Thursday, June 9, 2016

"But what about the polio vaccine; didn't it save millions of lives?"

The other day a coworker got seriously butthurt over a t-shirt I had on, apparently unwilling to cope with the idea he may have unwittingly been poisoning his own 2-year old, instead preferring to shoot the messenger. 

He began by lying to my face, saying he'd seen the film VAXXED online when I presented the flyer to him recommending he see the film. I replied "oh yes? because if you havent seen it in the theater theres no way you could have seen it; the film is not available online yet, and it's not pirated on torrents as of yet." He balked, claiming he could easily show me how he downloaded it, and when I challenged him to show me, he failed to respond - because he couldnt. Ive checked and so far to date those who have seen it in theaters have been honest and have not pirated the film uploading it to illegal torrent servers. 

This same person came back at me with "but what about polio, the vaccine saved millions" - to which I suggested he just look up "polio hoax". In short, polio exposure rates like all viruses follow a bell curve, and in the case of polio it had peaked in the early 50s and was on its decline at the time of the introduction of Jonas Salk's vaccine, whereby they took credit for the declining rates of polio exposure. What followed was an increase in exposure rates following the introduction of the vaccine, and the CDC not wanting to show the increase chose instead to rebrand the diagnoses (exhibiting the exact same symptoms) as meningitis. It turned out the live polio virus in the vaccine caused those injected to shed the virus contagiously for several weeks after injection. 

In 1977 Jonas Salk testified before a congressional subcomittee that ALL cases of "polio" aka "meningitis" after 1961 were a direct result of the oral polio vaccine, which was ultimately banned in America. 

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