Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Confirmed: Dane Wigington of geoengineeringwatch.org is a controlled opposition disinfo plant

These days I'm now calling him the AJ of the chemtrail opposition movement. There had to be one.

Folks I have been investigating chemtrails for more than a decade now. Ive seen plenty of so-called "truthers" attempt to address this and have been actively weeding out controlled disinfo plants sent in to steer the opposition away from actual truth. And so I found for myself that DANE WIGINGTON of geoengineeringwatch.org is one, and I now have outside confirmation from his latest presentation here in Sacramento California. (1) he continues to ignore the MOST HARMFUL THREAT of chemtrails, a nanotech transhumanism agenda called Morgellons www.morgellonsexposed.com (2) he promotes the grand hoax of "peak oil" (3) he promotes the grand hoax that CO2 is a "greenhouse gas" when in fact its heavier than air and is what plants breathe and last but not least (4) he communicates directly with retured US Army general Bert Stubblebine former head of INSCOM [considered by many the "father" of modern psyops, accompanied by Edomite wife Rima Laibow MD] and co-founder of Psi-Tech along with Michael A. Aquino and John B. Alexander - indeed these are the original Men Who Stare At Goats as written of by Jon Ronson. END OF STORY WIGINGTON IS THE ALEX JONES OF CHEMTRAILS AND IS SELLING YOU DISINFO BULLSHIT LIES. BUYER BEWARE.