Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fox's Family Guy ridicules vaccine truthers in tonights episode

I am burning up right now seeing red after randomly flipping to this broadcast and stopping after hearing the word "vaccine".  The premise of tonights new episode is that the main character begins by being a vaccine truther, warning others of the toxicity of vaccines.   As the story progresses, a deadly measles epidemic hits the town and afflicts our main character, while the rest of his unaffected family comes to the realization he was never vaccinated as a child.  Since our protagonist has destroyed all the supplies of vaccine a-la Project Mayhem, he sits at deaths door with rampant measles until at the last minute Sean Penn arrives with a C-30 full of vaccines, who saves the day while all sigh in relief now that everyone in the town is vaccinated; meanwhile Penn telling us "vaccines are not an issue of freedom of choice" ... "vaccines are a human right".  It was at this point I had to leave the room and projectile-vomit.   I always did hate Family Guy and now I have yet another reason.

When the Fox website finally makes tonites episode playable online, it will be found here.

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