Sunday, April 12, 2015

A note from the blog host

in 2009 i started this blog just trying to database various articles and media clips relative to my thesis: that bioweapons and vaccines are being used by the us govt against the public as a tool with which to usher in the nwo by (1) making everyone ill - sick people dont fight well, (2) sterilizing the public (3) databasing the public and (4) culling the herd. more facets to the agenda, but to me those are the biggies. imho the vaccine issue is the most important, the canary in the coalmine, which if mandated will set precedents opening the doors for more restrictions and loss of freedoms. hand-in-hand with the vaccine agenda being pressed forward is one of psychiatry, with a new DSM-IV that includes defining resistance to state-sponsored mandates as a mental illness. this opens a whole new can of worms, and it only gets uglier from there. this agenda is so important to the success of the nwo they have funded it to the gills, hiring professional shills to infiltrate into resistance, pose as "leaders" and operate as gatekeepers. we have seen plenty of this activity here in this group. I am certain that Rima Laibow, her husband Bert Stubblebine, Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane, Jordan Maxwell, Alex Jones, and a laundry list of others have been well paid to pretend to be patriotic opponents meanwhile working to sabotage any real resistance effort. I cannot emphasize enough how important i believe this effort of ours to be, for if vaccine mandates take effect, fecal matter is going to contact rotating blade apparatus and all hell is going to break loose. counting on this having simulated it in advance on their "virtual world" supercomputers, the govt is counting on this reaction and has prepared for "civil unrest" with fema camps and so on. when the day comes that shit does hit the fan, the nwo will deploy foreign UN troops who will pop out of underground bases everywhere and wont have any problem shooting Americans. if their vaccine angle fails, along with a couple other angles theyre trying to get us to submit willingly, they are prepared to go live with project bluebeam, to fake an alien landing using advanced tech holography and other bells and whistles, which to us will appear so convincingly real everyone will be so scared shitless most will be begging the nwo to come and save the day. folks im not joking these genocidal satanists are serious and on a timeline and that day is fast approaching. get off your asses, do your homework, and prepare for a shitstorm the likes of which no one has ever seen before nor dreamed possible. dont die passively because normalcy bias left you ignorant and complacent. stop drinking the fluoride.

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