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From an anonymous writer:

Hello everyone.  I've come a long way since the Panama Papers release, last year, and now that I have some time on the whatever webs they are calling it now (are we to "Evil Web" yet?) I want to catch any of you up who haven't played along the whole way. And I want you to tell people about it because its important. Take a break from cartoon vaginas.

2500 years ago, "Art of War" is written detailing different types of spies to be used "in all business" and states "Unity of Purpose" among population is the first step to war.

Coefficients Dining Club: Find their minutes in London.

They plan World War one… cooperatively making the world more efficient.

International associations of psychologists pop up all over the world and Coefficients Dining Club and Vienna Psychology Club acolytes.

Tavistock Institute of Human Relations begins studying religious experiences in the context of modern psychology. The make fake cults. They organize everyone's intelligence communities. They perform unethical human experimentation.

See: "Some Principles of Mass Persuasion" by Us Air Force and Tavistock.

See: "Battle for the Mind" by William Sargant.

Tavistock creates web of NGO's. Brookings Institute. Lowry Institute. Stanford Research Institute.

Household names in psychology like Festinger and Milgrim work with them.

Form what is known as "systems psychodynamics" where basic assumptions and implicit bias is exploited in the population as a tool of policy change (Unity of Purpose).

see: "History of Systems Psychodynamics"

Sargant's book, available via torrent, details work that becomes fake cults, mk ultra, brownstone operations. Cameron was Sargant's Canadian counterpart and was really fucked up.

"Several of the children who Cameron experimented on were sexually abused, in at least one case by several men. One of the children was filmed numerous times performing sexual acts with high-ranking federal government officials, in a scheme set up by Cameron and other MKULTRA researchers, to blackmail the officials to ensure further funding for the experiments."

Meanwhile, the American Security Council Foundation is formed. Run by mining interests. Ronald Reagan is their front man. "Peace through Strength" is their motto. Spook filled organization that makes cut throat deals in third world countries to get mining rights. Not a 3rd world country, yet? We'll fucking make you one.

A couple of other NGO's mimic this model. One everyone knows…

The Clinton Foundation. Pardons Marc Rich CEO of Glencore who uses slavery for their mining concerns. Puts HRC's brother on the board of VCS Mining who also uses "forced labor." Puts together Uranium One deal, starting with Kazakh mines. Kazakh CEO arrested for corruption, State Dept report specifically states their mines are using forced labor from Mongolia.

Meanwhile, Joule Unlimited is created under the ruse of being able to make green energy from cyanobacteria. REally, it is a vehicle to fund the DNC through John Podesta who is on the Board. Ruben Vardanyan runs Troika Dialog and you can see Podesta Group LD 1 disclosure form to see that Podesta is getting paid from Troika. Podesta does not disclose Joule. Vardanyan also works for Gazprom.

Russian energy mining/racket is seemingly run by the Clinton Foundation. Meaning the Clinton Foundation is a "proprietary." "Proprietary" is a fake business that is supposed to be used for national security.

The reason our spy apparatus isn't catching terrorists is because it is managing organized crime with it. (And making terrorists, remember "Unity of Purpose"?)

So, Seth Rich comes along and discovers voter fraud and is probably murdered for it, but we won't know until there is a real investigation. Technically, it is a conspiracy to murder someone that hasn't been solved. An investigation is warranted.

Comet Ping Pong comes along and Alefantis' money laundering operation using art is traced on Bizapedia, no need for leaks. Property records and fed election records show he is a political player getting foreign money. No need for pedo accusations, an investigation is still warranted.

No investigations happen into Uranium One or Joule or Comet Ping Pong or Seth Rich because the media is being used as a tool of forensic interruption.

Meanwhile, the narrative allowed exists in three avenues, the humanitarian Left, the practical Right and the wingnut conspiracy theorists. Only now, the Right avenue is shrinking and giving territory to Conspiracy Theorist.

There are really only two things you can do that will interrupt the narrative and the principles are difficult to interrupt. If you go out, once a day on your troll Twitter account or your voat alts or whatever… just be

1. Anti War

2. Pro Transparency of Government.

That's it. Force those fucking issues up their ass, non-stop, and watch them freak out.

That is why they give you people and groups to hate. That is why they are always stirring up conflict. It is all about establishing and maintaining authority over you and making slaves of you and the only way to stop them is to end their secrecy and piss all over their war machines.

Good Luck.


Evidence Linking Several Los Angeles Record Labels, Venues and MILEY CYRUS to massive Sex Abuse 'Pizza' Cult directly connected to Comet Ping Pong

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