Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting a doctorate from the Zombie Apocalypse Academy

We had one heck of a weekend here in SF, the 75th anniversary of the opening of the GG bridge and all... what an incredible fireworks display - for those who didnt see it they should check out the youtube  videos of it all.

Save for this week, the only other May show of TSBTS which was not a rerun was May 18, and I'm processing it now along with the other new broadcasts for inclusion on the TSBTS page.  Stay tuned.

Miami Police Shoot, Kill Man Eating Another Man's Face


Scopolamine: "Devil's Breath" Hallucinogen Mind Control Drug

'Flame' virus made in Israel, targets Iran and Palestine

His “Excellency” McWilliams Weighs In With a Personal Veiled Threat

A Public Declaration to Joseph Ratzinger, Bishop of Rome, and the Catholic College of Cardinals – from The Executive Council of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. Be Warned: Child Raping Catholic Priests and their Protectors will now be Arrested on sight

Confirmed: Westfield Marriott Kicks Out ALL Guests 2 Days Ahead of Bilderberg

Richard Russell - Get out of stocks NOW 


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