Thursday, August 4, 2011

Deconstructing the Lies of Len Horowitz, Sherri Kane and Barbara Hartwell.

this video was removed by a false claim of copyright infringement filed by Kane.  this is being challenged and soon I hope to repost the video on this page.

[several readers have suggested I find another name for S.K. and refrain from using profanity, and I've selected an alternative and am hereby replacing the old one with the new less profane one] 

Turns out Scary Pain is reportedly a heavy CRACK ADDICT which explains a lot of her irrational and lashing out behavior.  Also turns out Lenny had a blood relative in the Jewish "Purple Gang" mafioso hit squad... these two are nothing less than mobsters.   No wonder they photo'd themselves in such costume.  Things that make one go hmmmm.

First lets get it straight that at this time I don't refer to these lying infiltrating saboteurs by anything other than the following nicknames I have made up for them: Horror-Witch, Scary Pain, and Babbles Fartsmell.  Go ahead and call me a potty-mouth.  If you don't like my chosen language don't read it.

Next, for anyone who hasn't gotten a clue yet, their tool of destruction to try to censor the publishing of this video has been by way of the "flag" button at the bottom of each YouTube video, and the fact that YouTube doesn't check the facts and will remove a video simply from someone having clicked on the "flag" button and complained.  Anyone can go to the drlenhorowitz page on YouTube and see the enormous collection of false allegation videos, and anyone can "flag" them as inappropriate for the fact they contain so many lies about so many people.  Let's give 'em a big dose of their own medicine and FLAG every one of their videos which levy false allegations as inappropriate under the heading "abusive" which is no lie whatsoever.  Only a few complaints each will cause their videos to be removed and likely get their YouTube accounts terminated.  If war is what these liars want, war is what I will gladly give them.  Let's get to it everyone.

Now, let's get to analyzing the truth and lies of what's going on with regard to this video I have created and posted which is causing all the fuss, and which gave pretext to Scary Pain complaining to the Wordpress folks which led them to abruptly and without just cause suspend my account at

Number one: the original footage shot of the phone conversation between Scary Pain and Horror-Witch was shot and completely owned by RJ Hampton, and not by Scary PainScary Pain at no point in time ever owned the rights to this footage.

Number two: once in possession of the footage RJ Hampton filmed, who at the time owned all rights to the footage she herself filmed on her own equipment, RJ then elected to distribute copies of the footage in DVD form and release it to the public domain.

Number three: RJ Hampton has supplied written permission with which to use this video footage for the production of this video edit.  Despite this footage already having existed in the public domain, this serves as additional backup to ward off any extraneous false claims of copyright infringement.

Number four:  as Scary Pain at no point in time ever did have rights to this footage, nor any other element contained in the video edit I produced, she thus had no grounds with which to file any infringement claims, and all her attempts to censor the video both on YouTube and WordPress have been fraudulent and malicious lies.

Number five: as a result of Scary Pain's fraudulent representations to WordPress, I have been denied access to a blog site containing years of collected research and original writings of my own.  Wordpress is just as guilty in this illegal activity, as they violated their own terms of service in the act of denying me that access.

Number six: the continued public statements of falsehood regarding me as made by Scary Pain and Horror-Witch, now more recently joined by Fart-Smell as of their late night radio broadcast of Aug 2, contribute to the ongoing conspiracy of theirs to defame and slander my good name in public.

Number seven:  armed with all the legal research and documentation of written permissions, I have copyrighted the original video production I have made with my own publishing company, NMX Publishing (BMI).

Number eight:  stay tuned for part II the sequel to come shortly: "Sex, Lies and Videotape of Horror-Witch and Scary Pain" with perhaps a small addendum dedicated to exposing their known accomplice Babbles Fart-Smell.

Here's a question for you Horror-Witch: how do you put up with this crap from Scary Pain?  She secretly tapes a phone conversation of you - telling you she keeps all her communications private while smiling into the camera - in an effort to blackmail you into giving her revenue stream from the "affiliate" program.  Now that she apparently has succeeded in stealing away this revenue stream from your ex-wife Jacqueline, without any legal entitlement whatsoever, who is to say that once Scary Pain becomes in control of the program herself, she doesn't hesitate in bumping you off altogether?  Has this thought not crossed your mind there Horror-Witch?  It would appear to me that you really have no idea who you are dealing with when it comes to Scary Pain and you have no idea the depths she will go to to get what she is really after in her greedy quest for fame and fortune.  Just a thought.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz Exposed | Iconoclast Radio on


Just in from Scary Pain (slight name change, ya like?)

Remove this video immediately!

Alex Studer, you have stolen this video [no I havent it was provided willingly from the filmmaker and owner of all rights to the footage and is public domain] with the collaboration of Roxie Hampton and [name withheld], it is unauthorized [not true it is completely authorized by the filmmaker and the fact it is public domain - you have no authority to determine such], and your YouTube account is in violations of privacy and copyright infringement. [kinda hard considering it is I who own the copyright to the video in question]
You are angry because your good friend was arrested by the FBI for being a pedophile [sure who wouldnt be after seeing a friend and neighbor youve known for years get falsely accused and those falsehoods splashed all over the media without his even having a day in court to defend against such allegations and prove them false?  what kind of nazi communist are you?] and now you are being investigated as well!  [yeah well Ive assumed that much for years, yet I'm still walking freely.  seems anyone investigating me is wasting their time because I am not up to any illegal activity whatsoever, unless you consider shopping for cat food, standing in line at food banks, collecting unemployment, and producing music records illegal activity]

You will not get away with harming children no matter what you do! [Who said anything about my harming children?  You?  I certainly havent heard anyone speak of me harming children and I have plenty of friends with tons of kids who can speak up as character witnesses to say in the many years theyve known me theyve never seen me act inappropriately with any of their children.  I have never been accused or been investigated for anything even remotely related to child abuse, and to say so publicly not only indicates your mailicious intent to harm me through false allegations, it also shows how terribly uninformed you truly are.] You will be thoroughly investigated for your crimes.   [What crimes?  The ones you are falsely alleging to which no proof exists?  Don't you think this might backfire on you?]  The FBI currently has a copy of your hard-drive [no they don't], and what they have found will put you in prison for life.  [even if anyone confiscated my hard drives and performed digital forensics, nothing would be found.  I am operating on all-new fresh media recently formatted that has never contained anything remotely close to child pornography or any other illegal content.  you'd need a warrant to perform the search, and a warrant can only be based on hard facts of which none exist and none ever will - unless someone decides to illegally break-and-enter to plant it.  such a person would get videotaped in the process.]

You have posted this illegally on your blogsite:  [again nope, I have every legal right under the sun to post any YouTube videos I want, and nothing you say can stop me - or so I thought until Wordpress bought your lies.  If you somehow manage to once again sabotage my blog at blogspot through your bullshit lies, I'll come back with a fully privately-hosted site of my own that no one but me has access to.]

Remove it immediately or you will hear from our attorney.  [oh yeah? how?  by carrier pigeon?  smoke signals?  your magic psychic powers?  good luck.]
The FBI in San Francisco has already been notified of your criminal activity.  [no, if anything they've been notified of your repeated malicious attacks and false allegations; Ive been in regular communication with them for weeks now along with attorneys, SFPD and the DA office.  no criminal activity here whatsoever; the FBI know all about your sorry ass too.]


PS from RJ Hampton:

The video was commissioned by Sherri Kane because she thought Lenny was trying to pull a fast one on her.  That's how the video was shot. And it belongs to me. And I have told everyone when you are dealing with me everything is a matter of Public Record. I want the world to know what these two are really about and when God is through They won't be able to hustle a peanut at the World's fair!

Did you know George Noori has made Len a wealthy man?


In her latest appearance on Len Horowitz'n'Sherri Kane's show [the night of Aug 2 where they spend most of their time making up stuff about me], Blabbles made it a point to accuse A. True Ott of falsifying his degrees.

Take a look at the lower-1/3 of this page:, where it is shown that Barbara Politis Hartwell has never graduated from a 4-year college or university, yet claims to hold a Doctorate in Divinity (DD) degree, which is equivalent to a Ph.D; and for a Ph.D, one needs to have gained at least a Bachelor's degree (and probably the Master's)...which Blabbles has not done.

She is taking others' valid criticism of her own fraudulent background and attempting to reverse polarity--accusing others of that which she is guilty.

[This is their M.O.: one which they are using against all of us.  We learned this tactic early on in 2009 while encountering "citizen Jane" Burgermeister who was given research-in-progress then twisted it into unintelligible blabber which did not make sense and came back some six weeks later with a document hundreds of pages long which was expected to only be a few, in an attempt to obtain an original injunction against the HHS for forced vaccinations.  When questioned why did this take so long, why did you take in-progress research - much unverified - and twist it into much disproven and factually baseless fluff for hundreds of pages, and why havent you contacted any of us in the process before releasing your final version to the public; she went postal, calling us all "satanists" and instead of once addressing any of the questions rationally and calmly she exploded into a spiteful and angry hysteria of insults, permanently distancing herself from those who once gave her the benefit of the doubt.  Now we see the same behavior in Horrorwitch and Scary Pain, insomuch as anytime anyone counters what they allege or challenges them in any way, the first thing out of their mouths is "you are a cointelpro agent".  To see how prevalent this behavior is, simply go look at all the comment threads on the movies posted at the drlenhorowitz YouTube page and see for yourselves: anyone who even remotely questions or challenges him is met with the "cointelpro" accusation, which is clear indication once again of the tactic of labeling your enemies which surround you with the same characteristics you youself possess.  I submit because these two so commonly and reactively accuse those around them as "cointelpro" that this serves as evidence to show that most likely it is THEY who are the real cointelpro agents, and further there exists a high possibility of Monarch/MKultra mind programming being present.]

  • further comments from RJ Hampton:
    She wants to be famous it is so shameful. Prior to the good doctor her attentions were turned to the "CRACK PIPE.
    528 is an attempt for Lenny to own the rights to all the music of the world and make it available to everyone for free??? He owns it cause its in 528 right!
    He has a Guy in Russia working on it right now.
    He is hopelessly addicted to SEX not Love and Sherri Kane is here to make the great Doctor? submit she is an DOMINATRIX


  1. Check out just one of Lenny's aliases: Leonard G. Lindenbach. Homes and real estate tied to Bill Ayers "Weather Underground" goons. This wormhole runs very deep folks.

  2. Brian David Hall
    Conspiracy Conference

    Mr. Hall:

    A friend recently gave me a copy of Horowitz and Kane's highly defamatory, and clearly actionable presentation at your conference. How tragic that they chose to castigate my friend and colleague Ted Gunderson as well as my own good name. What they said concerning myself and Ted Gunderson: All lies - every bit. No evidence was ever presented - just supposition and inflammatory rhetoric.

    It was interesting to note your very fine posthumous tribute to Ted, which was also sent to me recently. Well done, sir, and thank you.

    You should know that in September of last year, Ted Gunderson was a guest in my home at Ogden, Utah. At the invitation of Mr. Dane Phillips, Ted presented and video taped over 4 hours of his extensive file evidence on the "Finders" - which is the organized special-ops team that abducts children nationwide. The "Finders" are very well-protected and are clearly above the law. This is why there has been no arrests and no convictions - NOT because Ted Gunderson works for them as "cointelpro" as charged so spuriously by Kane and Horowitz.

    I want you to know that the baseless allegations of Kane and Horowitz caused Ted deep anguish over the last year of his remarkable life. We discussed their malicious attack against us often - and simply decided not to waste time nor energy in legal action against them. We decided that was exactly what they wanted us to do - to waste time, money and energy. It also became quite clear that Kane and Horowitz are the actual "agents provocateurs" - as members of the B'nai B'rith ADL - I submit to you that their job is to protect the very same Khazarian/Eomite elitists that Mr. Gunderson had spent over 20 years investigating.

    I submit it is these "Jewish Ritual Murder" cults that are responsible for so many missing children in America. Gunderson came to the same conclusions independent of my study. He lauded my own presentation on the subject as "the greatest and most convincing presentation" on the topic he had ever seen. If you are interested in seeing a DVD of this power-point, I would be happy to forward you a copy.

    Please review my blog at to get better acquainted with my writings and research. You should also be aware that Mr. Phillips has taken Gunderson's testimony and with his colleague John Scura has compiled a tremendous book entitled "Battle Hymn". I am sure Mr. Phillips would be honored to send you a copy for your honest review as well.

    Yours in Truth,

    A. True Ott, PhD