Tuesday, July 31, 2012

H3N8 - the newest addition to the H1N1 series of stepped viral bioweapons from the Taubenberger/Tumpey team at Ft. Detrick

Deadly Seal Flu Virus Poses Threat to Humans Strain closely related to one circulating in North American birds since 2002 30 Jul 2012 Seal flu could pose a new threat to human health, scientists have warned. A new flu virus identified in American harbour seals has the potential to pass to other mammals, including humans, say experts. The H3N8 strain was discovered after the death of 162 New England harbour seals last year. Post-mortem examinations of five of the animals showed they were killed by a flu infection.  [courtesy legitgov.org]

Uganda: Ebola scare strikes Kampala

Canada: Second C. difficile outbreak declared at Hamilton General

Are Our Heroes Really Enemies: Part II

The Tides of War: Syria Strikes Back

The last two weeks of the War on Syria by the War Alliance of NATO/Israel/GCC has been a gyration of wild moves by all parties at multiple levels. Several highly important events have taken place, which I will try to briefly summarize, not least of which is the move to the offensive by Syria.

Two weeks ago, the Syrian capital Damascus was under attack. The Syrian War Cabinet was attacked by a bomb in their Cabinet meeting room during a crisis meeting concerning the 'Battle of Damascus'. A False Flag Op was undertaken in Eastern Europe on a tour bus carrying a number of Israel civilian tourists...several were killed and many more injured. Netanyahu and other top Israeli government officials, as well as Israeli mainstream news media sources, claimed that Iran and/or Syria and/or Hezbollah were responsible. On almost the same day, a almost 100 year old man was arrested in Europe and charged with being a Nazi war criminal, playing the 'victim card' all the more for Israel. Iran began stockpiling three months worth of food as the latest Russian battle fleet moved into position near Syria. Israel ends all leave in its Northern Command and beefs up its forces all the more on the Syrian border. The Russians began organizing their forces to come to the military defense of Syria. The Israelis began to openly hint at a likely attack on Syrian chemical warfare stockpiles, and reports about the Syrian chemical and WMD stockpiles began to be carried in the Western mainstream news media. And several top Israeli officials warn that Israel will attack if Syria moves it chemical warheads, or if Hezbollah is supplied with them. However, this takes a dramatic and very under-reported turn when the IDF, at the highest levels, in effect mutinies against the Netanyahu Government and declares that Assad has good control of his WMD and that there have been no movements of same to airfields close to Israel, as the Syrian "rebels" claimed, and that there was not going to be an Israeli attack on Syria.

The death of H.R.H. Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who had just been appointed Head of Saudi Intelligence as a reward for having organized the attack on the Syrian War Cabinet on July 18, is one massive strike-back by Assad and the Syrian Government. He was critically injured in a bombing on July 26 and has now died of his injuries.

It took the Syrian intelligence forces a week and a day to hit back at the Saudi Royal House for the death of President Assad's brother-in-law and three other of his closest lieutenants. This strike at the center of the Saudi Royal Family has both 'returned the favor' of the strike on Assad's family and served notice on the Saudi Royals that they are now potential targets. There are over 1,000 Saudi royal princes and roughly that many royal princesses by blood. Within this strange Arab tribal system, there is a clear pecking order. Prince Bandar was near the apex of that pecking order. The Saudi Royals are grossly spoiled, living off the greatest oil reserves on Earth. Few are personally the fighters that they would like to think of themselves as. This is a major blow to them all. A wake-up call that the war on Syria may come home to them in a most unfriendly and a very personal way.

Notice, that the Syrians did not do something lame like setting a bomb off in some key location and killing a number of Saudis. The Royals there have lots of their equivalent of peasants; which most of them, in their life-long sheltered luxurious existence could care less about. No, the Syrians hit home by killing the man who organized the 'hit' on Assad's family/close aides; a man who was a senior prince in the royal house. This is a good insight into the Syrian mindset and a grave warning to the GCC monarchs and royal families that their lives are now on the line, that Syria has begun to take the Strategic Initiative back.

At about the same time that the Syrians decided to 'take out' Prince Bandar, they decided to repay the Turks for their most un-neighborly behavior of late. The Turks have two long-standing military concerns (three if you count the Russians): Their ancient enemies the Greeks; and the Kurds who continue to fight the central Turkish government on and off over their demands for a Kurdish nation-state. Prior to the globalist/Netanyahu Zionist push for war with Syria, the Turks enjoyed generally good relations with the Syrians.

Of course, this has changed "a bit" lately. After the strike on the Syrian inner circle, some thought that Assad might launch his missiles with their WMD warheads. He, and his remaining generals, are far too tough to 'lose it' in that way. However, they did decide to begin to take the Strategic Initiative including with the Turks. They granted the Syrian Kurds autonomy. This has created what some are calling the Kurdish Spring and it is spilling over into Iraq and especially into Turkey. This event has increased the military dangers within the Turkish state several fold.

This damage to Turkey has been done by Syria without a single shot being fired by the Syrians. But, nevertheless, its effect is profound. Now it is Turkey that has a potential serious internal military problem along with facing the might of the Syrian WMD armed missile force, which could destroy hundreds of thousands if not millions of Turks in their homes and places of work. The Syrians are showing that they know how to play in the 'major leagues' and they are now at least beginning to take some of the strategic initiative. This changes things.



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