Thursday, December 12, 2013

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Lead story for me today is the "sign interpreter" at the Mandela memorial day before yesterday, who enraged a worldwide deaf audience by signing pure jibberish for five hours plus as dozens of world leaders took the stage to give their tribute, standing only a few feet away from the guy.  Word is the company that placed him into the gig has vanished without a trace, and the promoters of the event admit they went with the cheapest option provided, a decision they deeply regret.  Meanwhile dudeman has given an interview and now is saying he "saw angels" and "heard voices" in his head, losing his concentration while experiencing a schizophrenic episode.  REALLY?

This stinks to high heaven imho.  Either this guy is certifiably batcrap crazy, or something else is going on, a position Im tending to lean more toward as time progresses.  My gut says either he is MK/Monarch, a TI hearing voices via V2K stalking etc, or a bit of both.  Big red flag is the agency that placed him going "poof".  Second red flag is the interview he gave in the last 24 hours to explain himself.

This is taking up much screenspace in my false flag discussion groups and elsewhere, and Ive just posed a question to True to see if he has any take on this at all to share.  If I hear back, I will share.

Here in the bay area we today endured our record fifth "spare the air" day in a row.  True to form, looking up to the sky its as if the order were given to dump it all, now, double-stat, get every sprayer plane up in the sky like theres no tomorrow, and its been that way the past five days easy.  I am convinced the "spare the air" days and chemtrail dumps are closely connected, and am further suspicious that somehow woodburning stoves and fireplaces does something to lessen the effect of the aerosol chemtrail assaults.  Hack, cough, spit, repeat.  My personal Morgellons condition continues to annoy me, and in time over the holiday perhaps I'll address either in a post, a show or both.

Chatting with a few potential future guests for the show, stay tuned.

Interesting piece of statistical trivia, last few months Ive noticed a handful of monthly page views counted originating from China, something I have not seen since creating this blog until only recently.

Sign language interpreter at Mandela memorial: I was hallucinating, hearing voices

Neuro-Electro-magnetic Frequency Weapons


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