Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Turns out HorrorWitch isn't really a Knight of Malta after all.

For those following the series of attacks being levied against A True Ott PhD Ted Gunderson and others:  Turns out old Lenny boy isn't even a real knight of malta - he faked it so well for so long he got a lot of people believing it was real, including David Icke and The Unhived Mind.  In all actuality he joined a fake order handing out fake credentials, and anyone with 1500 bucks can get themselves the same fake knighthood Lenny claims is real, or a fake MD, the list goes on.  Just goes to show what a truly narcissistic personality disorder can lead a person to do.  Go figure.

SIR (Chevalier) Leonard G. Horowitz — NOT!!!! The Truth EXPOSED!!! He’s Really an NPD.

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