Friday, July 15, 2016

Amended complaint for injunction filed against CA SB277

Jim Turner and his legal associates are not relenting.  I'm on for next week's show and hoping to get someone from this campaign for an interview.  Several invites have been sent, we will see if we get anyone interested to call in next Friday.  Today True did 2 hours of the Edomite "jewish" history of slave trade here in America - yes folks they brought it here in the late 1400s and used it to amass the initial fortunes of institutions like Goldman Sachs.  This is the real story of Christopher Columbus.  Another reason folks to subscribe to the archives at

Tim Bolen:  SB 277 First Amended Complaint “General Allegations…”

Levi Quackenboss:  SB 277 lawyers drop bombs on the California health department

Tim Bolen:  SB 277 – First Amended Complaint For Declaratory, Injunctive And Other Relief…

Amended SB 277 Complaint Filed; Preliminary Injunction Hearing August 12

Drug Companies Donated Millions To California Lawmakers To Pass SB 277

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s Vaccine Message Is Strong ‘STOP VACCINATING’

Groundbreaking Study: Vitamin A Deficiency Linked to Diabetes Epidemic

Feb 2015 Redux:  Vaccine Researcher Dr. Andrew Wakefield Set For Full Exoneration, Sues British Medical Journal

CIA supplies ISIS with an airforce with help from Khazarian Mafia, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey and Israel 

Turkey Accuses US Of Being Behind Military Coup, Demands Extradition Of Cleric Gulen

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