Wednesday, July 6, 2016

SB277 injunction lawsuit in the press; a word on this "Mandela Effect" business

A coworker who reads this blog asked me what do I think about this Mandela Effect business.  I'm not sure exactly what to think, but it does appear clear that through memory-hole efforts and other "wiki" changes to the online version of "history" that certain subtle changes are being massaged into the forced view of the "conventional knowledge base".  As an example I hold out the blatant changes being made to the '63 Dallas murder of JFK, where instead of four in the car we now have six, two added in a center row to an elongated car in an effort to apparently discredit any notion the driver William Greer fired the killshot at close range with a nickel-plated .45 in his left hand over his right shoulder hitting JFK in the temple - with this middle row of people it appears less plausible an idea apparently.  Funny thing though after all the effort to re-CGI the Zapruder film and all, astonishing inconsistencies exist between their newly edited footage and other historical records including musems and soforth.  Examine for yourselves and draw your own conclusions:

'Invisible' Zika Virus Epidemic Frustrates Health Officials

Police Trained to Believe Founding Fathers Were “Terrorists” 

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Parents, advocacy groups sue to overturn California’s new vaccination law 

ANH-USA and Others Sue to Overturn CA Vaccine Law 

California Vaccine Law Creates Outrage, Opponents Slam Mandatory Shots, Warn Of Toxicity

Juno Jupiter Space Probe: NASA Deception

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Turkish Media: U.S. Really Behind Orlando Massacre to Stop Rise Of Islam

Israel did 9-11; not Saudi Arabia

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2011 Redux: A. True Ott PhD Vaccine-Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks – The Engineering of 'Pandemics'

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