Saturday, August 20, 2011

Signed and notarized express written permission from filmmaker and owner of original copyright to use footage for publication in my recent CENSORED video

Turns out Kane has somehow taken a copy of this video off the web and sent it to Library of Congress to obtain her own copyright.  The only problem is that her filing with LoC is dated in November 2011, and the notarized statements below pre-date that considerably.  This amounts to copyright fraud, and it is my understanding she is now under investigation for such. 

The emails between Ott and Horowitz which started the "war" against the ashkenazi khazar drama queens

It's interesting to hear Fart-Smell's latest allegations that Kane got shut down (although a mirror is still up) due to her "outstanding investigative journalism" and that they shut down this site and got the video removed for TOS violations.  As everyone can see, I am still here, and so is the video.  Also interesting to hear that RJ "stole" the video from Kane - no she didn't; Kane never owned it, never had possession of it, as it belonged at all times to RJ who owned the camera and tape it was recorded on, and who never once left a copy behind for Kane to have, and never intended to.  All the claims made that Kane had rights to this footage are entirely false.  Proof positive: they don't have any of the footage themselves other than versions which I and RJ have published.  This notion of blackmail is crap - the only one attempting blackmail is the one documented on film, and that is Kane attempting to blackmail Len.  RJ never solicited anything in exchange for not publishing this video, neither did I; anything stated contrary is pure fabrication.  


  1. I received an e-mail from Sherri Kane calling me a Satanist (I'm a Bible-believing Christian), calling me Cointelpro, concocting some rubbish about me being "raped by your father or uncle when you were young" because she saw me saying sodomy is a sin, and I was arguing with a Neo-Nazi at the time so she started harping on about my "Nazi upbringing". She was duly ignored. There's just one thing confusing me, if he likes supermodels, what's he doing with that vile trollop?

  2. These two are sick, childish idiots! They deserve each-other!

  3. Good for you and that you have the proof and are discrediting these two crazy people Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane and showing them to be the frauds they are. Horrid people.

  4. TheRealDerfMan (3 weeks ago)
    Sorry to disappoint you, Sherry, if that's even your real name, but I AM NOT JAMIE BUTURFF. My name is Fred, all you needed to do was to go on my channel and see a clip of me playing guitar, and realize that I CLEARLY AM NOT JAMIE BUTURFF. Jamie is in the south-west of the USA, I am in CANADA. I believe that you're COINTELPRO, probably trained by the CIA or FBI.... why else would you be spreading lies about 528-hz? Don't you know that "mira gestorum" doesn't mean miracle...?? See, I don't think you're stupid, I think you're purposely spreading disinformation like a true COINTELPRO puppet that you are. It's OK "Sherri", you're gonna be brought to light and justice soon enough. And I'll be there, not to laugh at you, but I'll be there ready to forgive you.