Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New strain of black plague in Madagascar; could it be the next ebola scare?


A major outbreak of the black (bubonic) plague is underway in Madagascar. Normally black plague is only spread by fleas, but this variant of the black plague spreads across open air.

Britain has already advised no one travel to Madagascar, which may end up under quarantine.

This may not become a major issue outside of Madagascar because the current variant kills within a day (which slows spreading because people die before they can spread it) and this variant can be treated with antibiotics (Streptomycin). The biggest problem with it is getting people to the hospital fast enough so that antibiotics can be administered.

This variant of the black plague causes severe internal bleeding and bruising which shows up black on the skin. There is no way anyone would get through an international flight without having it be obvious, due to the death window being within 12-24 hours of initial infection.

They are calling this variant of the bubonic plague pneumonic plague because it spreads through the air. Weapons test?

Also:  I dug up some of A. True Ott PhD's older papers, here are links to some of them, plus a few others; enjoy.

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