Friday, August 5, 2011

The big difference between Wordpress and the rest of the blog sites

As everyone is aware, thanks to the false allegations of "copyright infringement" as well as other bogus claims of "slander" and "defamation" and whatnot the Wordpress people have without recourse shut down my blog with 3 years of collected research, without so much as allowing me one chance to address the false claims and challenge them.

The content in question is a YouTube video which I linked on the site, which anyone could freely have done in addition to myself.  Yet Wordpress chose to single MY link to the video out, and based on their false claims shut down my site.

Now the blog is hosted at google where if you have a problem with a YouTube video linked on my site:

If you have a specific legal issue concerning YouTube, please visit this link for further information. Please do not use this tool to report issues that relate to YouTube.

and if you have a problem about "slander" or "defamation":

Google does not remove allegedly defamatory content from or any other U.S. dot com domains.

End of story. Wordpress violates BOTH of these principles in the way they handled me, and this should serve to everyone as reason why you NEVER want to host your blog with Wordpress - ever. Research has shown the parent company Automattic has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and it turns out there are scores of other unhappy former Wordpress bloggers with the same complaints that I have; being abruptly shut down after a single complaint and not being given proper chance to challenge the complaint.

I submit Wordpress/Automattic is a compromised organization that violates their own public statements about protecting "free speech" and they have used their censorship power time and again to remove content they simply do not like - without just cause, time and time again. They are likely compromised at the highest levels.


  1. Wow, I am glad to see you up and running again as I was a frequent reader of your old blog. Hate this layout though that you have going with the library books etc. Maybe when you get a minute you can catch up on what the hell is going on in the world and forget about stupid douche-bag and his stupid girlfriend

  2. thanks Kelly, yes it is distracting isnt it? Hopefully soon I'll get the site back close to where it was before. I suppose this gives me a chance to clean house, as it were. Thanks for reading, take care! -alex

  3. Same here.. I found labvirus a couple of months ago and was checking on it daily...when u disappeared i kind of freaked out.. Good to see you back up..

  4. I just posted my status update on facebook as looking for a voice of sanity in an insane world where the inmates are running the asylum, and then remembered your site is back up. Ah, finally someone who truly does understand much of the sinister rope pulling going on behind the scenes and can spell it out simply for dunces like me. I really do like your site and when wordpress yanked you down, I had no doubt that it was arbitrary and unfounded and likely solicited by these two whackjobs in Hawaii you are letting people know about. If you are familiar with youtuber dutchsinse, you need to go see whats going down in his world. Seems that tactic is to harm the ones close to the target, as his bestfriend was shot 5 times in arms and legs and survived: blackwater-types with a black hummer and ak47's pulled a home invasion on a starving artist. Bully thugs. Anyways, its going to get much worse and it may never get better. But glad you are up and running again. If you are on fb, friend me as Kapekelly. Thx