Sunday, January 19, 2014

A. True Ott PhD possibly to return to talk radio this week - stay tuned

Last I heard from True was that he was ready to start broadcasting again, something like 7-9pm PST, beginning this week. Not sure how many days per week he has in mind. Still waiting to hear back, but so far to me this doesn't conflict with anything I have at the moment; for the next few weeks anyhow.

Soon as I hear back and we coordinate what the action plan is, I'll be back with another announcement. Meanwhile still hoping to find the time to squeeze in another radio show between now and then. Stay tuned.

Interesting, 2 weeks ago TV's Craig Ferguson had the flu on TV, and for 4 days was saying "I got a flu shot and I still got the flu" - then I posted about it on FB and on my blog, and now Craig no longer says any of this, yet is now complaining about being sick for the 3rd week, last week and now this week it's a "sinus infection" with no mention of "flu". Things that make me go HMMMMMMMM.

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