Saturday, May 16, 2015

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Falseflag media hype notwithstanding...

Boston Marathon Attack Hoax

BOSTON BOMB BUSTED Amputee Drops Fake Leg In Street

The California Drought Is Being Created on Purpose Through Weather Modification

CENSORED! Geoengineer keeps forgetting he discussed poisoning our skies [MULTI SUB]

There was no 1918 Spanish flu - 50-100 million people were exterminated by vaccines and aspirin

GlaxoSmithKline Found Guilty in Deaths of 14 Babies in Vaccine Trials in Argentina

Mexico: Vaccinations Suspended After Infant Deaths

Pediatrician Specializing in Special Needs Children Speaks out Against Mandatory Vaccines in California

Dispersants sprayed in wake of Deepwater Horizon oil spill more toxic than oil alone

Special Ops Officer Blows Whistle on CIA Funding ISIS Through Swiss Bank Accounts

Medical Kidnapping in the U.S. – Kidnapping Children for Drug Trials

Mandatory vaccines bad for California, U.S.

Editor In Chief Of World’s Best Known Medical Journal: Half Of All The Literature Is False

The Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015: Bill Seeks to Blackmail States into Full Compliance

We Oppose CA SB277: Parents On Vaccine Injury, Parental Rights & Education

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny:  Fighting for Your Rights – It’s In Your Court

A Newly Released Jade Helm Document Reveals the True Intent of the Drill Parents for Label and Drug-Free Education 

Fantasy:  Vaccines are "Safe and Effective"

Off The Grid: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Takes on Big Pharma & the Vaccine Industry

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