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Disclaimer:   This blog (and the labvirus.com domain) is authored, maintained and owned solely by me, Alex M. Studer, and is not accessed for editing by anyone other than myself.  I post to this blog freely and autonomously and not in any way acting out any third party agenda.  Any copyrighted material I may include in posts and pages of this blog are made in full accordance with Fair Use law as provided by U.S.C. section 107.   All the opinions and commentary included in this blog are my own and are protected by the First Amendment.

Central thesis: Lab-created recombinant chimera viral bioweapons have been created by US Armed Forces pathology labs and released into the public and given names such as "bird flu" "swine flu" "zika" and so on.  These releases are accompanied by a propaganda campaign to scare the public into voluntarily being injected with a "vaccine" of undisclosed and highly toxic ingredients, the shots of which have been directly connected to paralysis, SIDS, cancer, and many other illnesses.  This form of hegelian dialectic - thesis, antithesis, synthesis - is designed to promote the further continuation of the viral bioweapon release by way of debilitating toxic agents and live viral contamination within the vaccine agenda.  This is herewithin understood to be an intentional genocide program as part of CIA's MK-NAOMI and dictated by the Edomite bloodline via the Club of Rome and Mossad via the "Jewish Mob" operating as "B'Nai Brith", with an engame goal to "cull" the human herd and dispose of the "goyim" by way of provoking their enemies to fight and destroy each other, followed with an agenda of "bioengineering" aka "transhumanism", heavily funded by the Mormons, to reenginer the DNA of the remainder of the population afterward.  http://humanityplus.org/

First of all, get this straight: I am NOT a "cointelpro" disinfo agent of any kind working for any psyop agenda funded by any government agency, mossad/cia/mi6, or any other third party.  I'm not paid by anyone to do any of this, and no one controls what I say or do here except me.  I do this voluntarily, mostly for my own benefit (to create a searchable and interactive record of my research), and am doing so in a public way by sharing my thoughts and findings with you, the reader.  You are always invited to participate and comment.  I am only human, and make mistakes all the time.  I express opinions which are sometimes interpreted as insulting or offensive in one way or another, and many times I have made educated guesses and predictions which have flat out been wrong.  Many readers have chimed in over the years to help correct me when I have been wrong about something.

But I am right about a lot of things, which is why I keep doing what I do here.

I'm just a regular guy like anyone else, gifted with musical abilities and talents, and I'm also pretty darn smart.  I resisted the establishment's programming at a young age, and paid for it all through childhood and my teen years through college, and am still paying for it today.  I've made career and family sacrifices to adhere to my understanding of Truth, and I suffer greatly from these losses every day.

I started this blog in early 09 while a regular guest of Dr. Bill Deagle on his radio show, just as the news of the H1N1 outbreaks were being tied to a Baxter facility in Mexico.  I made the blog to be a publicly viewable online database of my thoughts and findings, and it grew to what it is today.

Due to attacks from some fraudulent infiltrators into the "truth" movement who did not like what truths I have exposed about them, my former host (Wordpress) shut down the former site, believing the unsubstantiated claims made against me by a certain pair of Edomite agent-provocatuers, and not being given any course of action to challenge the false claims.  I have since rebounded and now have this new-and-improved site, and continue to broadcast my radio show as I see fit with no regular schedule.

Your input is always appreciated.  Feel free to leave a comment anywhere and I promise, I will respond to all inquiries.

Thanks, and enjoy the site.

Your host, Alex

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  1. Great job filling in for Big T tonight! Sandy H really bothers me. It bothers me that so many people are asleep. It bothers me that the occultists are now putting their symbols and signs in our faces. It bothers me that the state of Utah mourned like fans at Elvis's death (Utah is one HUGE psy-op). When and what will it take for this country to wake up??? I called in to the show and forgot to mention one other thing, do you know where the church of Satan has moved it's HQ? Newtown! Where is your email address Mr. Studer?
    In Him,
    Dave Crain