Saturday, February 11, 2012

A. True Ott PhD is a PLAGIARIST (sic)

That's right folks you heard it here first, maybe second, because he freely admitted it on his 9 Feb 2012 broadcast, and I agree indeed he is a plagiarist.

You see, the reason is that while he has been channeling all of these words of Yeshua and Jesus, he has failed to give due credit and instead has signed his own name, time after time, to his blog posts and the ever-increasing volumes of published papers he has submitted over the years.

My friends in the know call it the "light" - not to be confused with lucifer, the "light-bearer".  No, my close associates and colleagues know darn well the reason I am here, the reason I survived all the programming and the attempts to break me over the years, is that I have been gifted with Jesus' love, that of Yeshua the Father, and as such I have "the light".  You cannot turn it off, cannot turn it down, or ignore its presence.  All who know me well are agreed I am different, special, "on a mission from God".  I have known it since I was a small child.  Nothing new here.

A. True Ott PhD also has "the light" and probably lots more than I do or at least in different capacities such as he is gifted with streaming messages and consciousness that just doesnt come to those who drink huge amounts of fluoride, pincushion up for dozens of vaccines, and who watch inordinate numbers of hours in front of a television.  Bill Deagle also possesses some of this light, for being the one to bring me to know Dr Ott, however I feel Deagle is compromised in certain ways I wont discuss in this post.

I am not paid by anyone, especially Dr Ott, to promote his show, his blog, his ideas, his website, or anything else about the guy.  I am a volunteer and freely choose of my own volition to take whatever actions I do to help get this guy's message out there, because I consider myself an expert at bullshit detection, and as far as he is concerned there exists no smell of male cattle excrement.  Ive checked.  Many times.  One reason this blog is so successful is that I have a winning track record of being correct in my hunches - most of the time.  Ask anyone.

I believe strongly we are in a fast race to the finish line of a spiritual war between Lucifer and Yeshua, and we are all going to see it played out in our lifetime, likely beginning in the next three weeks.

I PRAY THAT I AM WRONG and look forward to being ridiculed if Israel backs down.  Bring it.

Otherwise, I am glad to know that even though my life (and all those on this planet) are held in jeopardy over satanic Israel's actions, that I have done my best to walk in Jesus' path of humility and modesty, most importantly TRUTHFULNESS no matter the retaliatory consequences, in the hope I may save one or two genuine souls out of the sea of satanic lemmings.  Only time will tell if my efforts were worth it.  If I have saved even one life from an eternity of hell, my cause is vindicated and I have redeemed myself, at least in my own understanding of my own karma.  Yeshua, in the end, will have the sole and final decision over the matter.  I continue to repent for my past sins, and serve the Lord my God by spreading His Word as best I can considering my circumstances.  All things considered, I could be doing a lot worse.  Feeling OK bout that.

I just finished posting all the TSBTS archives including today's so all is current.  I pray you all take the time this weekend to delve in and discover the TRUTH being revealed which you wont get access to anywhere else.  I am so glad to be part of the process that brings it to you.  I ask for nothing in return.

I have never done any of this for financial gain and have never compromised to anyone's corporate agenda.  The only things for sale here are at the merchandise page which I designed, and I only make a few pennies per sale.  This site remains as it did from day one, entirely run and edited by me at my sole discretion.

I pray some of you have benefited.   This is my reward.

God bless and keep all of you safe.

Your host, Alex.

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  1. I hear ya brutha! :o) I hope, PRAY, that Our Lord decides to end this madness in a differant way than is described in His Word. But, His Will be done and not mine, so be it. I pray for you dear Alex, and Dr. Ott, and all of us, that we will have the strength of The Holy Spirit inside and around us through this final time here. You've done a service to humanity with your truthful blogging. Thank you. -Lisa