Friday, June 3, 2016

Tonight True Ott interviewed Edward Hendrie on The Story Behind The Story

I had sent True Edward Hendrie's book The Greatest Lie On Earth: Proof That Our World Is Not A Spinning Globe several weeks ago, and while recovering from knee surgery True has been reading it, sending me text messages of surprise and amazement.  He asked me to find Mr. Hendrie's contact info, and after some digging I came up with an email address.  One thing led to another and tonight Mr. Hendrie shared the full two hours of the show with Dr. A. True Ott PhD delving into the massive hoax of heliocentrism, and the various issues discussed in depth presented in the book.

I am so humbled and honored to be part of the process which allowed this historical radio event to occur.  I have been promised the audio of tonight's show and soon as I get it I will process into Youtube format and post here for all to hear who missed the show tonight.

UPDATE (4 June 2016)

HERE IS THE AUDIO folks of last night's historical first interview of FE author Edward Hendrie by Dr. A. True Ott PhD on The Story Behind The Story (2 hrs) - download now for FREE courtesy of yours truly. ENJOY! 

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