Friday, August 12, 2016

No ruling today on the federal lawsuit against California's SB277

No folks, the judge set to rule on this claims he is going to need up to 2 weeks to ponder this.  Translated, this means he is intentionally sitting on his hands until AFTER school has started for most US school kids before making a ruling on whether or not those kids indeed are mandated to have their shots or not prior to enrolling.  Frickin diabolical.

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Dr Sherri Tenpenny writes:

We are certainly living in troubling times. So many vaccine issues: Zika and the nonsensical Zika vaccines; more vaccines for pregnant women; the HB277 hearings; the looming HP2020 goals; and more. Political commentary is blaring in our collective faces every day. The decisions have never been more difficult... and the results have never been more important to the future of our freedoms.
Trump seems to be sinking his own boat. Or his “boat” is being assassinated by the Corporate Media. Third party candidates, including newbie Evan McMullin, seem appealing, but IMHO they are realistically so far behind, they are not be electable options. Will they even be allowed to participate in the Presidential debates...if a debate actually takes place?

But Hillary? Her fans seem to be “so excited,” simply because she’s a woman. Will future humans writing our present-day history think Hillary really represented most American women? This “woman” certainly does not represent ME. Frankly, what I know about this woman seriously terrifies me. Her associations with Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Oil, Big Food, and Big Banks terrify me. She will certainly buddy-up to pharma's agendas and HP2020 goals to eliminate vaccine choice. As a member of the Billionaire Club, can there be any doubt she has connections to - and associations with - the Gates Foundation, GAVI, etc, and will contribute to plans to Vaccinate The World? I am certain that if she is elected, HB277 will quickly become the standard for every state.

How will we fight the forces coming from above (federal government) and from below (state governments, doing what they are told), who want to remove our right to determine what is forced into our body?

What about her many scandals over many years? What about the state of her health? What about her lack of news conferences? Where will Americans - and the world - be if she’s in power - and her husband is in the co-power seat? Out of 330 million people, it’s hard to believe that THESE two individuals are our only viable choices. The decision is difficult - and so important. For me, the question comes down to this: Are Trump's faux pas and ungated comments really bad enough to lean left and elect a suspected criminal and pathological liar to the most important position of United States of America?

This video helped me sort it out. I’m posting it because I believe it is seriously worth your time. It's one of many similar that are available for view. What is the United States of America look like for your kids...and grandkids..?


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