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Revisiting "General Jeremiah"

I strongly feel that anyone promoting this "general Jeremiah" story is serving to discredit anyone associated with them - intentionally.  After hearing Don Nicoloff mention the UGF "flying saucers" again today, as he is guest-hosting Ott's show for the next week while Ott goes on vacation with his family, I am concerned that further talk of this "Jeremiah" character on Ott's show could very well serve to seriously discredit Dr. Ott, and I remain concerned for his show and his credibility.

So far we have only heard alleged phone conversations of an alleged "general jeremiah" of the "United Galactic Federation" a consortium of 547 christian planets.  In none of these recorded conversations does "Jeremiah" provide any proof to back up his allegations, providing only Jesuitical argumentative responses, meanwhile bearing a deep-southern drawl like he is fresh out of the back woods of Alabama.

Don Nicoloff and "Ken Adachi" (pretty certain his real name actually is Peter Boudreau) continue to this very day to promote photos allegedly received from this "general Jeremiah" which they state are of some far off world called "Balqui".  First and foremost anyone can see that the giant mountain featured is none other than earthly-bound Mount Fuji.  The links to the originals of all the rest of the photos follow.

Extraterrestrial Contact: Don Nicoloff's 50 Minute On-Air Conversation with the United Galactic Federation from 26,000 Miles in Space on Friday, May 29, 2009

Second Spacecraft Call-In from United Galactic Federation During Nicoloff/Adachi Radio Interview, July 28, 2009

Planet "Balqui" photos

This photo is NOT of some offworld planet “Balqui”, it is of an earth-bound terrain as part of a series from a well respected photographer, and I have seen matches of EVERY single photo to one of the set from the earth-bound photographer. The photos reportedly submitted of planet “Balqui” by one “general Jeremiah of the UGF or United Galactic Federation” are BOGUS and were taken on EARTH by a famous professional artistic photographer.

Additionally this set of photos from the so-called planet of Balqui include multiple photos of a pronounced mountain, which is easily identified as Japan’s Mount Fuji. Case closed.
Here are the links to the actual sources of the “Planet Balqui” photographs:

Winter 4

Winter 5
This is an iStockphoto of Mount Fuji from the south, at dawn.

Another photograph of Mount Fuji.

Winter 10
This is the amazing photograph of the alien tree. It was photographed in Poland here on our very own beautiful planet earth.
The same location in Poland, but taken during summer.

Southern Hemisphere Balqui?
No, — in actual fact this is Nicaragua, planet earth!

Balqui-Northern Hemisphere-22?
This is Russia, Middle Ural, Chusovaya river, — planet earth!

More at this post:

My four main questions posed to Don Nicoloff and "Ken Adachi"

[FYI folks "General Jeremiah" claims to be a friendly commander of advanced spacecraft representing a 547-planet consortium of Jesus-loving Christians called the "United Galactic Federation" and claims to be monitoring us from 25.000 miles above the surface, while fending off unfriendly reptilian craft in the same space.  I personally think he is full of s**t.  I emailed Don and Ken about this back in late 09 and never got a response. -a.]

1. “Jeremiah” and Don:  How do you two explain the fact the alleged photos of a far-off planet “Balqui” are none other than ripped-off plagiarized photos of known stock photo sites and art photographers, culminating with shots of Mount Fuji?

2. “Jeremiah”: If you uploaded these photos and your letters to the internet, what is your IP address? Everyone on the net has one, and only a few issue them.  A good friend of mine is one of them and can easily tell me where yours is.

3. “Jeremiah”: Where is there a photograph of you so we can see your face?  I don’t suppose you have a fingerprint also we could see either eh?  Just to prove you aren’t from this planet? Because of course, if you were in any databases here, then well, that theory is out the window now, isn’t it?  Then of course there is DNA and that’s a whole different ballpark; I’ll leave it to those with real money to challenge you on that one.

4. “Jeremiah”:  If you are so friendly and flying around in “United Galactic Federation” spacecraft and are unafraid to cut into broadcasts of Don Nicoloff and Ken Adachi, why don’t you land somewhere on earth so we can videotape an interview with you on your craft?

I, for one, call BULLSHIT on this entire “Jeremiah” hoax, and sense that Don Nicoloff is involved in this charade up to his eyeballs.  As much as Don Nicoloff has written thought-provoking papers, I do not give him nor anyone the benefit of the doubt when making any unsubstantiated allegations no matter how much credible work one has done in the past.  If you want us to buy this story, have "Jeremiah" come land in Central Park and let's see for ourselves.  Until then, plagiarized photos and staged "spacecalls" dont hold any water toward proving anything other than clearly showing someone is taking great efforts to promote a hoax to the public.

Prove me wrong, anyone; I dare you. I’ll buy you lunch if you can.

And speaking of hoaxes, lets talk about Babbles Fart-Smell for just a minute.  Her real name is Barbara Politis Hartwell, but she insists up and down her middle name is Percival.  Quiz her on this, anyone, and you will quickly see she does not wish to address this issue or will straight out lie about it.  Her father's last name was Politis--P-O-L-I-T-I-S; she has two brothers whose names are Theodore Politis and Dr. Alexander D. Politis.  Thus, her family name is Politis.  Why is this such a problem for her to admit?  Things that make me go hmmm.

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