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Connecting Lenny Boy to Aquino, Stubblebine, Alexander and Psi-Tech

Connecting Lenny Boy to Aquino, Stubblebine, Alexander and Psi-Tech

Horowitz and Kane – A Most Dangerous State of Mind

OK folks, I’m doing just a bit of thinking aloud, so if you have anything to contribute, please feel free to chime in with a comment. Let’s review a few things we know to be true about this Lenny character thanks to the recent research of Dr. Ott. Lenny faked a knighthood and has boasted about it for years – contrary to the very secretive nature of the group he falsely alleges to have joined. He and his sidekick apparently regularly attend these meetings of a group called OIUCM – an acronym which phonetically says “we see ‘em” [with the "we" being a french "oui" with its vowels reversed]. Apparently this OIUCM group in Sri Lanka is a bogus group founded by a bogus “order” imitating rituals of actual orders and charging fees around $400 for bogus knighthoods, MDs and other fake credentials. They state openly on their website they are an arm of the WHO: “The Open International University was formed as an international society under the guidelines of THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION”

The OIUCM logo: notice its evidently masonic symbolism, including the pentagon.

We see also from Dr. Ott’s research that Rima Laibow MD is known to have given lectures at OUICM meetings, also attended by the head of the World Bank. Rima is married to retired US Army general Albert Stubblebine, former head of INSCOM and creator of COINTELPRO, and whose career achievement was recreating the US intelligence infrastructure from the ground up meanwhile working with the Monroe Institute on classified contracts. Stubblebine also co-created Psi-Tech together with retired Los Alamos head Col. John B. Alexander and reported NSA “general” Michael A. Aquino, who also acts as high priest of his satanic Temple of Set and reportedly oversees the very covert US First Earth Batallion of Psychic Warriors. In the book Men Who Stare At Goats, written about the Psi-Tech co-creating trio, Bert and Rima are prominently mentioned as being intimately involved.

It is important here to mention that to this very date both Bert and Rima continue to be, as they have been for years, regular guests on the Alex Jones show, and Rima appears from time to time on the radio show hosted nightly by Jeff Rense. This should speak volumes about who Rense and Jones really are.

Let’s take a look for a minute at Rima Laibow in the following 2-part video:

[link broken]

Now let us connect some basic dots connecting LEN HOROWITZ and SHERRI KANE directly to MICHAEL A. AQUINO through their liaison of the Bert and Rima show. It’s not rocket science for anyone who has done even cursory research of these psy-war minded individuals that anyone closely connected to Bert and Rima is inextricably tied to Aquino and henceforth the NSA. We have already seen the ties Lenny and co. have to the World Homicide Organization (WHO), and with this added connection it should become much clearer that these folks are very determined infiltrators who serve no better than to destroy anyone promoting natural homeopathic medicine, or essentially anything opposing the deadly Codex Alimentarius agenda, the very group folks like Bert and Rima with their psyop front HealthFreedomUSA have stated to be opposed to. One thing we know well about psyop infiltrators, they will join a group of opposition and strive to become the group’s leader, and in doing so give the appearance of acts of benevolence and “truth” research, meanwhile acting as “gatekeepers”, steering the group away from actual truth and using methods of hegelian dialectic to maintain the “hero” role to the group. This is a very Jesuitical practice, and gives rise to the term “hoodwink”. As we have seen in so many cases of gatekeeping so-called “truth researchers” with their bullhorns and so on, it takes quite a narcissistic type of personality to fit this role, and by my conclusion it also takes a programmed one; one that is MPD-fragmented through a MK/Monarch/Montauk sort of programming. To me, anyone selected for such a role must be fully controllable by those who sent them in.

One final element of connections to bring into this picture is one of pure proximity, but adding in the Bert and Rima connection makes it especially significant. We know Lenny and his cohort live on the big island of Hawaii. What else is in Hawaii? On the next island north of the big island, the Psi-Tech on-site training facility on the island of Maui [535 Lipoa Parkway Kihei, HI], and its highly secretive Matrix Research Center [located somewhere in the jungles of Hawaii], headed by Ed Dames and managed by his partner Joni Dourif (head instructor) and Dane Spotts (head marketer). Once again it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the obvious connections now between Lenny boy and the Psi-Tech group, by way of one of its co-creators. It becomes likely therefore that there is a much more serious connection than I have even begun to discuss, and by very nature of the members of the groups involved it becomes even more clear that Lenny boy and his slut sidekick are some seriously dangerous individuals, and as Dr Ott has clearly stated, as far as these two are concerned, anything can happen.

My advice to all regarding any of these folks is the same warning I’ve relayed whenever encountering anyone of such background: DNE – Do Not Engage.

I personally find all this amusing as I have not once ever liked Lenny boy nor have I trusted him, and have always perceived him as a loud arrogant annoying lying egotistical prick. He just doesn’t look like any normal human I’ve ever seen and I have always thought there is something very odd about his facial features. He obviously maintains direct connections to the creator of COINTELPRO, which implies most likely he himself serves that group, aimed at infiltrating groups dissenting from the intel agendas. And to think this guy actually listed my name along with Dr Ott, Ted Gunderson, Doug Millar, Eric Phelps, Anthony Hilder and others, accusing us of being COINTELPRO agents. I’ll say this: you won’t see anyone on this list with close ties to Bert and Rima such as he has, and intimately. Case closed.

No wonder these two are found interviewing together with “Citizen Jane” Burgermeister. Things begin to become crystal clear regarding the allegiances of these three – we learned that JB was a lying saboteur back in Spring 09, with ties to Bush intel, likely MPD-MK/Monarch. Folks like Dr Ott, Dr. Deagle, Alexander S. Jones and myself found that one out directly, the hard way. It was basically at that time that I started this blog, and the beginning of this blog’s post history shows quite a few posts addressing these exchanges.

IAHF‘s John Hammell: A True Ott PhD on Rima Laibow and the murder of James Dussault, ND [murdered just a few months after Bill Cooper]

Apparently International Advocates for Health Freedom is the genuine, legitimate organization seeking to protect natural medicine which sustains most of the attacks from Stubblebine and Laibow, and is the basis for their naming their nemesis organization, the psyop-front HealthFreedomUSA.

Finally in support of what I’m trying to show as the “big picture” of just how dangerous this situation can be, once again I am reposting the first of the three documentary films released by Marshall Thomas entitled Monarch: The New Phoenix Program. To see all of the films and access the associated printed matter, please visit the document and media library pages.
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