Patriots Wall of Honor

last updated 21 Feb 2018

In no particular order

Pastor Dean Odle
Kan Ev
Dominique Rodriguez
Major James Burdock of The Goldwater
Jim Cherney of The Goldwater
Edward Hendrie
the late Ernst Zundel
the late Michael Collins Piper
the late Eustace Mullins
David Irving
Brandy Vaughan
Del Bigtree
Dr. Andrew Wakefield
Dr. Suzanne Humphries
Dr James P. Wickstrom
the late Dr. Andrew Moulden
the late James Traficant
Sheila Lewis Ealey
Temple Ealey
Deborah Tavares
Ingri Cassel
Wayne LaPierre
The late Bill Cooper, US Naval Intelligence Chief Petty Officer, author of Behold A Pale Horse.  murdered.
The late Phil Schneider, underground base engineer, survivor of the Battle of Dulce.  murdered.
The late Don Harkins, publisher of the Idaho Observer.  murdered.
The late Aaron Russo, filmmaker of America: Freedom To Fascism.  cancer under suspicious circumstances.
The late Ted Gunderson, former Los Angeles station chief for FBI.  cancer under suspicious circumstances.
Dr. A. True Ott PhD, host of The Story Behind The Story
John DeCamp, the late investigator of the Franklin Scandal
Jan Smith, investigator of the Morgellons condition
the producers of JuiceNews
Dr. Bill Deagle
Clifford Carnicom
Dane Phillips, coauthor of Battle Hymn
Kevin Annett, of ITCCS
Robert Rowen MD and Ronald MacDonald, coauthors of They Own It All (Including You)
Drew Malone Raines, USMC Ret.
Arthur Evangelista PhD
Reverend Ted Pike of
the late Samuel A. Adams

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