Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris: another Mossad falseflag psyop using same old crisis actors weve seen before

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Of the following video, my friend Ed T writes this;

"I found 10 things in this video that show it's fake. How many can you find?

1. The woman that is dangling from the lower window is held up by a harness. Twice she lets go with one hand. Once her body turns sideways. The whole time you can tell that she is leaning out. Even the most gifted climber would have a hard time holding that position for that length of time.

2. The light that would illuminate her harness is the only light that is turned off.

3. When she is pulled up, the videographer deliberately turns away from what would obviously be the most compelling footage and does not return.

4. The person standing along the wall to the left just stands there without a care in the world. To me that indicates a possible director.

5. The trail of blood of the bleeding victim to the left starts far away from the door. There is no trail leading up to that spot.

6. The second victim getting dragged away to the left who pretends to be unconscious, presumably a gunshot victim, doesn't bleed at all. Not even one drop.

7. The victim on the ground near the door is completely ignored by EVERYBODY that goes past him. Nobody even pauses to say one word.

8. That same victim who pretends to be immobile casually uses his cell phone but makes zero effort to move away and zero effort to ask for assistance from the many people that pass him.

9. None of the people that emerge are screaming or acting irrationally.

10. None of the escapees are running as fast as they can or showing any signs of urgency. Some are seen going back past the door.

I did not spend a lot of time with this. I watched it once. I am very confident that I could point out other things with a more careful examination.

11. Look at Don's response above. Notice how programmed it is. He refuses to examine the evidence because subconsciously he knows that I am too well informed and too cautious to spout nonsense. I almost never post anything that I am not certain about. Don's cognitive dissonance is on display here for a reason. Sad."

Of the next 2 photos, my friend Ed T. writes:  "A lot of people have noticed that these "gunshot victims" don't have any blood on their clothing, or any evidence of wounds, or any evidence that they were given any medical care, but did you ever wonder why? It's because when they are done posing they have to get up and integrate back into the surrounding environment without being noticed. The more they make us afraid, the easier it is to control us."