Friday, June 30, 2017

Space is fake; NASA lies; Earth is FLAT. Drumpf knows this all too well.

...which is why Drumpf is reinvigorating a 1958 space venture with new funding.  For those who have done their homework, 1958 is the year after USN Admiral Richard E. Byrd passed away (March 11, 1957) and also one year before the UN Antarctic Treaty was signed, banning anyone from going there.

Anytime folks you hear the television talking about the "space" program just replace the word "space" with "black operations" because that's exactly how the money is being funneled.  Already the lying NASA organization receives over $19 billion per year and what do we get: cartoons.  One can only imagine where the money actually goes considering how much of it is not spent on any "space" program and instead on greenscreen Hollywood studios, CGI and Photoshop.

So in today's news when we hear Drumpf is getting more money for "space programs" you can be sure in reality this means more is being channeled to psyops, black ops, and the like.

The page I have created on this site dedicated to this area of research should be more than enough anyone needs to hit the ground running, learn the basics, and begin to do their own experiments out in the field using the scientific method with 100% repeatable results, clearly proving we do not live on a moving globe.

Anyone choosing to ridicule me at this point is in denial and putting up a neon sign saying so; for ridicule is a denial mechanism used by one who has not only lost a debate, but is also a sore loser.

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CNN Clown News Network

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