Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Support the referendum to recall California's SB277 this November

Here is the official referendum website:

And here is the Facebook page:

Here is the California Coalition for Vaccine Choice page:

Hi everyone. Today, FRIDAY 18TH, is the LAST DAY to MAIL your petitions to HQ at

SB277 Referendum
PO Box 1170
Sanger, CA 93657

DO NOT TEAR the petitions in half--that nullifies the petition!

Remember to SIGN THE BACK on page 4--"Place of signing" is "San Mateo county" or "San Francisco County" (or whatever county you are in). No addresses, no cities.

After this, you will have to give them to a county coordinator--me, Rosie, Janice, Nicole by TUESDAY 5pm so that they can be driven to Sacramento on Wednesday. You can drop them at Spine Fine on Monday only--call ahead, but tentative hours are Noon-4pm on Monday.

After Wednesday, any petitions will have to be delivered directly to us, and should only be for San Mateo, Santa Clara, or San Francisco signatures. Please do not hold any petitions past the Tuesday deadline. I would rather give you a fresh sheet, because there is a possibility that anything collected after Tuesday will not make it into the box. We have to have 99% of everything collected by Tuesday 5pm. If you have a fantastic venue--a meeting with 20+ sigs--by all means collect from these three counties, but after Tuesday, we are done collecting from family and friends.

Thank you for all of your help!

Terri Matsakis


A. San Francisco
301 Joost Ave @ Congo (the brown house on the corner)
Sunnyside/Glen Park border.

Put them in the BOTTOM level of the green mailbox. The top level is for outgoing mail ONLY, please avoid this level as it is not secure. Directly underneath the top level is a deep slot for incoming mail, please drop petitions in that slot.

B. San Mateo--MONDAY ONLY! Tentatively Noon-4pm but call ahead to make sure
Spine Fine San Mateo
517 South B St, Suite B
San Mateo, CA 94401

C. San Mateo--Rosie 510-755-5605

D. Redwood City
Terri Matsakis
153 Bonita Ave.
Redwood City, CA

153 is the backside of a duplex numbered 151. Please park on street as we share the driveway with our neighbors. Drop off anytime of the day or night through the window to the left of the door.

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