Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Accused pedophile a victim of an FBI frame-up; case dismissed all charges dropped

This does not bode well for the FBI, the SFPD, or KTVU channel 2 news.

If anyone remembers months ago I posted about a friend of mine, a neighbor and co-worker whom I have known for many years, who was abruptly arrested and charged with child pornography.  The evidence cited was all either false or circumstantial and there was no evidence ever that any crime had been committed, most certainly toward any child.

You may remember that I appeared briefly in the KTVU newspiece that aired before his day in court, effectively hanging him in the jury of public opinion before all the facts were out.  You may also remember that the SherriLen and Babbles FartSmell also levied attacks calling me a pedophile for sticking up for my friend.  This should tell you all you need to know about these malicious liars.

Doesnt it really suck for them now as I have been proven out and out that I was right all along.

There will be more to post about this as I have time, but suffice it to say that now that his case has been dismissed and ALL charges dropped, based on illegal searches and entrapment activities by the SFPD and FBI, we won't see KTVU going on-air anytime soon to make any apologies for ruining this guy's life by publicly trashing his good name and calling him a pedophile - when it just wasn't true and now the proof is a matter of public record.

Poor guy, he was sitting in a federal prison in the east bay all this time - had only been out six weeks on bail when the KTVU piece aired, then a federal magistrate sent him back to prison while they sorted out how to charge him.  How to charge him.  He sat in there for months and months, with no official trail date set, and no evidence to back up any of the bogus charges.  He was exempted from a speedy trial under something called the Speedy Trial Act which only applies to federal cases, where anyone can speak up and prevent a speedy trial from happening, just by voicing opposition.  He was just released last Thursday after about 11 months in prison, absolved and cleared of any and all charges associated with the case. 

His impounded motorhome had vanished... SF Auto Return claimed it was disposed of, despite it being held as evidence in a federal case.  He got some of his other belongings, and after pulling some teeth, his savings which had been seized out of his accounts as well.  After all that he's been through, he looks amazingly well and calm and collected.  And you bet, he is talking with lawyers about a number of countersuit cases for damages against the FBI, SFPD, and most importantly KTVU for their broadcast production piece of malicious and false slander.  This aint over by a longshot.

I think this highlights a growing problem we have in the nation with local police forces being trained to frame up individuals and plant evidence and so on.  We have seen two complete police squadrons taken down here in SF recently after being videotaped making illegal searches and seizures, and planting evidence - its been all over the news.

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AB2109 is to be taken up on the Assembly floor Thursday the 10th. No idea why they "passed and retained" the bill yesterday. It could also get hung up until Monday, but either way, we still have some time to work on Assembly members. We should work on Democrats.

Joan Buchanan is completely on the fence so calls to her office tomorrow, and better yet a visit if you live in Sac or close to it, could make all the difference. We could crack a Democrat which would be huge. I had a great visit with Keith in her office today. He told me that no one has ever put it the way I did which was to ask him the question "Should we really be forced by the government to pay for or ask for permission to opt out of a medical procedure?" I told him to remove the word "vaccine" and insert any other medical procedure. That really seems to make people see the ridiculousness of this. Keith Yetter's email is keith.yetter@asm.ca.gov phone is 916-319-2015 fax is 916-319-2115 No matter how you make contact, be extremely kind and heartfelt as this office seems different. Open and sincere. Listening. Use your judgement, be polite, ask questions. I am finding that asking them questions is very effective.

Mike Gatto, who asked some good questions in appropriations, has a great staffer named Aaron. He really didn't like the fact that parents could end up in a position of paying for and going to numerous office visits only to be left with no signature. So much so that he went and asked Pan if there was anything in the bill guaranteeing a signature. Of course there is not and now there is a push to get Pan to add that guarantee. Not that we would ever support the bill even if that were added, we should not have to get a signature, but think about how angry health care practitioners would be if they were forced to sign the exemption! There's no way they will like that. We could have a whole new opposition. If we don't, then our point remains more valid than ever. Aaron Moreno's email is aaron.moreno@asm.ca.gov Phone is 916-319-2043 and fax is 916-319-2143
He was genuinely helpful, concerned, and went beyond what most staffers do. Be really, really nice to him! And ask him questions! He is smart but seems to be OK with Democrat thinking that we need "rules and hoops" in society. Not so much though when you ask him to put himself in that position.

Everyone: if you have the time for phone calls or faxes or a visit, TOMORROW IS THE DAY. Any Democrat Assembly Member is good, but start with Buchanan and Gatto. If you are a consituent, it wouldn't hurt to let them know how their vote on this bill will impact your vote in the next election.

Big points to make are but not limited to: What really happens if the bill passes? These people have not thought it through. Parents who cannot get a signature cannot enroll their kids in school. It is illegal to not enroll your child in school. Parents could go to jail.

Outbreaks are not because of the unvaccinated. We have more than enough studies showing outbreaks in fully vaccinated populations. Pertussis is not going to go away because the circulating strain does not match the vaccine strain and even if it did, vaccine induced immunity wanes, now they say 3 years!

Parents do not use exemptions out of convenience. Dr. Pan is telling everyone that this is the case. I do not know a soul who opts out because that is more convenient.

Even if this gets out of 3rd reading on the Assembly floor, things are looking more feasible in the Senate. We are already laying the groundwork there and there are less of them, half actually. We can do this. Vermont did finally succeed for those who don't know. Please hang in there.

The Assembly convenes at 9:00 am on Thursday. If you can attend please let me know, we need people as we have a strategy for that morning. We can't let go of the possibility of this bill not leaving the Assembly. Anything is possible.

There are so many of you to thank, please know that I appreciate everyone!!! Thank you everyone for every single thing you have done to contribute in this battle. Onward we go. Keep up the great work!!!!!
In Health and Liberty,

Dawn Winkler
CA State Co-Director
National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) www.nvicadvocacy.org
Executive Director
Health Advocacy in the Public Interest (HAPI)
970-209-3919 cell

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