Sunday, March 26, 2017

CA SB18 removing parental rights thanks to SB277 author Pan's efforts

Its been a minute since Ive posted so im going to post the following links in no particular order just to get them posted; if I have time I'll sort them out later.

U.S. General Wesley Clark:ISIS is working on Mossad/CIA Plan to Create Greater Israel 

Audio:  The CIA Listens to Free Thoughts - Patrick G. Eddington joins us this week to tell us about the history of the Central Intelligence Agency, how the CIA operates, and what the new Wikileaks revelations mean for our privacy online.

Just WHO Is Sponsoring Pan's Destruction Of Parental Rights?

Wikileaks Releases "Dark Matter"

CA SB18 Also Targets Essential Oils

From Russia, With Panic

CDC’s Purchase of $4 Billion of Vaccines a Conflict of Interest in Overseeing Vaccine Safety

Mr. Heckenlively Goes To Washington

The Sexual Decadence Of Weimar Germany

The CIA Runs The Pedophile Rings

CIA created ISIS

Bannon Says AHCA Written By "Insurance Industry"

History Of Geocentric Cosmogony

Aluminum Is Toxic To All Life Forms

Jury Convicts Ex-Penn State President Of Child Endangerment

Doctor Extracts RFID Chip From Sex Trafficking Victim

US Govt Admits Offitt's Rotavirus Vaccine Cause Deadly Adverse Reactions 

Ivan Panin's Bible Numerics

US Re-classifies Info After FOIA Probe Into Iran-Contra Files

Dual-Israeli Citizen Behind Most JCC Bomb Threats

Zika Vaccine Alters Your DNA

Why Would Google Take Sides In Syria's Civil War?

Dr. Phil Exposes Elite Pedophilia Rings

The Disposessed

Access Now Condemns Senate Move To Censor Internet And Remove Privacy

Six Degrees Of Michael A. Aquino

CNN Insider Claims McCabe Involved In Pedogate

David Rockefeller Dead at 101

What Really Happened To Chandra Levy?

The #Pedogate Smoking Gun

Podesta's Mother Dies At 89