Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Earth is flat and that is that. Once you go flat, you can't go back. That's all I have to say about that.

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Things that should make any thinking person go "hmmmm":
1. Where is the Masonic Lodge No. 777, and who established it?
2. Why did Truman send 4,700 men, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft to Antarctica on August 26, 1946?
3. What did Admiral Byrd discover on February 19, 1947? (Operation High Jump)
4. Why was the State of Israel founded on May 14, 1948, and what part did the 33rd President play in its creation?
5. What led to the National Defense Education Act being signed into law on September 2, 1958, which resulted in over a billion dollars being spent on developing textbooks that taught biological evolution?
6. Who did the twelve tribes sign a treaty with on December 1, 1959?
7. Why were nuclear missiles fired at the sky in 1962?  (Operation Fish Bowl)
8. Why did the United States need to go to the moon?
9. What is the significance of Blue Marble 1972?
10. Where is Tranquility Lodge No. 2000, and who allegedly carried the Special Deputation of the Grand Master (granting him full power to represent the Grand Master to claim Masonic Territorial Jurisdiction for The Grand Lodge of Texas) to the moon?
11. Why were the Georgia Guidestones erected 33 years and 33 days (World Calendar) after Admiral Byrd’s discovery in 1947?
12. What is happening on Tisha B’Av this year?

Several things Flat Earthers know: 

1. There is a creator – True
2. We live in a geocentric universe – True
3. The sun, moon, stars and planets revolve around the stationary earth – True
4. The sun and moon are smaller and closer than what we’ve been told – True
5. The moon is self-illuminating, and the moon phases have nothing to do with the sun and earth – True
6. NASA lies – True
7. Human beings have never gone further than low earth orbit – True
8. Human beings have never walked on the moon – True
9. There are no photos of the entire earth – True
10. Blue Marble 1972 is a painting – True
11. The EPIC images of the globe are CGI – True
12. Something was discovered in Antarctica in 1947 that changed the world – True
13. 33rd Degree Masons (e.g. Sir Winston Churchill, Franklin D.Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Buzz Aldrin, Gerald Ford, etc.) have been instrumental in deceiving the world – True
14. YOU can’t see curvature on the horizon – True

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  1. Hi. Just wanted to say I admire you and your fellows strength to think for yourselves. The only concrete reason the heliocentric worldmodel makes sense to me is a large amount of scientific and technological information on the NASA website about rocket technology and rocket control that I could quickly make sense of. I suggest you leave open the possibility of a spherical earth orbiting the sun, as long as you haven't really studied all the scientific and technical information, and have a little faith in the scientific method, even if not every proposed theory turns out to be true, and some false theories are held for centuries, if not longer. It's all part of the great learning.