicular attacks.[9]

The Times cites the following details: (1) the driver should continue to keep driving as long as possible and not exit the vehicle during the attack, (2) continue crushing the remains of the victims until it is no longer possible to do so, (3) then jump out of the vehicle with a secondary weapon like a gun or a knife, (4) write a note, including the phrase “The Islamic State will remain,” and (5) throw it out the window of the vehicle as the attack is being carried out. Bingo! Saipov carried out these instructions to a tee—or the perps who orchestrated the attack made sure it would look that way.

Those following the Islamic State will know that ISIS was—and is—a creation of the Western military alliance, including Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The Islamic State was inserted into Syria and northern Iraq to give “us” an enemy to “fight,” with the primary goal of taking out Assad and taking over Syria.[10] So either way—fake attack or ISIS operation—WE carried out the New York Halloween massacre.

But, as is patently obvious, the official story of the New York attack is absurd. This was terrorism but not “Islamic.” It was a hoax, like all the rest of the post-9/11 attacks—meant to terrorize the citizenry, impose higher levels of “security,” and take away our rights. This includes deleting accounts from YouTube, subverting searches on Google, censoring books on Amazon, and firing tenured professors, in the guise of protecting us from bullying, hate speech, etc., but actually to quash our research on these cruel hoaxes. How disturbing that so many people—intel agents, politicians, government and corporate employees, academics, the courts, police, firemen, EMTs, doctors and hospital workers, the mainstream and alternative media, and paid crisis actors—are involved in the perpetration.

Vivian Lee is the nom-de-plume of a tenured professor at an east coast university.


[1] Benjamin Mueller, William K. Rashbaum, Al Baker, and Adam Goldman, “Prosecutors Describe Driver’s Plan To Kill in Manhattan Terror Attack.” New York Times, November 1, 2017.

[2] Sarah Maslin Nir and William K. Rashbaum, “Police Officer Ryan Nash Ended New York Rampage with 9 Bullets.” New York Times, November 1, 2017.

[3] “Manhattan Truck Attack: Where Is the School Bus Escort??” inTruthbyGrace2.

[4] “It’s just……what’s the word I’m looking for?” Anaconda Malt Liquor 11. The Anaconda Malt Liquor 11 YouTube channel has already been taken down as of November 4, 2017. Check Anaconda Malt Liquor 12, now in production; then 13, 14, and so on.

[5] Steve Robson, Jane Lavender, Danya Bazaraa, and Toby Meyjes, “New York Terror Attack Leaves Eight Dead and 11 Injured As Truck Ploughs into Cyclists and Pedestrians.” Daily Mirror, November 1, 2017.

[6] Daniel Politi and Ernesto LondoƱo, “Argentines on High School Reunion Bore Brunt of New York Attack.” New York Times, November 1, 2017.

[7] Rukmini Callimachi, Benjamin Mueller, Michael Schwirtz, and Adam Goldman, “Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Lower Manhattan Terrorist Attack.” New York Times, November 2, 2017.

[8] Rukmini Callimachi, “What New York Attack Suspect’s Words May Say about ISIS Ties.” New York Times, November 2, 2017.

[9] “IS Gives Guide for Vehicular Attacks, Suggests Targeting Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Rumiyah 3.” Site Intelligence Group.

[10] Michel Chossudovsky, “The Atlantic Alliance’s ‘Holy War’ against the Islamic State (ISIS): NATO’s Role in the Recruitment of Islamic Terrorists.” Global Research, May 22, 2017 (originally published September 2014).

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Mona Alexis Pressley: Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert

update 27oct: join us tonight on The Story Behind The Story as we have James Fetzer join us for the full two hours!  studio B!!!

Just as I suspected; crisis actors and all... read on:

Mona Alexis Pressley: Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert

Touching: Except that they died at different times or different dates or in different states or from different causes of death

Those who have been publicly identified as "victims" of the 1 October 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, it turns out, died at other times and other locations and of other causes. Some of them do not even exist but were created through a photo-shop program that produces the illusion of an entirely different person. If this seem initially unbelievable, when you finish this article, look back at the photos of the victims and see if you can find the same person in many of the others. This study will uncover the beginning of the research conducted to this date, with new findings to follow.

It is important that Americans pay attention, stand-up and demand answers and not relinquish until the entire truth comes out. If Americans remain apathetic, in denial, or just plain lazy, we run the risk of losing all freedom, including what's left of the right to bear arms. It is difficult to wrap one's mind around a government so corrupt that it could orchestrate a "false flag" event this elaborate, until you reflect upon "Operation Northwoods" of 1962. This unclassified document should be read by every American to teach them the lengths the US government will go to to fund its wars and continue to enslave its own people.

There’s a segment of the world wide web that has been calling the mass shooting in Las Vegas on 1 October a "staged event" or a "false flag". The brave souls who have been going with their gut feelings after watching the production unfold on television have been getting blasted by the Mainstream Media and the Social Media, which at one time, but no longer, used to be the place to voice daring opinions. Even one's own peers have put the pressure on "conspiracy theorists", who are preferably called "conspiracy realists" or "conspiracy analysts".

This shooting was strikingly similar to the event in Newtown, CT, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 in the manner in which it was presented by the media. For those unfamiliar with the Sandy Hook school shooting, the book NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015) edited by Dr. James Fetzer (from in its 2nd edition but available for free as a pdf in its first) is the best way to catch up on "false flags" and hoaxes that our government conducts in collaboration with state and local authorities. Following that event, which turned out to be a two-day FEMA drill, conspiracy realists went to work and have effectively eviscerated the official account. Let this be true of Las Vegas, too.

The Las Vegas "Victims"

The first victim, Christopher Louis Roybal, born 10/09/1988 was listed as one of the victims of the shooting. However, after searching obituaries there was a discrepancy in the date listed as to when this person died. Both obituaries were found on and listed two different obituaries for Roybal with two different dates of death. The dates were 1 and 2 October 2017. A pattern was emerging that appeared to warrant more investigation.

After a closer look on the internet about Mr. Roybal’s death, this heading and description ("christopher roybal dies on october 2, 2017 in california") was found on the search engine page:

It was either missed by the production company that put together the shooting (Crowds on Demand) or else the title initially listed cannot be changed. The content was changed but the search engine link, which was created first, tells the entire story. Mr. Roybal passed away, not in Las Vegas, NV, but in Corona, CA. The obituary, but not the search-engine heading for the obituary, was changed, a pattern that we will see emerge again and again.

The second victim, Heather Alvarado, born 9/20/82 had a similar discrepancy in her two obituary notices. An earlier listing places her death in Enoch, UT:

There was an error in the actual obituary where they must have tried to take out the real place she died, which was not Las Vegas, NV, but Enoch, UT. Instead they kept the name of the city, "Enoch", in between her twice-listed name.

Susan Smith, 53, was the third victim found to have not died at the concert in Las Vegas. The obituary was changed to say she died in Las Vegas, but the rest of the obituary does not talk about any shooting death and also requests donations to the Cancer Society:

As with other examples examined here, the same problem occurs the obituary and search engine page-headline, where the link to the obituary is not the same.

Sandra Casey, born 11/1/1982 was the fourth victim that wasn't a victim but did die. The search engine in regard to her death listed Sandra passing away in Vermont (below):

Brennan Stewart is the fifth victim to have died at a different location and also a different date. The search engine produced title that Stewart passed away in North Las Vegas which is on the opposite side of where the Las Vegas shooting took place. It also states in the search engine heading that he died on 2 October 2017, not 1 October 2017.

Angela Gomez was the sixth in the long line of mistakes made in obituary notices in regard to places and dates. In the search engine in regard to her death she was listed to have died in Riverside, CA, rather than Las Vegas, NV, on 1 October 2017.

Jennifer Parks, 35, 1/18/81, was the seventh victim to have died in Lancaster, CA, not Las Vegas, NV:

The eight victim, Carrie Rae Banette, passed away in California, not in Nevada, as listed below in the obits.

The ninth victim, Rocio Guille also passed away in California rather than Nevada:

The obituary that followed the link listed above: 1 October 2017 - Anaheim, California:

The tenth victim, Christopher Hazencomb, passed away 2 October 2017 in Camarillo, CA:

The funeral home wrote up a tribute for him with the information about his passing and other information. Everything but his name was erased but the page remains. Pretty fishy.

The eleventh victim, Victor Link, passed away on 1 October 2017 but again in California:

According to this blog post by his mother, twelfth victim, Jordan McLldoom, committed suicide:

The thirteenth victim, Patricia Mestas, passed away in California:

Jordyn Rivera, the fourteenth victim, also passed away in Califonia on 1 October 2017:

Michelle Vo, the fifteenth victim, passed away in California on 1 October 2017 in both the search engine title and the obit:

The sixteenth victim, Hannah Ahlers passed away in California on 1 October 2017:

The seventeenth victim, Adrian Murfitt, died, not in Nevada but in Alaska on 1 October 2017:

The eighteenth victim was Denise Burditus, who did die in Las Vegas, Nevada, but at a hospital on 2 October and not at the concert in her husband’s arms as he stated in an interview. She passed away at Spring Valley hospital with no mention of having been shot.

The nineteenth victim is the last person even though there are more victims who died in their home state, but the proof will have to be presented at a later date when evidence is available. The nineteenth victim is the most confusing and took a minute to figure out.

Charleston Hartfield, there are two of them. One was born in 1965 that worked for the LVMPD, retired from the military (82nd Airborne) and wrote the book about his experiences on the street. This man is much older then Charleston #2 and the one who died in his home in Henderson, NV. He is also Charleston #2’s father. These pictures are of older Charleston at different ages. The banner Charleston and wife, Denita, are wearing was photo-shopped from 88 to 98:

Here is the search engine title to tell you where the older Charleston died. He is the one buried at the Veterans Cemetery in Boulder City.

Denita is the one in the pics that appears to be the children’s mother but she is really their grandmother. The woman standing with her is the children’s mother, Veronica, and they are mourning their grandfather, thank God, not their Dad.

The younger Charleston is still alive and working in San Bernardino, since they are the ones that listed his picture as a cop or he could be in the military in another state. He is also the one that is in the National Guard or could now be active duty someplace other than Las Vegas.

Where do things stand?

We should also look at the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, and his brother, Eric Paddock. My suspicion is that Stephen and Eric probably work for the FBI, where they, as a team, brought the crime scene props, including 23 assault weapons, to the Mandalay Bay suite room and staged the scene there. That is why the police and the FBI do not want to look for a second or a third shooter, in spite of overwhelming evidence that multiple shooters were simulated by video special effects that accompanied the audio special effects: the sounds of automatic weapons firing. According to the official narrative, Stephen is the one and only shooter--and they want to stick with the script!

[Editor's note: Scott Bennett has done a nice critique of the arrangement in the suite after the event had drawn to a conclusion, where we have a body lying on its back with blood coming from the back of his head. But there are too few shell casing for what would have to have been the expenditure of thousands of rounds, if the audio and visual effects had been produce by real shooting. Not only are they not present, but some shell casings are on top of the blood, when they should be under it; and others are for blanks and CO2s, which are used for pellet guns. Even the suicide weapon is not in an appropriate location, which means that the death scene, like the rest of the Las Vegs event, was also staged:

Las Vegas Update with Dr. James Fetzer and Scott Bennett

All big one big happy drill that the American public were not in on. The crowd at the concert were not in the know and that is why they ran to get away at the sound of gun shots. After everyone was gone, the stage lights went on and the actors got to work setting up the crime scene. There were people who were hurt running away, but no one appears to have been actually shot--and if someone claims they were, then it requires proof by showing the gun wound and medical records (which, alas, can also be faked). The expert analyses of a military surgeon and by an American trauma surgeon, who confirmed that all of the patients shown in hospital rooms are acting, where none of their alleged wounds is real, the presumption should be that the other "victims" are also fake.

Overall, it should be evident that all of these errors in the obituaries are not just just a coincidence along with the rest of the puzzle being added to this article. With the police changing their story, the FBI deleting video recordings on witness phones and laptops, the review of alleged "victims" presented here shows that, time and time again, they were using person who had died in different places or on different dates or in different states and from different causes of death. The Clark County Coroner's Office is on lock-down, no doubt because it would have been besieged with requests for death certificates and autopsy reports--and they don't have any! We even have a photograph showing bodies being moved from a funeral home hearse for transport to be used as additional "victims" of the Las Vegas shooting.

Apparently delivering bodies for use as props in the Las Vegas movie

This study has reviewed twenty of the purported "victims" of the Las Vegas event (counting Paddock among the victims, which appears to be appropriate. Twenty is less that the fifty-eight who are alleged to have died. But it establishes a prima facie case in support of the conclusion that the "victims" were fabricated and that nobody died at the concert. In the absence of authentic evidence sufficient to overcome that presumption, that inference deserves acceptance in the tentative and fallible fashion of science. The proof of fakery appears to increase by the day.

With access to additional evidence, we have the prospect of confirming or disconfirming the best supported hypothesis, which is that the Las Vegas event was not real but was a movie: a made-for-television production. So much has emerged about those who benefit by selling their stock (only to buy it back at a vastly reduced price), by putting shorts on MGM/Mandalay Bay (to make vast sums if the stock should drop) and even the prediction that scanners will now be required at every hotel and casino. There are other fringe benefits, but it certainly looks as though buying extras via CrowdsonDemand was a cost-effective expenditure.

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New strain of black plague in Madagascar; could it be the next ebola scare?

A major outbreak of the black (bubonic) plague is underway in Madagascar. Normally black plague is only spread by fleas, but this variant of the black plague spreads across open air.

Britain has already advised no one travel to Madagascar, which may end up under quarantine.

This may not become a major issue outside of Madagascar because the current variant kills within a day (which slows spreading because people die before they can spread it) and this variant can be treated with antibiotics (Streptomycin). The biggest problem with it is getting people to the hospital fast enough so that antibiotics can be administered.

This variant of the black plague causes severe internal bleeding and bruising which shows up black on the skin. There is no way anyone would get through an international flight without having it be obvious, due to the death window being within 12-24 hours of initial infection.

They are calling this variant of the bubonic plague pneumonic plague because it spreads through the air. Weapons test?

Also:  I dug up some of A. True Ott PhD's older papers, here are links to some of them, plus a few others; enjoy.

NSA Goes B.A.N.G.
MIRACL Illumination Making Emergency Booms: Castle Concepts

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Vegas: a plan for a much larger psyop goes horribly wrong? Or was it something else.

Latest updates 29 Oct 18:51 PST

A new argument has surfaced that perhaps mexican drug cartels were involved in the norcal fires.  see the following 2 articles:

Officials Suspect Mexican Cartel Arsonists Behind Historic Fires as California Pot Farms Burn to the Ground

Are Mexican Cartels Behind California’s Wildfires?

California Gets Cooked | Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon
And James Fetzer has made a new post, telling an interesting story regarding Jeff Rense.

Fired by Jeff Rense for Disputing Las Vegas Fantasies

an interesting testimony, to say the least.

FBI has been asking witnesses to come to them, then we never hear from those witnesses again. Word is being sent out DO NOT GO TO THE FBI if anyone has witness testimony or video footage; instead post it anonymously to the Vegas thread linked above.

A list of witnesses gone missing:

Eyewitness B (missing, accounts scrubbed): Chad Nishimura

Moanike’ala Nabarro, a reporter for KITV4 and ABC affiliate wrote a story recently that has been wiped from the internet. The story was regarding the valet worker named Chad Nishimura who parked Paddock’s car and told Nabarro that he chatted with Paddock briefly before parking his vehicle.

That story has been completely scrubbed from the internet. Even more strange is the fact that social media accounts for Nishimura have been deleted as well.

According to the ABC affiliate’s report, Nishimura told the ABC Affiliate that Paddock “seemed normal”and that he “didn’t have any bags with him upon arrival.” People are tweeting about the deleted story… […]

When we searched to speak with Nishimura, we found that all social media accounts for him have also been deleted from the internet. Even his Linkedin profile has been deleted.

Look at the map. I've labelled a few things.

Shooter at Mandalay Bay
Attempt to detonate fuel tanks at airport
Report of VBIED at Luxor
Report of shooters at Bellagio
Report of shooters at MGM grand
Report of shooters at Excalibur
Report of shooters at NYNY
Report of shooters at Aria

The killbox and funnel is textbook.


Janet pt 1

Janet pt 2

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Janet pt 5

Duke Robotics

Michael Chertoff

High Incident Project

This started everything

5 things that don't add up

Smith Mundt Act–Mundt_Act




The real paddock?!?

Lombardo final conference

Broadcastify Audio Oct 1


Machine Gun Helicopter

Drone flown from mgm

Vegas people thinking it aloud. Very informative video.