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I am just now getting around to seeing the Hollywood-ized version of the Jon Ronson book, the film Men Who Stare At Goats with George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, and Kevin Spacey.  It's easy to see that Jeff Bridges' "Bill Django" is meant to represent Ingo Swann (although alleged to be Colonel Jim Channon), and that Kevin Spacey's character "Larry Hooper" represents Michael A. Aquino, now the highest ranking member of the NSA and "high priest" of the satanic Temple of Set - made clear by the depiction of him presenting a paper to his superiors of the "offensive use of psychic power" analogous to Aquino's co-authoring the famous MindWar paper.  The "goat lab" and its inverted pentagram then PSIC (Psychic Systems International Corp - "psych") is an interesting bastardization of Psi-Tech, as is the bastardization of the First Earth Battalion of Psychic Warriors logo into the "New Earth Army".  We saw the death of Frank Olson twisted into a shooting rampage, when in truth he jumped from a 10th story window while under LSD in the late 50s.  So many fictionalizations deviate from the actual book, written factually of retired US Army General Albert Stubblebine and his wife Rima Laibow MD, as they have his character "Brigadier General Dean Hopgood" fade away and die early off in the film.  I'm guessing Clooney's character is modeled mainly after David Morehouse (although alleged to be of Sergeant Glenn Wheaton).

Again, tying this all together: Albert Stubblebine, or Stubbleboom as some people like to call him, was former head of INSCOM and founded COINTELPRO.  He and his wife Rima Laibow MD are essentially the king and queen of modern-day psychological warfare operations, and are hiding behind a front company they run selling "health" products and propaganda.  They used to be very vocally opposed to "Codex Alimentarius" - another lie - but you don't hear them much saying that anymore these days.  Rense and AJ both to this very day continue to give them radio airtime, as does Noory so I hear.  Horrorwitch is directly tied to Bert Stubblebine the founder of COINTELPRO by way of Rima Laibow MD who is an active participant in OIUCM - which openly states it models itself after the WHO "It  is an International Organization formed in 1962 congruent to the policy objectives of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION." - the organization from which Horrorwitch received a fake "knighthood of Malta" for the price of about a hundred bucks.

In this current world where Narcissistic Personality Disorder prevails among the MK and the Khazar "elite" such as we see displayed in the behaviors of Slick Barry, Bernanke, Geithner, and of course Horrorwitch and Scary Pain, it's important to research the origins of the common denominators that bind these people all so inextricably.

I strongly recommend everyone go buy the original book by Jon Ronson and avoid the film version, at least until you have FIRST read the book and understand its true non-fictional basis.  After you're done reading that, go get a copies of Psychic Warrior and Remote Viewing: The Complete User's Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing by David Morehouse.  These will be books you will treasure and re-read for a lifetime, along with the Transylvanian Sunrise/Moonrise books, Behold A Pale Horse by Bill Cooper, and so on.

Regarding Horrorwitch's choice of the 9-pointed star he puts on the cover of the book he's selling pumping this bogus 528 crap: 
Astro-Theology Enneagram:
  • The Enneagram is used in the field of Neuro-linguistic programming:
    • Enneagram of Personality: "The Enneagram system describes nine distinct personality types and their interrelationships, mapped around an ancient symbol of perpetual motion. This is now the most well-known use of this particular enneagram figure." [18]

    • "The enneagram is an ancient technique for self-development that can be very useful in communication. The symbol for the eneagramm is a circle with 9 points, symbolising the 9 types. In short, with the Enneagram we get to 9 types of personality." ... "The choice of strategy is in fact strongly influenced by the so-called ennea type. In a few moments we can look at a person, discover, through appropriate questioning, his type and at the same time we have discovered his strategy. The second connection is with chinese elements and types of personalities. Both can be linked together in a unique framework." [19]

    • "Dr. Marco Paret has in fact developed a whole set of new patterns that interweave hypnotic communication techniques with NLP. Also, he has conduced an in-depth study of the Enneagram and its applications in a modern perspective. He has also developed a new didactic method for teaching languages which differs from that of classical suggestopedy. Inspired by hydden-traditions, he has also created various interesting modellings, the most significant of them being the Eneagramm sensory-based model (Instant Enneagram) and the techniques pertaining states-of-consciousness. Along the years, Dr. Paret has held many conferences in the USA as well as other countries, thus meeting most of the leading american hypnotists. He has been often invited to italian television shows as an expert in hypnosis and NLP. " [20]

    • See also: Trauma mind control

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    1. Update on Court

      Today court was cancelled because Len/Sherri didn't bother to tell his attorney that he has been libel/slandering us and everyone else all over the internet/radio or that he has damaged our products, etc., or that he has truly blackmailed our internet web guy to take us off the internet. WOW what a guy.

      Jackie and I just wanted to go forward. He is here in Sandpoint from my understanding which is very scary. I know everyone was awaiting the outcome. Keep you posted. Thanks for your support. Rhonda