Monday, November 14, 2016

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss? In some ways unfortunately yes.

Sheldon Adelson should be a name enough to indicate how this is all gonna go folks.  Looks like Trump is going to turn out to be a good friend of Bibi Satanyahu while in office, promoting "islamic terrorism" (translated: more false flag ops) and "fighting ISIS" (israeli secret intelligence service).

As far as domestic issues, my attention is focused on reinstating Glass-Steagal, BigPharMafia and the toxic vaccine mandate agenda, what happens next now that TPP is reportedly "dead", the "climate change" hoax, and of course "the wall" issue.  We heard so many big words from this admitted pro BSer, so folks I think it's time to bust out your notepads and prepare to start a list of borken campaign promises as we get past January's inauguration; that is, assuming Soros fails at his current attempts to stir up the pot funding "protestors" by bussing them in from other areas after posting craiglist ads, hoping to raise enough "civil unrest" so lameduck Slick Barry can permanently shred the Consitution and take us to a permanent state of fullon martial law.  They are bleeding for this to happen.

Only time will tell.  Hold onto your hats folks this could get bumpy.

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