Wednesday, January 7, 2015

BigPharMafia: raking profits fighting the very "cancer" they funded the proliferation of. Problem, reaction, solution.

Also known as hegelian dialectic, aka the "shell game".  Create a problem, get everyone scared.  Introduce the solution to the problem you created in the first place, and laugh all the way to the bank.  Rinse and repeat.

I just viewed a TV ad for and I nearly puked.  So much money being poured into "cancer research" and "treatment" and "fighting cancer" and none addressing the root of the problem, how cancer manifests itself in the first place.  All profiteering by treating symptoms while intentionally avoiding the root issue of stopping the disease from happening.

I learned about cancer early in childhood, one of my classmates was bald while undergoing chemo, and I dont think he lived to see highschool.  A friend of my sister's brother died of leukemia.  My dad had Hodgkins lymphoma, twice, and died of pulmonary fibrosis from the chemo that "cured" it.

Had I known then what I know now, perhaps my dad and these others might still be alive.

On the treatment angle, raw cannabis oil ingested orally has shown a remarkable track record of healing even the most inoperable so-called "terminal" cases of malignant cancer, including brain tumors.  A total cost of about $1200 for a full treatment, daily doses are apparently measured in teaspoons full, and a full treatment takes under 90 days.  Of course the FDA (fatal drugs allowed) does not want the public to know this vital information, because BigPharMafia cannot profit from something they do not own the patent to.

On the preventative angle, prior to the 1950s most bread in America was made from the grain millet, which is high in vitamin B17, which as it turns out is highly effective in preventing cancer.  Native American Indians who used millet as their staple grain do not have a word for cancer, because they never got it.  In the 50s, the FDA replaced millet with wheat, which not only contains no B17 but also contains a significant amount of phytic acid, an antinutrient which works to block mineral uptake in the digestive tract. 

Studies have shown that between groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated subjects, zero cases of cancer were found in the unvaccinated subjects. 

Others have reported that switching to a raw vegan diet and implementing a few other naturopathic protocols, positive results have been reported in fighting cancer when other BigPharMafia protocols have failed.

And yet, today I look around in this overly opulent city filled with narcissistic rich kids as they continually throw themselves glamorous parties, donating "a portion of their proceeds" to charities such as "cancer research" in order to obtain tax-exempt "benefit" status, all the while meeting only the minimum required donation which is something like ten percent of net, if that.  They pat themselves on the back and pride themselves in having raised cash for a worthy cause in the act of exclusive elite partying, and seriously think they are doing the world a bit of good as they frolic.  And oh, how they brag about it to the press and to anyone who will listen.  Aren't they just model citizens.

Safe to say, I highly doubt any of them read this blog.

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