Wednesday, June 29, 2011

RED ALERT New chimera "zombie" lab virus with 98% case fatality rate

FYI Folks, please pass this on.

This is EVERYTHING my blog has been about since day one over at


--- On Wed, 6/29/11, True OTT  wrote:

From: A. True Ott PhD
To: "Dolores Hart" , "Dr Mike Castle" , "Clay Douglas" , "Clint Richardson" , "Ingri Cassell" , "Dr Bill Deagle" , "Don Nicoloff", "Ken Adachi" , "Alexander S. Jones", "Alex Studer", "Dr Eric Bringhurst", "Joe McNeil"
Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2011, 8:45 AM

Hello friends:

I just completed a new post --- a MOST IMPORTANT intel piece, I submit.

All the bogus hype over the Flu Pandemic -- Bird Flu and Swine Flu - appears to have been merely a practice run for THIS - the true killer pandemic caused by the newly created chimera virus with an estimated 98% mortality rate - rabies+1918 influenza+smallpox = PURE HAVOC.


Please - copy and share this with all your contact lists ASAP.  We need, more than ever, to enlist the FBI and any HONEST law-enforcement and law-makers left, to expose this CRIME and stop this planned genocide.  


P.S. -- Many thanks to Dr. Patricia Jordan for her archival talents and watchdog attitudes.

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