Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A few more links following up on several issues

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chemtrails: truth is far stranger than fiction

Chemtrails.  Most folks on FB who are aware of them at all and involved in any way are well accustomed to the term "geoengineering" and are busy protesting the US government trying to get them to "stop spraying us".  What if the chemtrails were not put up there by any government, but by critters flying around in "orbs" or what I call crittercraft?  Before you answer this question for yourself, please research the material available at the following links.  Thanks for reading.

Orbs Are Creating Fake Plane Holograms That Do Most of The Chem-Trailing

Jan Smith's site was taken down without warning this past June

Fake planes, orbs, chemtrails

And catching up on other issues, heres some recent links to explore:

Friday, October 2, 2015

Oregon psyop: recycling old crisis actors

Once again folks clearly we have yet another staged hoax, a psyop, utilizing crisis actors.

"shot 7 times" - including allegedly in both hands - yet no blood, no loss of color.

Oregon Shooting Exposed: No Gun Shots, No Blood, No Victims, Crisis Actors, Drills (Video) Oregon Shooting Hoax: ‘Army Veteran Hero’ Busted! (VIDEO)
Oregon School Shooting- 13 Troubling Signs Of Potentially Yet Another False Flag
What Shooting in Oregon? by Dean T. Hartwell
This Is Why They Staged the Oregon Shooting Hoax
DAILY SHOOTER: Inter-Agency Drill, Lone Gunman and ‘USB Manifesto’ at Oregon Campus Shooting
National Hoax Awards: Best Crisis Actor

[someone] did a Facebook search for the victims and witnesses broadcast on MSM stations. What I found was very interesting. Only one, Carnes, had a FB account and Dietz had a 'Public Figure" account started the day after the incident.

Of the witnesses so far checked, only the wounded "hero", Mintz had an account and it was begun the day after the incident. This is just a rough search so far, (no Tweet or My Space, etc. checked yet), but I found peculiar that lack of accounts for college kids in this incident is remarkable.

Here are the lists. Please do some additional searches and correct any errors I have made or provide any additional info on these "public persons". ~~ac

A shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon left nine people dead on October 1, 2015.

Names of Victims of UCC:
Lucero Alcaraz, 19 yrs. --No Facebook account
Quinn Glen Cooper, 18 yrs. --No Facebook account
Lucas Eibel, 18 yrs. --No Facebook account
Kim Saltmarsh Dietz, 59 yrs. --yes public figure – one picture = first post Oct 2
Jason Dale Johnson. 33 yrs. --No Facebook account
Lawrence Levine, 67 yrs. Teacher at school - No Facebook account
Sarena Dawn Moore, 44 yrs. --No Facebook account
Treven Taylor, 20 yrs. --No Facebook account
Rebecka Ann Carnes, 18 yrs. --Yes Facebook account

Witnesses on MSM news:
Chris Mintz YES account open first post Oct 2 2015
John parker --No Facebook account found
McCrae Kittelman --No Facebook account
Hannah Mills --No Facebook account
Christina Baynardo --No facebook account
Kayleen Holm --No Facebook account – student honor roll fall 2014

Abdução de helicóptero Ufólogos acreditam que isso também aconteceu com o avião da Malásia Air Lines
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