Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A complete transcript of my recent conversations with Russ Dizdar. Draw your own conclusions.

I for one have concluded that I am now fully convinced Russ Dizdar is anything but a "pastor" and is intentionally acting disinformationally, using Christianity as a cloak, on what I perceive to be quite a money making venture. On my radio show last night I called him a phony and a fraud, and this morning after waking up I feel no redactions are necessary. The following is a complete reprint of the exact conversations between mister Dizdar and myself from the past few days regarding numerous clear points of contention I had which in my mind conflict directly with mister Dizdar's stated purposes. Draw your own conclusions.


From Russ (after I commented on his visiting the "gas chambers" of Auschvitz):

9/9, 9:04pm
Russ Dizdar
Hey, I didn't like this comment. Your lie is astounding...
------------------------------ The comment: Alex McGowin Studer (September 9, 2013): "gas chambers" part of the grand hoax to perpetuate the lie of "six million jews killed" - part of the biggest hoax ever http://labviruscom.blogspot.com/p/the-edomite-bloodline.html
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9/9, 9:11pm
russ its not a lie. true has researched this extensively

9/9, 9:18pm
Russ Dizdar
Alex I have dealt with and studied the issue over 25 years...Nazis, sra victims, victims of the camps, the towns people , the soldiers, the records, the tons of pictures... and more.... deniers of the camps, the deaths , the Nazi goals ... are like skin heads and the Iran x president. .. the proof is massively overwhelming ..MASSIVLY. True if holding this position he is suspect in research or ideology . He is massively horribly wrong

9/9, 9:19pm
i beg to differ my friend i too have studied this. not anywhere close to 6mil died. more like a few hundred thousand, the Mormons have the records of ALL the names of those who perished. True was kicked out of the mormons for looking them up and for this you unfriend me, after all the support ive given you. WTF. you fail to understand Hitler was a "jew" grandson of a Rothschild, as were most top nazis and SS brass.

9/9, 9:33pm
Russ Dizdar
.... the denial is so absurd and gross Alex .. the bodies, the ash, the Nazi records themselves tell the story. The Nazis alone confessed the goal and agenda and crimes. polish, German, America, Russian soldiers. the records are massive, the missing etc The records, eyes witnesses, victims etc etc are overwhelming. Alex anyone who denies this has an agenda or has believed some off the wall obscure person who has an agenda. Alex the Nazis were and are some of the most demonized and evil folk... I will know allow and will call to the carpet those who deny what the Nazis did.. Alex truly its off the charts to be in the camp of the deniers (and why do they deny it? what is it they really don't like?) prayers Alex .. maybe we can talk when I am back.

9/9, 9:36pm
you are not as free from the demons you preach about as you think my friend. i too will say a prayer.
"deniers" as you call them dont like what any true Christian doesnt like: falsehood.

9/9, 9:51pm
Russ Dizdar
Then get out of denying the Holocaust again overwhelming millions of Christians know the Holocaust did occur Alex the research and the evidence is massively overwhelming

9/10, 6:14pm
ive discussed this disagreement you have with True, and he has sent you an email which I have forwarded to your yahoo account, with attachments. please read.

To Mr. Dizdar:

I am not denying the concentration camps and the deaths that occurred there.

However, I am questioning the numbers and what actually happened and WHY - the "official" Jewish stories are suspect - and for a good reason.

Attached is the Zundel trial findings that were kept from the media under a massive gag order.

Over 900 pages. Hardly insignificant, I submit.

Honest researchers like Zundel go to prison because of the worldwide Jewish money trust. WHY?


attachment: ZunderTrial.pdf

Russ, this is the 2nd part of what True wishes me to forward. All the best -a.

Ernst Zundel simply printed the attached booklet written by Harwood, and cared enough to distribute it widely.  Harwood brings out some mighty good points - that I submit should be honestly debated.  

Zundel ended up serving prison time for doing so.

Why is Dizdar not concerned about people's rights to have their own opinion and freedom of speech to openly question "official" stories and label such as dangerous hate speech?   Seems that's the big issue with Ernst Zundel's story.

Many "jews" even question the validity of the official story - especially one David Cole.



Reply from Russ D:
Astounding lies Alex, with an agenda... its unconceivable that anyone can be in such purposed denial. The Russians, Polls, French, Brits, USA, etc etc.. all know, the facts, records, victims and even the confessions of the Nazis themselves...  Let me say again there are few deniers left, usually radical Muslim , white supremacists .. and skinheads/kkk  .   Alex the facts are so overwhelming that the denial is so irrational that someone has to have an agenda to even propose it. I see the deniers are usally haters of the jews still, and the camps were not just about jews.. polls, Russians etc were exterminated also.
I truly pray that you will move away from this astounding agenda.. delve into the overwhelming facts and stand with millions of believers in Christ in many nations against the antichrist/Nazi spirit
prayers for you Alex
We are in France, Germany, Poland etc to evangelize, research, expose and I will with all my being expose this radial 3rd Reich evil and all they have done

my reply:
if you were truly exposing the nazi agenda youd be focusing on the edomite bloodline, synagogue of satan (rev 2:9 and 3:9), the same one that corrupted Christianity by forming the catholic "church", and has been doctoring the Bible since time immemorial, which is why Ive been so adamant about scripture quotes being from the KJV or else they cant be trusted.

it appears to me youre the one whos completely brainwashed, to the point of hurling insults, incapable of maintaining rational and polite debate. unwilling to read anything, stuck in the box. I think its time now for me to put down the Black Awakenings book and refer back to the source material, the KJV.

safe travels
reply from Russ D:
Total junk Alex... total...you going down the obscure irrational road and the Spirit of God is not in it

[at this point I emailed True: 
apparently you and i are misled.  according to russ the KJV is "total junk"

True's reply:
And he claims to be a "pastor"??

The KJV is the #1 best-selling book in the history of mankind - for good reason - and Christ's words in Revelation are not "Junk".

Talk about losing credibility!   Herr Dizdar appears to be an Edomite gatekeeper.


then i wrote to Russ D:
also noticing your Black Awakenings is exactly 666 pages including the front and back covers. care to comment?
his reply:
Alex you're lying ISBN number is six hundred and sixty four pages you are now turning this into a big lie are you saved do you know the Lord Jesus Christ
Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android
then another reply:
Are you trying to use numerology? the stated pages are 664 by the publisher and the isbn is the same. You are tuning into a liar Alex and the Spirit of Truth, is He in you ? Romans 8
If this is how your going to be please don't write me anymore. It seems you have some deep issues to deal with. I would help you Alex if you really wanted the help
Praying for you
i replied:
isbn sure. doesnt include the front and back cover which when added equals 666. so, NO, im NOT lying.
[then True sent me the following email... be patient, its long....

Send this Dresden story below on to "Pastor" Russ Dizdar (with e-mail addresses removed first). My bet he will also ignore the absolute truth - over 300,000 WHITE CHRISTIANS were senselessly massacred in the "Hospital City" of Dresden, Germany - the epicenter of Christian Europe, and historically one of the primary dissenting groups of Germans against Hitler and his SS insanity from the outset of hostilities!   Why is there no museum commemorating this REAL crematorium of innocent Christians, while the liars focus on Auschwitz????

Whose side is Dizdar really on, Christ's or Satan's?


P.S. Hiroshima was predominantly a Christian enclave of the pagan Shinto dominated Japanese island.   Remember that Harry SOLOMON Truman was a rabid Zionist - and then ask if targeting Dresden and Hiroshima - the most CHRISTIAN-RICH TARGETS in Germany and Japan, was nothing but a sick coincidence! 
From: true

Subject: RE: Dresden bait & switch.
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 13:33:07 -0600

Two things:

1. Dresden was the world headquarters of NATUROPATHY - i.e. the healing of the body using NUTRTION!

2.  All Naturopathic-based nutrition courses originating in Dresden are habitually and consistently black-balled by the Edomite imposters calling themselves "Jews" today.

That is what still chaffs my touché with Dane the Insane and his liaison with Rocky the Squirrel and Ernst Rodin aka the Rodent.   And to think I made that contact IN GOOD FAITH! 


True Ott, one of the Stupid Goy, who dares to take PhD courses unaccredited by the ruling elite, and then dares to implement what he learns to try and help humanity!


Subject: Dresden bait & switch.
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2013 12:56:53 -0600

So much for the "savior of western civilization" Churchill, the "Man of Steel" Stalin
and that kindly, humanitarian defender of the common man, F.D.R.

During the same general period in which they were culling vast numbers of German
and Baltic women & children who had taken temporary shelter in cities like Dresden,
"The Big Three" were tasking their huge fighter aircraft fleets with scouring the Ger-
man countryside of civilians. Specifically targeting civilians. Guys on tractors, women
and kids pulling handcarts, fleeing the pervert-ridden Russian Army. The pilots were
told to hose-down any and all sign of human activity with their efficient Browning 50
caliber machine guns, 12 shots per second from each of six guns on every plane.

Doubt it? The fact that these operations were official policy, executed under explicit
orders, supported by unambiguous briefings, has been confirmed, again and again,
in interviews with WWII-era American officers, including the hero Chuck Yeager. No
wonder he spent a lot of time drunk and whoring after that. I'd want to forget too.

For generations there's been something terribly wrong with this country. Its history
is really the inverse of what's been pumped into kids' heads, even before the public
schools went N.W.O./P.C. The country has acted as global finance's fixer/executioner
since before the 20th century. And here's the kicker: the Red State Bush Republicans,
our supposed allies in the Freedom Movement, those singers of "We'll put a boot in
your ass" type melodies, the guys who pretend to doubt all these claims of atrocious
behavior on the part of 'Merica... a lot of them know the truth too. And they don't
care.        -D.W.

Here's one of the folks Dad and Granddad were working for when they brought hell
on the German civil population:


Ilya Ehrenburg, Minister of Soviet Propaganda and disseminator of anti-German hate material dating from the 1930s. Ehrenburg instigated the Soviet Red Army rape and murder of German civilians. Referring to German women, Ehrenburg gloated to the advancing Red Army troops, "that blonde hag is in for a bad time."

In a leaflet addressed to Soviet troops, Ehrenburg wrote: "...the Germans are not human beings...nothing gives us so much joy as German corpses." (Anatol Goldberg, Ilya Ehrenburg, p. 197). Goldberg concedes that Ehrenburg, "...had always disliked the Germans...now that there was a war on he turned his old prejudice into an asset." (Ibid., p. 193).

Another publication distributed to the Red Army, this time as the soldiers approached Danzig, was described by a historian: "Millions of leaflets were air-dropped on the troops with a message composed by the propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg and signed by Stalin: 'Soldiers of the Red Army! Kill the Germans! Kill all Germans! Kill! Kill! Kill!" (Christopher Duffy, Red Storm on the Reich).

The Soviet leadership acknowledged that Ehrenburg sought the extermination of the entire German people (cf. Pravda, April 14, 1945. [Pravda was also published in a Yiddish edition, Einikeyt). Ehrenburg won the Order of Lenin and the Stalin Prize. He willed his papers to the Israeli Yad Vashem 'Holocaust' Museum.

An eyewitness account of  the Dresden bombing... [photo removed from email]


My grandmother would always begin the story of Dresden by describing the clusters of red candle flares dropped by the first bombers, which like hundreds of Christmas trees, lit up the night sky - a sure sign it would be a big air raid. Then came the first wave of hundreds of British bombers that hit a little after 10 pm the night of February 13-14, 1945, followed by two more intense bombing raids by the British and Americans over the next 14 hours. History records it as the deadliest air attack of all time, delivering a death toll that exceeded the atomic blasts on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
In 20 minutes of intense bombing, the city became an inferno. The second bombing raid came three hours after the first and was “intended to catch rescue workers, firefighters and fleeing inhabitants at their fullest exposure”. Altogether, the British dropped nearly 3,000 tons of explosives that shattered roofs, walls, windows, whole buildings, and included hundreds of thousands of phosphorous incendiaries, which were small firebombs that sprinkled unquenchable fire into every crevasse they rolled into, igniting the inferno that turned Dresden into a “hurricane of flames”.
By the time the Americans flew in for the third and last air raid, smoke from the burning city nearly obliterated visibility. One American pilot recollects - “ We bombed from 26,000 feet and could barely see the ground because of clouds and long columns of black smoke. Not a single enemy gun was fired at either the American or British bombers.” The Americans dropped 800 tons of explosives and fire bombs in 11 minutes. Then, American P-51 fighter escorts dived to treetop level and strafed the city’s fleeing refugees.
My grandmother described the horrific firestorm that raged like a hurricane and consumed the city. It seemed as if the very air was on fire. Thousands were killed by bomb blasts, but enormous, untold numbers were incinerated by the firestorm, an artificial tornado with winds of more than 100 miles an hour that “sucked up its victims and debris into its vortex and consumed oxygen with temperatures of 1,000 degrees centigrade.” Many days later, after the fires had died down, she walked through the city. What she saw was indescribable in any human language. But the suffering etched on her face and the depths of anguish reflecting in her eyes as she told the story bore witness to the ultimate horror of man’s inhumanity to man and the stark obscenity of war.
Dresden, the capital of Saxony, a centre of art, theatre, music, museums and university life, resplendent with graceful architecture – a place of beauty with lakes and gardens was now completely destroyed. The city burned for seven days and smoldered for weeks. My grandmother saw the remains of masses of people who had desperately tried to escape the incinerating firestorm by jumping head first into the lakes and ponds. The parts of their bodies that were submerged in the water were still intact, while the parts that protruded above water were charred beyond human recognition. What she witnessed was a hell beyond human imagination, a holocaust of destruction that defies description.
It took more than three months just to bury the dead, with scores of thousands buried in mass graves. Irving wrote, “an air raid had wrecked a target so disastrously that there were not enough able-bodied survivors left to bury the dead.” Confusion and disorientation were so great from the mass deaths and the terror, that it was months before the real degree of devastation was understood, and authorities fearful of a typhus epidemic, cremated thousands of bodies in hastily erected pyres fueled by straw and wood. German estimates of the dead ranged up to 220,000, but the completion of identification of the dead was halted by the Russian occupation of Dresden in May.
Elisabeth who was a young woman of around 20 at the time of the Dresden bombing, has written memoirs for her children in which she describes what happened to her in Dresden. Seeking shelter in the basement of the house she lived in she writes, “Then the detonation of bombs started rocking the earth and in a great panic, everybody came rushing down. The attack lasted about half an hour. Our building and the immediate surrounding area had not been hit. Almost everybody went upstairs, thinking it was over but it was not. The worst was yet to come and when it did, it was pure hell. During the brief reprieve, the basement had filled with people seeking shelter, some of whom were wounded from bomb shrapnel.
“One soldier had a leg torn off. He was accompanied by a medic, who attended to him but he was screaming in pain and there was a lot of blood,. There also was a wounded woman, her arm severed just below her shoulder and hanging by a piece of skin. A military medic was looking after her, but the bleeding was severe and the screams very frightening.
“Then the bombing began again. This time there was no pause between detonations and the rocking was so severe, we lost our balance, and were tossed around in the basement like a bunch of ragdolls. At times the basement walls were separated and lifted up. We could see the flashes of the fiery explosions outside. There were a lot of fire bombs and canisters of phosphorous being dumped everywhere. The phosphorus was a thick liquid that burned upon exposure to air and as it penetrated cracks in buildings, it burned wherever it leaked through. The fumes from it were poisonous. When it came leaking down the basement steps somebody yelled to grab a beer (there was some stored where we were), soak a cloth, a piece of your clothing, and press it over your mouth and nose. The panic was horrible. Everybody pushed, shoved and clawed to get a bottle.
“I had pulled off my underwear and soaked the cloth with the beer and pressed it over my nose and mouth. The heat in that basement was so severe it only took a few minutes to make that cloth bone dry. I was like a wild animal, protecting my supply of wetness. I don’t like to remember that.
“The bombing continued. I tried bracing myself against a wall. That took the skin off my hands – the wall was so hot. The last I remember of that night is loosing my balance, holding onto somebody but falling and taking them too, with them falling on top of me. I felt something crack inside. While I lay there I had only one thought – to keep thinking. As long as I know I’m thinking, I am alive, but at some point I lost consciousness.
“The next thing I remember is feeling terribly cold. I then realized I was lying on the ground, looking into the burning trees. It was daylight. There were animals screeching in some of them. Monkeys from the burning zoo. I started moving my legs and arms. It hurt a lot but I could move them. Feeling the pain told me that I was alive. I guess my movements were noticed by a soldier from the rescue and medical corps.
“The corps had been put into action all over the city and it was they who had opened the basement door from the outside. Taking all the bodies out of the burning building. Now they were looking for signs of life from any of us. I learned later that there had been over a hundred and seventy bodies taken out of that basement and twenty seven came back to life. I was one of them – miraculously!
“They then attempted to take us out of the burning city to a hospital. The attempt was a gruesome experience. Not only were the buildings and the trees burning but so was the asphalt on the streets. For hours, the truck had to make a number of detours before getting beyond the chaos. But before the rescue vehicles could get the wounded to the hospitals, enemy planes bore down on us once more. We were hurriedly pulled off the trucks and placed under them. The planes dived at us with machine guns firing and dropped more fire bombs.
“The memory that has remained so vividly in my mind was seeing and hearing humans trapped, standing in the molten, burning asphalt like living torches, screaming for help which was impossible to give. At the time I was too numb to fully realize the atrocity of this scene but after I was “safe” in the hospital, the impact of this and everything else threw me into a complete nervous breakdown. I had to be tied to my bed to prevent me from severely hurting myself physically. There I screamed for hours and hours behind a closed door while a nurse stayed at my bedside.
“I am amazed at how vivid all of this remains in my memory. (Elizabeth is in her late 70’s at the time of this writing). It is like opening a floodgate. This horror stayed with me in my dreams for many years. I am grateful that I no longer have a feeling of fury and rage about any of these experiences any more – just great compassion for everybody’s pain, including my own.”
“The Dresden experience has stayed with me very vividly through my entire life. The media later released that the number of people who died during the bombing was estimated in excess of two hundred and fifty thousand – over a quarter of a million people. This was due to all the refugees who came fleeing from the Russians, and Dresden’s reputation as a safe city . There were no air raid shelters there because of the Red Cross agreement.
“What happened with all the dead bodies? Most were left buried in the rubble. I think Dresden became one mass grave. It was not possible for the majority of these bodies to be identified. And therefore next of kin were never notified. Countless families were left with mothers, fathers, wives, children and siblings unaccounted for to this day.”
According to some historians, the question of who ordered the attack and why, has never been answered. To this day, no one has shed light on these two critical questions. Some think the answers may lie in unpublished papers of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Winston Churchill and perhaps others. History reports that the British and American attack on Dresden left more than 2-1/2 times as many civilians dead as Britain suffered in all of World War II, and that one in every 5 Germans killed in the war died in the Dresden holocaust.
Some say the motive was to deliver the final blow to the German spirit – that the psychological impact of the utter destruction of the heart centre of German history and culture would bring Germany to its knees once and for all.
Some say it was to test new weapons of mass destruction, the phosphorous incendiary bomb technology. Undoubtedly the need for control and power was at the root. The insatiable need of the dominators to exert control and power over a captive and fearful humanity is what drives acts of mass murder like the Dresden firebombing and Hiroshima.
I think there was also an additional hidden and cynical motive which may be why full disclosure of the Dresden bombing has been suppressed. The Allies knew full well that hundreds of thousands of refugees had migrated to Dresden in the belief that this was a safe destination and the Red Cross had been assured Dresden was not a target. The end of the war was clearly in sight at that point in time and an enormous mass of displaced humanity would have to be dealt with. What to do with all these people once the war ended? What better solution than the final solution? Why not kill three birds with one stone? By incinerating the city, along with a large percentage of its residents and refugees, the effectiveness of their new firebombs was successfully demonstrated. Awe and terror was struck in the German people, thereby accelerating the end of the war. And finally, the Dresden firebombing ensured the substantial reduction of a massive sea of unwanted humanity, thereby greatly lessening the looming burden and problem of postwar resettlement and restructuring.
We may never know what was in the psyche of those in power or all the motives that unleashed such horrific destruction of civilian life - the mass murder of a defenseless humanity who constituted no military threat whatsoever and whose only crime was to try to find relief and shelter from the ravages of war. Without the existence of any military justification for such an onslaught on helpless people, the Dresden firebombing can only be viewed as a hideous crime against humanity, waiting silently and invisibly for justice, for resolution and for healing in the collective psyches of the victims and the perpetrators.

Edda West is the mother of three adult children and a grandmother. She is the editor and researcher for VRAN News, the quarterly publication of the Vaccination Risk Awareness Network in Canada.
She can be reached at: info@vran.org


after forwarding to Russ D i then wrote:
calling me a liar and calling the KJV "total junk" id say it was you who has the issues.

[true then sent the comment:
Oh my  -
Seems you have hit a raw nerve with Mr. Dizdar.  (I refuse to call him a pastor.)
You have ALWAYS maintained that 666 includes both the front and back covers, (which any idiot knows are also "pages" because they too convey written information.)
Only NOW is he looking to save your soul, after asking him a very fair question??

Russ D's reply:
you are lying , I never said the kjv is junk.... I use it... don't email me anymore.. you do not seek the true ...Jesus

i quickly replied:
whos the real liar???
shall i quote you?? read for yourself:
Total junk Alex... total...you going down the obscure irrational road and the Spirit of God is not in it

then another reply from Russ D:
using occult numerology to conceive this is dark spirits ..... you are being used

then another reply:
You never answered ... are you saved, do you know Jesus Christ, does the Spirit of God live in you
Don't try to manufacture stuff to slander others.... that's what the devil does Revelation 12
I answered your questions... you have not answer one of mine
praying for you Alex to be saved and get into the truth that is in Jesus Christ
Romans 8

i replied:
Used by none other than Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashia mister Dizdar. By the way i have some bridges on Mars for sale real cheap...

his reply:
Then why are you trying to slander people manufacturer things put out YouTube videos for the vulgar speech Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

and another from Russ D:
Alex I said the King James only Group has a lot of total junk in it not King James I use the King James I use the 1611 . Misquoting and manufacturing things is the same as lying
Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

then finally, the coup de gras from Russ D:
Here is the word for word quote I sent you
The KJV is great ,.. and has been retranslated 16 times.. I read the kjv 1611, and 1769(16revised version) I read the bishops, Matthews, Great, Geneva and 10 other English translations.. Alex you really know nothing about translation at all. I have work with translations, the Greek of over 35 years. I use to debate the kjv only 25 years ago... its irrational and the bottom line is if you use the same methods kjv ers use anyone can do the same to the 1769 kjv as they have done to all other translations and that's what the devil wants.
There are 1500 translations around the world and most of the world and most of the Christians worldwide uses there own translations. Example.. the Chinese use a mandarin and Cantonese translation, there are over 200 million born again believers in China.. they get saved and grow and never read a English translations.. same with the Russians, Polls, and over 130 other nations.
Unless you read the other side of the kjv only sect you will stand attacking all the other translations the Spirit of God uses to save millions. You are not a real researcher on this subject and like them you will be used by the flesh and the devil to attack, cause doubt, create fights etc and border on blaspheming the Spirit of God as He uses many other translations to save 10s of millions.
here is an old page I had put up
and at least

my reply:
mr dizdar whatever you are smoking i want some, must be some good stuff. nowhere in my email or FB logs exist any such comment, so again yet another untruth. Further, even in this reponse you clearly evidence yourself to be quite compromised in my view. Just, wow.

his reply:
Check your music web site... l ook at your titles, look at your adds.. you say your a believer in Christ?
quite manufacturing stuff... its just slander


Just now realizing I didnt even bother asking him another question bothering me, which is why are all of the scripture quotes in his book from the NIV?  Oh well, no bother, at this point I'm pretty clear on why.


Additionally, my friend forwarded me the following supplements to further support my arguments:

A really interesting aspect of the story has to do with a covenant 'the Rabbi' made with Moloch and a 6 million sacrifice that was never executed. It also has to do with curses, black magic, our Judges and the US dollar.  Hope you get a chance to watch it and let me know what you think. Frank O'Collins is an expert in Roman Law (The Roman Cult, i.e. the Vatican).

And, did you ever read what Eustice Mullins wrote about the "Secret Holocaust"?