Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday the 14th

There was so much hoopla about yesterday being Friday the 13th.

The most significant story for me was that this marked the beginning of this year's 3-week Encampment at Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, CA just an hour north of here.  I know quite a few people who will be attending as members of the club - they wanted me to be a member for years as a musician and invited me to the Grove many many times.  Rumored to be in attendance this year are both Slick Barry and Mittens the Mormon - megapuke.

TSBTS 13 July 2012 [24hr download only]

Sandusky scandal: Freeh report condemns top Penn State officials

Edomite Control of Gay Rights

Capturing Fingerprints From 20 Feet Away

The Electronic Frontier Foundation Press Release of July 2, 2012

Interview with FOFOA: Gold at $55,000/oz?

Slick Barry seizes control of all telecommunications

Fukushima Reactor Bldg 4 Demolished? / Did SFP #4 Fall Too? – Yoichi Shimatsu w/ Jeff Rense

New York Fed Was Aware of False Reporting on Rates

A Message to Consider …

Class Action Lawsuit Update

Historic Federal Lawsuit against Vatican, UK Queen, Big Pharma

7/14/2012 — — Artists / Celebrities band together against Fracking

27 Things that every American should know about the National Debt 

What real debt cancellation...looks like - Part II 

Four reasons to be even less optimistic about the Global Financial System than you were last month 

Re-Educating the Conspiracy Theorist: The Five Key Issues 

Congress now trying to outlaw reporting on Government Corruption 

12 Factors that are turning the Streets of America into a Living Hell 


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